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Gunner Heavy Fighter
Production information

heavy fighter

Technical specifications

Equivalent to UNSC Grade 1

  • 6x 30mm railguns
  • 8x air-to-air missiles
  • 1 pilot
  • Fighter
  • Bomber Escort

Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Gunner Heavy Fighter is one of two Vorenus Imperium heavy fighters, the other being the Aggitator Fighter-Bomber.


The airframe of the Gunner looks somewhat similar to a World War II-era German Messerschmitt ME-109 Fighter, with straight wings intersecting with the fuselage closer to the nose than the tail, and a roughly cube-shaped canopy for the cockpit. In spite of it's primitive appearance, the Gunner is an effective space fighter that is more than a match for a Necros Interceptor. The aircraft's close range armament constists of a set of six nose mounted 30mm Railguns. Railguns are magnetic acceleration weapons that work in a manner similar to UNSC Guass Cannons and MACs. These guns fire at a much higher velocity then a UNSC autocannon shell and thus need no explosive filler or discarding sabot to cause damage, they cause damage using only kinetic energy. For longer range engagements, the Gunner carries eight air-to-air missiles. These missiles are comparable in performance to a UNSC AIM-11, easily downing hostile fighters such as Necros Interceptors. The Gunner does, have a smaller number of missiles than it's UNSC counterpart, the F-406 Katana. Despite the fact the Vorenus label it as a heavy fighter, in UNSC terms its closer to the Katana in size and in quantity seen. The Gunner, like it's UNSC counterpart, the Katana, is a perfect combination manuverability, speed, firepower and shielding.

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