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Lieutenant Commander Michael Pomare, Office of Naval Intelligence, UNSCDF Navy
ONI Seal 1
Grant James Wallace
Biographical information


Date of birth

September 23rd, 2508

Physical description




  • MA5B/C Individual Combat Weapon System
  • M6C Personal Defence Weapon
Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Human-Covenant War

Notable Facts

Squad Leader


UNSC Marine Corps


Sergeant Grant Wallace is a veteran - there is no other word to describe him. He has seen combat at pretty much every major theatre up until 2550 - Harvest, the fall of the Outer Colonies, and a dozen other campaigns. He has extensive experience with various secretive special warfare programs, certainly enough to know that anyone who trusts ONI is an idiot - this attitude has seen him staying at the rank of Sergeant, with few eager to promote such a vehement anti-ONI person to an officer. Wallace doesn't care - he prefers to lead his squad personally, with an MA5B in his hands and the ground beneath his boots.


Early Life





  • "From what I heard, his family owned a publishing and distribution company. They were pretty well off, and even got a few contracts from the military for training documentation. So the fact that he ran away from all that and enlisted tells you something about his attitude towards money."
  • "The guy's friggin' insane! I get a plasma grenade tossed my way, and I duck down. next thing I know, Wallace's picked up a cooking mit lying on the ground, grabbed it, and tossed the mit and grenade right back - and then he chews me out for not returning fire. I mean, what the hell!"