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At first, the Covenant were only a loose non-aggression pact of two races held together by a common need to avoid mutually assured destruction; but, as their society advanced, so did their technology, culture, and religion.The Covenant control a large part of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Their society had evolved into a complicated caste system, with the Prophets governing the Covenant, and the Elites left in charge of the military. The Covenant was a theocracy, based on prophecies about the Sacred rings and The Great Journey. The primary belief of the Covenant was that the Halos will allow them passage into the "Divine Beyond", where they might join the Forerunners as gods, those who did not believe in the Great Journey would be left behind to die by the power of the Halo rings.

Races and Special abilities

  • Sangheili - A species of very fierce warriors and skilled tacticians. The Sangheili are the leaders of the Covenant military.
    • Warrior Spirit: When a Sangheili's health falls below 45%, the Sangheili causes 5% extra damage.
  • Jiralhanae - A race of ape-like creatures,extremely savage. They compete with the Sangheili for supremacy.
    • Pack Mentality: Fighting with a pack of Jiralhanae makes a Jiralhanae cause 5% extra damage.
  • Unggoy - Workhorses of the Covenant, weak individually but strong as a group.
    • Unggoy Camaraderie: When fighting with other Unggoy, players have 10% more health.
    • Unggoy can only use a limited amount of vehicles, and are limited in weaponry.
  • Kig-yar - The scouts of the Covenant, with their superior senses.
    • Heightened Senses: Thermal and night vision, ability to see footprints.
    • Kig-Yar cannot operate ground or air vehicles, and are limited in weaponry, but can operate spacecraft.
  • Yanme'e - A race of aerial warriors that serve as shock troops and scouts.
    • Flight: Ability to fly for five minutes.
    • Yanme'e cannot operate any form of vehicle and are limited in weaponry.
  • Lekgolo - Small colonial worm-like creatures that can join together to form purpose specific assemblages. Lekgolo have access to the most powerful forms of Infantry for the Covenant.
    • Brotherly Spirit: When you are with your bond brother, you have 5% extra armor and health. Players are given a bond brother at start.
  • Huragok - A peaceful race of artificial biological supercomputers, Huragok cannot actually fight in Conflicts but merely support their Covenant masters.
    • Biological Supercomputer: Huragok's can repair any vehicle, regardless of class and damage at a remarkable rate.
    • Huragok's cannot participate in direct combat.


Classes of the Covenant Empire
Warrior Conflicts Covie Soldier icon All Races The basic infantryman of the Covenant empire, warriors form the backbone of the Covenant military. Trained in the use of all weaponry, warriors are the jack of all trades class.
Support Conflicts Covie Support icon Unggoy
In combat, maintaining heavy fire on opposing forces is key to winning a battle. For the Covenant, this task is taken up by the supporter. Armed with heavy weaponry, the support class pins an enemy down, or eliminates them with heavy precision firepower. The support class can also resupply allies.
Sharpshooter Conflicts Covie Marksman Icon Kig-yar
The eyes and ears of the Covenant military, the sharpshooter is an specialized class of the Covenant military dedicated to long range, precision attacks against enemy forces. Trained in the art of concealment and accurate fire, the sharpshooter neutralizes its foes with a single shot before being discovered. Sharpshooters can also act as scouts, relaying enemy positions to Covenant forces.
Engineer Conflicts Covie Engineer icon Yanme'e
Covenant engineering positions are typically filled by the Huragok, however whenever a situation is either too dangerous for a Huragok, or such that their skills would be wasted, the Covenant call upon special Yanme'e or Unggoy. Trained in low level repair and logistical support, these engineers can repair moderate damage, establish defensive emplacements, or manage the Covenant supply chain.
SpecOps Conflicts Spec Ops icon Sangheili
The Covenant Special Operations are the elite of the Covenant military. Trained in sabotage, assassination, or standard military operations. The Special Operations are often the first part of Covenant military incursions, sowing confusion among their foes with their lightning quick raids and assassination of their command structure.
Deacon¹ Deacon Unggoy Deacons are rare amongst Covenant society, reserved only for brightest and most devout of Unggoy. In battle, Deacons are renowned for their fervor to heretics and the impure, and inspire others with the same devotion. Deacons are also trained in medical matters.
Skirmisher¹ Raider Kig-yar A special breed of Kig-yar, the skirmishers are from the recruited from a tribe of Kig-yar located on Eayn's southern island chain. The Kig-yar there continue to exist in the pre-Covenant Kig-yar society, violently refusing any attempt at advancement. Occasionally, groups from this tribe are recruited, indoctrinated, and trained in combat tactics and used by the Covenant Army. Skirmishers are tougher, stronger, and more agile than other Kig-yar.
Hunter¹ Beast Rider Yanme'e The Hunters are an elite cadre of the Yanme'e race. Recruited from the Unmutuals, Hunters are imbued with Covenant technology to both increase their combat capabilities, and to keep them from harming others. The Hunters are known to be exceptional scouts and assassins, infiltrating enemy compounds and silently eliminating their opposition.
Berserker¹ Berserker Jiralhanae Although all Jiralhanae suffer fits of bloodlust, the Berserkers have become obsessed with the blood rage. Those who suffer from its effects are used by the Covenant military as shock troopers and to terrorize the enemies population. The berskerer is often equipped with little or no armor, as to maximize their mobility, and often armed with a melee weapon. After the bersekers operation is concluded, they are subduded, typically by a drug which is contained in a gorget around the berserkers neck.
Honor Guard¹ Honor Guard Sangheili Masters of the Sangheili Martial Arts, the Honor Guard are entrusted with the lives of the Heirarchs and high ranking members of the Covenant. While they train for martial combat, they are still effective using more modern weaponry like rifles. Honor Guards are also very agile, using acrobatic moves to disorient their enemies before taking the kill.
¹ - Access with purchase of Halo: Conflicts - Covenant Edition

Lekgolo Forms

Mgalekgolo (Hunter)

The most common Lekgolo form, the Mgalekgolo, known to humans as Hunters. These forms stand between twelve and thirteen feet tall, but when in their combat state they crouch into between eight to eight and a half feet, protecting their visible orange unarmoured stomach and neck. They carry a single shield on their left arm, and an Assault Cannon on their right.

Hodarilekgolo (Assault)

The Assault form is the damage powerhouse form. Standing at twelve feet tall, the Assault form uses its dual weaponry to decimate hostile forces. The front of an Assault form is heavily armored, however it is easily taken down from the back, the worm colony is highly exposed due to a lack of armor. The Assault form can choose from a large variety of weaponry, including a standard Assault Cannon, Plasma Flamethrower, Heavy Needler or Plasma Cannon. The Assault Form can also hold their position, reducing their cone of fire and increasing their rate of fire, but making them extremely vulnerable.

Epesilekgolo (Scout)

The Scout form is a highly mobile Lekgolo form. The form resembles a miniature Scarab, and includes a single Assault Cannon for a head. The body armor is segmented to allow the form to move its body freely, however the armor will close up when the scout is engaged in combat. The Scout Form can climb on walls, and can even hang upside down from them. They can also lunge onto their prey, and can use their sharp 'legs' to rend them.

Imaralekgolo (Guardian)

The tank of the Mgalekgolo, the Guardian is covered in plates of armor and carries a single weapon. Despite UNSC forces saying these forms are near invulnerable, Guardians are incredibly slow and are easily damaged by vibration, explosions and blunt force.

Hewalekgolo (Flight)

The Flight Forms are a curious form of the Lekgolo. Placed into shells, the Flight Form operates similar to the Banshee, using anti gravity generators to maneuver the craft. The Flight Form makes use of its head for weaponry, and can either have an Assault Cannon, or Plasma Cannon. The Flight Forms weakness are located on the wing struts as well as the 'neck'.

Udongolekgolo (Snake)

The Snake Forms are Lekgolo who resemble larger versions of their own selves, massive snake like creatures that carve tunnels around large Forerunner artifacts, however the Snake Form can easily build traps for enemy formations. Patches of flesh are open, which the Snake Form uses to maneuver.

Mzigolekgolo (Beserker)

The Beserker Forms are Lekgolo who have lost their bond brother in combat and have survived. Wracked with guilt and rage, Covenant commanders equip the Besekers with stronger armor and shields, and give them a melee weapon of their choice. Prior to a large scale battle, the Bersekers will be sent in for both morale and to weaken the enemy. Berserker armor is made by the Brutes, and this is reflected by multiple spikes which can be used as weaponry.

Kubwalekgolo (Premium Member Class)

The Kubwalekgolo, better known as the Hunter Scarab, is a massive formation of Lekgolo worms. Serving as a machine of war and relic digger, the Scarab is armed with a single Assault Cannon, which can rip through enemy armor, and a anti aircraft gun, which is also effective against infantry. The Scarab is the largest known Lekgolo formation, and the largest vehicle in the Covenant arsenal.



Engineers are the Human name for the Huragok race, due to their ability to repair anything they touch. Huragok Engineers are the most valuable asset to a Covenant commander, capable of building fortifications, repairing any vehicle regardless of damage, and repairing allied forces armor in the heat of combat.


Some Huragoks are trained to heal their comrades when injured, rather than to repair vehicles. Huragok Medics are held in higher regard by the Sangheili. In addition, a Huragok medic will heal allies faster.


Some Huragoks are equipped with special Covenant technology that supports allied forces. Such technologies include a Shield Generator, which can give nearby allies an Overshield, and an Active Camouflage generator, which works the same way as the Shield Generator. Huragok Supports however, cannot shield or camouflage themselves, but if another Huragok is near they will combine their powers, giving allies 4x overshields or camouflage, and the other Huragok as well.


Weapons of the Covenant Empire

Rifles and Carbines

Plasma Rifle(Jiralhanae Variant) | Plasma Repeater | Covenant Carbine | Needle Rifle | Brute Spiker | Pinner Rifle


Plasma Pistol | Needler | Pummeler | Mauler

Specialist Weapons

Light Plasma Cannon | Plasma Flayer | Gravity Rifle | Plasma Launcher | Concussion Rifle | Brute Shot

Sniper Weapons

Beam Rifle | Focus Rifle

Fuel Rod Weapons

Fuel Rod Gun

Support Weapons

Plasma Cannon | Assault Cannon | Light Plasma Mortar

Melee Weapons

Energy Sword | Energy Cutlass | Energy Garrote | Energy Stave | Energy Scythe | Energy Blade




Most Covenant combat personnel wear armor of some sort when in combat scenarios. Armor both not just protects the user, but also indicates their status in the Covenant hierarchy. A common trait among Covenant armor is energy shielding, which provides an extra layer of protection. This feature is included in all Sangheili and Jiralhanae armors, but is also included among the higher ranks of the lower races, such as Unggoy and Yanme'e.

As armor takes damage its defensive capabilities are degraded (Except energy shield capabilities). The status of armor can be monitored by the heads up display, above the health bar. Armor has four stages:

  • Perfect - This armor is brand new, or has taken very little damage. It provides the best protection.
  • Used - This armor has taken damage, and its defensive capabilities are weakened. The armor will begin to show signs of damage.
  • Damaged - The armor has taken severe damage, and provides the least amount of protection. The armor will show signs of damage, such as burned plates and missing chunks.
  • Destroyed - The armor has been rendered useless and ineffective. Entire pieces of armor will be missing.

Armor of the Covenant Empire

Sangheili Combat Harnesses

Minor | Major | Ultra | Zealot | General | Field Marshall

Sangheili Specialist Harnesses

Special Operations Harness | Flight Harness | Exo-atmospheric Combat Harness | Honor Guardsman Harness

Jiralhanae Power Armors

Minor | Major | Ultra | Captain | Major Captain Major | Captain Ultra | Chieftain | War Chieftain

Jiralhanae Specialist Power Armors

Minor Jump Pack Armor | Major Jump Pack Armor | Captain Jump Pack Armor | Stalker

Unggoy Combat Harnesses

Minor | Major | Ultra

Unggoy Specialist Combat Harnesses

Heavy Weapons | Special Operations | Deacon

Kig-yar Combat Suits

Minor | Major | Personal Arm shield

Kig-yar Specialist Suits

Minor | Major | Commando | Murmillo | Champion | Champion Arm Bucklers

Yanme'e Carapace Armors

Minor | Major | Ultra | Swarm Master


Vehicles of the Covenant Empire

Scout Vehicles

Ghost | Apparition | Chopper

Light Vehicles

Spectre | Prowler | Revenant


Oni | Asura


Wraith | Demon

Armored Personnel Carriers



Scarab | Locust | Gorgon

Anti Air Vehicles

AAA Wraith

Stationary Defenses

Geist | Shade | Dictator | Tyrant


Aircraft of the Covenant Empire


Banshee-S | Vampire


Seraph | Tarasque

Attack Aircraft



Draugr | Gigas


Phantom | Spirit


Spook | Coffin | Tomb | Mummy


Ships of the Covenant Empire


Absolution-class frigate | Canonization-class heavy frigate


Celebrant-class destroyer | Penance-class heavy destroyer


Concupiscene-class light cruiser | Congregation-class cruiser | Liturgy-class battlecruiser
Reverence-class cruiser | Diocese-class supercruiser


Eisegesis-class carrier | Epiphany-class assault carrier | Hadith-class supercarrier


Covenant-class battleship


Heathen-class stealth corvette | Mantra-class corvette


Heaven-class space station


Ranking structure of the Sangheili
Covenant Army Rank Minor Major Ultra Zealot Field Master Field Marshall Imperial Marshall
Rank Insignia SangheiliMinorRune SangheiliMajorRune SangheiliUltraRune SangheiliZealotRune SangheiliLegionMasterRunes FieldMarshallRune ImperialMarshallRune
Required Promotion Points Starting 4,000 8,000 25,000 32,00 60,000 100,000
Clan Size File Lance Subsection Section Field Group Legion Army
Covenant Navy Rank Minor Major Ultra Ship Master Fleet Master Supreme Commander Imperial Admiral
Rank Insignia SangheiliMinorRune SangheiliMajorRune SangheiliUltraRune ShipMasterRune FleetMasterRune SupremeCommanderRune ImperialAdmiralRune
Required Promotion Points Starting 4,000 8,000 25,000 32,000 60,000 100,000
Clan Size None - - Task Element Task Force Combined Fleet Fleet


Ranking Structure of the Jiralhanae
Rank Minor Major Ultra Captain Captain Major Captain Ultra Chieftain War Chieftain
Rank Insignia SangheiliMinorRune SangheiliMajorRune SangheiliUltraRune CaptainRune CaptainMajorRune CaptainUltraRune ChieftainRune WarChieftainRune
Required Promotion Points Starting 4,000 8,000 25,000 32,000 45,000 60,000 100,000
Clan Size None File Lance Subsection Section/Task Element Field Group /Task Force Legion/Combined Fleet Army/Fleet


Ranking Structure of the Unggoy
Rank Minor Major Heavy Ultra
Rank Insignia SangheiliMinorRune SangheiliMajorRune HeavyRune SangheiliUltraRune
Required Promotion Points Starting 25,000 50,000 100,000
Clan Size None File - Lance


Ranking structure of the Kig-yar
Jackal Rank Minor Major Ultra Zealot
Rank Insignia SangheiliMinorRune SangheiliMajorRune SangheiliUltraRune SangheiliZealotRune
Required Promotion Points Starting 15,000 55,000 100,000
Clan Size None - File Lance
Skirmisher Rank Minor Major Murmillo Commando Champion
Rank Insignia SangheiliMinorRune SangheiliMajorRune MurmilloRune CommandoRune ChampionRune
Required Promotion Points Starting 4,000 15,000 55,000 100,000
Clan Size          


Ranking structure of the Yanme'e
Rank Drone Minor Major Ultra Swarm Master
Rank Insignia SangheiliRecruitRune SangheiliMinorRune SangheiliMajorRune SangheiliUltraRune SwarmMasterRune
Required Promotion Points Starting 4,000 15,000 55,000 100,000
Clan Size None - File Lance Swarm

Covenant Citadel

The Citadel is the Covenants command center for invasions and defense,providing support for forces on the planet. Building a citadel is not an easy task, a ship in orbit must land and drop off the necessary supplies to build a Citadel, or scrap itself for necessary parts. After gaining the required amount of supplies, Hugarok NPCs begin to build the Citadel, as Covenant players guard them. After finishing the central citadel, the local Covenant commander can order new buildings and the Hugaroks will build them.


  • Citadel: Provides a communications link for all forces operating on planet. Covenant players can also receive missions here.
  • Hall: Provides a place for soldiers to equip themselves for combat.
  • Factory: Used to requisition ground vehicles for combat use, and to repair damaged vehicles.
  • Summit: Building which produces and repairs Covenant aircraft.
  • Temple: The temple is a building that allows players to upgrade their weapons and armor. Covenant players can respawn inside the Temple if they die in battle.
  • Gravity Lift: Players can requisition and access ships in orbit over the planet.
  • Warehouse: A gravity lift from an overhanging Covenant ship provides supplies and reinforcements to the Citadel below.
  • Turrets: Standard defensive turrets that can have a Plasma Mortar, Heavy Needler, or Fuel Rod cannon attached for extra firepower.