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The Halo: LEGACY Series is written by ClydeE247|Phalanx Actual, and is planned to contain two parallel trilogies; One set in an alternate timeline inspired by HALO: Reach's original plotline, and another set in the time after the Covenant war in 2548-2600's.

Novel Status:
- Halo: Legacy of A Spartan | Writing in progress, chapter 2 in pre-writing, chapter 3 in embryonic stage.
- Halo: Legacy of the Spartans | In embryonic stage
- Halo: Legacy of Heroes | In embryonic stage

- Halo: Legacy of Misriah | Writing in progress, chapters past embryonic stage.
- Halo: Legacy of the Predators | In embryonic stage
- Halo: Legacy of the Nerevarines | In embryonic stage

Planned novels

Halo: Legacy of a Spartan.
Description: Set in 2552, on the verge of humanity's defeat; A ray of hope shines in the darkness. OPERATION: Red flag is about to commence, and our chance at victory is shining brightly. But three days before the mission something goes wrong; on the way to a UNSC Outpost with Thom-B293, a formerly lone soldier, Spartan-B312 learns of the deaths of many farmers in the area, and that tose deaths were neither caused by Humans or animals.

With the news of a missing member of B312's new team, Rosenda-344 and reuniting with Catherine-B320 only to realise that she doesn't remember their short, but close friendship, the lone spartan's mind begins to fall under the pressure of the war, a forgotten friendship, and a missing comrade.

Realizing the end is imminent, that the Covenant, is on Reach - the Spartans make their last stand on the doomed planet.

Extra Notes: Alternate Universe, set in Reach's original timeline.
Status: Novel Underway.

Halo: Legacy of Misriah
Description: In the year 2622, when humanity is sent past the brink of war once again, a UNSC supersoldier and son of a traitorous insurrectionist, is mortally wounded. In his time in the dark reality known as death, he remembers the tale told to him by the man who killed his father. After sifting through the smokey memories he realizes how little difference he has made in his own life, yet realizes in his solitude what he can do to make a difference. Mortally wounded, and knowing that his time is nearly up - his brief moments of consciousness get darker and darker.

He fights his inevitable death to do something that matters, something that will ultimately cost his own, and everyone he has known to save the lives of many more.

Extra Notes: Main universe, set after the Human Covenant War.