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A depiction of various NEQ member states, including the GLC (green).
Great Lakes Commonwealth
Locational Information

Earth (North America)

Capital City


Largest City


Political Information
Type of Government


Governer Genaral

Various (10-year term)

Present Military

UNSCflag UNSC Defense Force
UNCSC Great Lakes Regional Militia

Societal Information
Official Language(s)
  • English
  • Spanish

UN Credit (cR)

Historical Information
"We're lucky to have this place after the war; on second thought, maybe we should give it to those Covvie bastards."

The Great Lakes Commonwealth (GLC), colloquially known as the Lakes, is one of a number of districts within the United Republic of North America. In addition to five other districts, the Commonwealth comprises the parish known as the Northeast Quarter.

Formed in the 2030s as a result of a number of heated civil conflicts, the GLC is renowned for its pristine quality of life that many of its citizens enjoy on a regular basis. During the chaos of the Great Lakes Campaign in 2552, the Commonwealth took a hard hit but still retained adequate stability, allowing for a quick restoration.