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Festivities in Paris following victory in the Second Great War.
Greater Paris
General Information

Sovereign Territory of France (Republic of the European Union, Earth)

  • 4200 BCE (settled nomads)
  • 250 BCE (Lutetia)
  • 508 CE (Paris)
  • 2215 CE (GPMZ)
Notable Events

UND2 United Nations Directorate
UEG Unified Earth Government
UNSCnew-1 United Nations Space Command
TEicon Tecnniqe

"Paris... One hell of a city. It's like everybody's happy there; it's almost like the war never made it there, though it was just fifty kilometers away."
―Anonymous Reachan citizen

The Greater Parisian Metropolitan Zone, also known as Paris Metro, Greater Paris, and/or Paris, is a massive metropolis on the planet Earth. During the early 2300's, it grew into what many considered the cultural capital of the Human Sphere and was held high and proud by its twenty-three million residents.