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Hall Munitions Inc
Hall Munitions
Organizational information

Aaron Hall


Enfield, United Kingdom, Earth

Primary role(s)

small arms, ammunition, infantry weapons

Major Products
Chronological and political information


  • Interplanetary war
  • Insurrection
  • Human-Covenant_War (Athena32)

United Nations Space Command


Hall Munitions was a small arms designer and manufacturer based in Enfield, United Kingdom, near the site of the original Royal Small Arms Factory. Originally named Enfield Armaments, the company changed its name in May 2018 after a request from the UK government. Hall Munitions was founded in early 2017 by Aaron Hall, a weapon designer and technician who had worked at the RSAF before its closure in 1988. Hall established the company along with many of the factory's former employees, gaining considerable experience early on in its life. Hall Munitions' first success was its assault rifle design under the government 'Future combat rifle' program, which resulted in the British armed forces accepting the L24A1 self-loading rifle as a replacement for the L85A2. The L24A1 SLR was later accepted into service by several European nations including Germany and Spain. It later produced the commercially successful L8A1 9 millimetre pistol and the M120 combat shotgun.

Hall Munitions continued manufacturing small arms weapons throughout the Interplanetary war, equipping the armed forces of numerous combatant nations. Much later, during the Insurrection, the company produced its first non-small arms weapon, a lightweight 105mm howitzer, which was used by both the UNSC Army and in very limited numbers by insurrectionists. During the Human-Covenant War, Hall Munitions largely focused on the civilian market, as the UNSC's arsenal was dominated by equipment produced by Misriah Armouries. However, after the war's end, with much of Misriah's infrastructure destroyed on Reach and Earth, Hall was able to infiltrate the military market, and played a much larger role in equipping the UNSC's military throughout the Remnant War of 2553-2565, the Galactic War between 2622 and 2633, and the Swarm War from 2633 until 2678. Notable firearms produced during this period included the M84 heavy machine gun and the M8 submachine gun.