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Great Lakes Campaign
Part of The Battle of Earth (First Great War)
File-DeliverHope - Battle
Date October 31st, 2552 — December 27th, 2552
Location North America, Earth
Result Tactical UNSC victory
  • Covenant assault repelled

Strategic Covenant victory

  • North American forces crumbled
  • Covenant captures <\ CLASSIFIED > artifact
UNSCflag UN Space Command

Numerous armed civilians

CovGlyph1 Holy Covenant Imperium

Available manpower: 812,228,000
  • 22 million trained infantry
  • 46 available starships
  • 11 wet ships of the line

Available manpower: <\ ERROR >
  • 11 million trained infantry
  • Numerous available starships
  • 3+ submarine craft

"Why must it be in Cleveland, of all places?!"
―Anonymous Jiralhanae

The Great Lakes Campaign (UN designate: Operation SABLE), known alternatively as the Battle of the Great Lakes or to Imperial forces as the Assault of Misled Victory, was a major conflict that took place during the closing stages of the horrendous First Great War.

Pitting the invading Imperial forces against the defending United Nations Space Command, the conflict lasted for nearly two months (late October through late December, 2552). It cost the lives of nearly five hundred individuals, making it the third bloodiest theater of the Battle of Earth. While local defensive forces were successful in repelling the Covenant force, they paid a terrible price: UNSC forces in the western hemisphere had been pushed beyond their limits, which led to the horrific losses in southern Central America in early January.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Since the author lives in a suburb of Cleveland, he will be able to apply much of his knowledge of the area to the battle.

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