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April 25, 2572: Chi Ceti 4, 1357 local time

The play had been highly rated, and many members from the top levels of society had come to enjoy it. As the performers made their bows, the audience stood and cheered. "Bravo! Bravo! Encore!" they cried with a single voice.

Above the stage, Logan adjusted the sights on the rifle he'd hidden up here four days earlier and sighted in. There, in box eighteen, was his target, an influential businessman with ties to the Insurrection. Logan had been inserted two weeks ago to familiarize himself with the man's schedule and find the ideal location to perform the kill.

On stage, the lead actor and actress ran out. The audience screamed applause. Logan took a breath and fired, the already-quiet rifle completely muffled by the crowd. His target fell back into the seat behind him, his expensive white suit now turning a deep red. Logan nodded, packed the rifle into a duffel bag, and crawled backwards onto the catwalk.

All the while, the audience shouted, "Bravo! Encore!"

Logan stopped and turned out to the crowd. "Why, thank you," he whispered, and bowed.