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Second Battle of earth


Battle of Minister

Glassing of Bratana


November 25th 2552


Bratana system


Covenant victory





Admiral Robert Stastchi


  • 168 Ships
  • 50 MAC platform
  • 408,000 marines and odst
  • 289 Ships
  • A covenant battle station
  • 1,000,000 troops(brutes, Jackals, drone)
  • Admiral Robert Stastchi
  • all ships
  • 53 Millions of civils
  • all Mac Platorm
  • 400,000 marines and odst
  • rest of the population evacute(17 Millions of peoples)
  • 117 Ships
  • 850,000 Troops
  • The covenat battle station is heavily dommaged


The lagest space battle since Reach the battle of Bratana take place 3 week after the Second battle of earth the UNSC Exellsior that had fight in the second battle of earth was in orbit around Bratanal, a UNSC world of 70 millions of life. The UNSC Exellsior were on the shipyard to be rearms, re fuel and repair du to the larg dommage after the last engagement. This is the first battle to end in 3 hour, it cossidered as a blitzkrieg. (lightning fight)


A large covenant fleet exit a slipspce near Bratana. The UNSC prepar the evacuetion ship for the population fleetcom receive a message:"Our only purpose is to destroy you humans.".Bratana is a large wold in the UNSC, about 70 million of humans the MAC platform are moving in position. A assult cruiser carring Hambigus set a salve of plasma torpedo destroying the yard and the UNSC Exelsior.


The 289 Covenant ship dress a defenssive perimeter around the planet to stop any ship who want to evacute.The planetary Gouvernement lauch a S.O.S trought the space. No responce The UNSC is outnumgered and outgunned. A covenant battle station exit in slipspace and deploy the Seraph squadron.


The UNSC lauch this warning message :"This is Admiral Robert Stastchi we have lost the colony major lost, 53 millions of civil 400,000 soldier. Planet totaly glass ratio of surviver is 1 surviver for 4 dead code Alpha beta class 0.1 need assitance S.O.S we lost 95% of the fleet we are evacuate the system.


all Remaning UNSC ship are destroyed in kamikaze attack against the covenant armada. Admiral Robert Staschi die on is MAC platform destroyed bye pulse laser. Total loss of the Colony Remaining Human surviver arrive on Minister.



  • Entire Flett losses
  • 98% of troop losses
  • All MAC platform
  • Total planet losses
  • 75% of the civil population


  • 117 ships
  • The battle station heavily dommaged
  • 850,000 troops losses