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We fight for justice and freedom, they fight for greed and malice. We will ascend to heaven, they will descend to hell.


Yihdoree pulled out Spirit Releaser and stabbed it into the back of a Kig-Yar, the weakling was dead before it could let out a breath. The red Energy Sword stuck out of the limp body Yihdoree grabbed the leg and yanked the body down, the body cut in half without resistants, blood oozed out of the body onto the dirt. Two Kig-Yar looked around a boulder and were surprised at the huge Sangheili. The first Kig-Yar fired a fully charged Plasma Pistol right at Yihdoree's leg, he turned around and saw needles flying toward him. He block all the rounds and laughed at the two Kig-Yar.

"You weak fools your going to die under my boot!" Yihdoree roared as he charged them.

The first Kig-Yar ran back around the corner, the second just ran toward Yihdoree with its Energy Cutlass out. Yihdoree rushed at the small alien, the Kig-Yar slashed at Yihdoree but missed, Yihdoree grabbed the Kig-Yar's arm and cut it off. The Kig-Yar's forearm dropped to the ground blood sprayed from its elbow joint all over the dirt the Kig-Yar screeched at the sight. Yihdoree then just cut off the Kig-Yar head, he followed the last Kig-Yar it was cowaring behind its Energy Gauntlet. Yihdoree turned around and started walking away, the Kig-Yar looked at the Sangheili, suddenly a Plasma Grenade landed right on the Kig-Yar's foot, its eyes widened, and it screeched in surprise. The screech was cut off by an explosion, Yihdoree turned around and saw what was left of the Kig-Yar, blood all over the dirt, the upper half of boddy ribs exposed, and organs hanging out of the bottom of torso. Yihdoree walked over to the corpse and gripped the neck of the dead body.

"Children of the Forerunner are weak, blind, and numerous," Yihdoree whispered as he threw the corpse at the boulders. "the New Covenant will make them see."

Part I

Chapter One: Contested

thumb|300px|left|Chapter One music Yihdoree jumped up on the rock he was hiding behind, Plasma Repeater drawn, his armor dark gray. Noree covered his back with a Needle Rifle, his armor the same as Yihdoree. Yihdoree jumped down off the rock and kept his eyes on his motion sensors. The objective was to capture Cellus the son Barbarus, nephew of the Chieftain of the Jiralhanae, Bartrus. As they were walking into the forest Yihdoree noticed a spike from a Spiker Rifle stuck in a tree, covered in this weird fleshy substance, nothing he had seen befor but he ignored it.

"I have a terrible feeling," Noree said looking at the the space above the night sky lit up with Naval warfare."that we are going to lose this planet to the Childern of the Forerunner."

"Yea Tropist is the first planet we have found to that's beyond the rim, we could discover new species to join the New Covenant. But they were ready for us this time." Yihdoree said walking faster.

Suddenly they heard a buzzing sound, a dozen Yanme'e swooped down and started shooting Plasma Rifles and Needlers at both of the Sangheili.Yihdoree got hit by the hot liquid and stabbed by three pink needles two in the thigh, the last one in the forearm. Yihdoree ran as six of the huge bugs chased him, Noree was nowhere in sight. Four legs grabbed both of Yihdoree's arms, he was being lifted by two bugs. He struggled, and got his right arm free, then he grabbed Spirit Releaser and cut off a pair of legs, he dropped to the ground. He landed on his feet, fired his repeater at the two insectiods, they fell to the ground hard. The other four started firing, Yihdoree threw two plasma grenades, one hit the base of a tree and the other stuck a Yanme'e. The first one blew up and caused the tree to land on two of the bugs the second one kill the third. The last bug flew at Yihdoree, Plasma Pistol fully charged and Energy Cutlass drawn. Yihdoree drew his Energy Sword and charged the insect, the Plasma Pistol charged bolt hit Yihdoree in the shoulder taking his shields down. The bug lunged at Yihdoree but it wasn't fast enough, he grabbed the wing of the bug pulled it down and stabbed two times right into its thorax. He pulled out his weapon and looked around for Noree, there was no sign. He looked at his motion tracker he saw yellow on the tracker. He walked over toward Noree and when he saw his cousin, he was surprise he was living. Noree had four needles sticking out of his chest and a Energy Cutlass through his abdomen.

"Cousin are you okay?!"

"No I might die."

"Did any get away?"


Yihdoree sat Noree on a rock and pulled out the undetonated needles and filled the holes with a green liquid called Medical Gel. Yihdoree went behind Noree and push out the cutlass, it nearly hit his spine. He then filledthe wound all the way up with the liquid. He gave Noree a worried look and Noree responded by getting up and started walking slowly.They walked for about two hours then Yihdoree walked next to Noree and stopped him dead in his tracks, meters ahead there was a pack of 6 Jiralhanae. Noree was in no condition to fight against Jiralhanae, so Yihdoree had to figure out a plan.

"Cousin give me your grenades and your Blade," Yihdoree whispered. "theres a Jiralhanae pack right ahead I'm going to kill them."

"I can fight, lets go cousin." Noree said aiming his Needler Rifle.

"Not in your condition." Yihdoree hissed at his younger cousin.

Noree hating to back down from a fight but listened, and gave Yihdoree his Energy Sword and his two remaining grenades. Yihdoree turned his Active Camoflague and started running toward the pack. The Jiralhanae didn't hear a thing. Yihdoree went in front of the pack and turned on the two blades, the Jiralhanae surprised didn't shoot until Yihdoree cut the first Jiralhanae in half. He ran straight at the next Jiralhanae letting his shields take the damage from the Spiker, Yihdoree stabbed his cousin's blade into the apes stomach and used his sword to cut off the legs. One of the Jiralhanae went berserk and slammed his fist into Yihdoree's back knocking him down, the Jiralhanae picked up Yihdoree and threw him at a tree, then Yihdoree got up and charged the pissed off ape and cut off its arms. Three left Yihdoree chucked the two Plasma Grenades, one stuck a Jiralhanae right dead center of face, the second landed in between the trio. The stuck Jiralhanae ran into a tree and blew up, the other two jumped out of the blast radius as it blew up. One Jiralhanae jumped on Yihdoree and tried to stab him with a Jiralhanae Combat Knife, it was at his throat stabbing it a little, suddenly three Needles hit the Jiralhanae's skull killing it. Noree revealed himself to the last Jiralhanae. But Yihdoree was stuck under the weight of this beast.

Noree shot his Needle Rifle wildly trying to hit this Jiralhanae, but it evaded every needle Noree grabbed his Plasma Pistol but the Jiralhanae was already there, it grabbed him, punched him in the stomach, and ran off.

Yihdoree got the Jiralhanae off him finally but when he looked around Noree was gone and so was the Jiralhanae. He had one main objective to kill Cellus but he also had a personal objective to save his kin.

Chapter Two: Captivity

Noree was being carried by the Jiralhanae he didin't remember much just the sound of tree branches snapping, allied Unggoy squelling in fear of Jiralhanae, and the smell of burning corpses. Death wasn't Noree's biggest fear it was just another path of life for him, dishonor was his fear being shamed by unworthy opponents. Suddenly the sound of a Gravity Lift filled his head, along with an Energy Driller he figured it was a trap for the New Covenant. The Jiralhanae gave Noree to two other Jiralhanae.

"Take this meat to the holding cell." said the exauhsted beast.

"He looks nice and tender." said one Jiralhanae

The two Jiralhanae took Noree up the lift, he opened his eyes he was in the ship he wasn't coming out alive. He looked at the long halls, as he was being dragged to the bridge he saw Cellus. His armor was black and cold his fur was a rich brown, and his hammer lay against his throne, Cellus had images of the ugliest creature he had ever seen it had the features of a Jiralhanae but it looked deformed and mutated.

"What ungodly thing is this?" thought Noree.

A Jiralhanae walked toward Cellus with fear in his eyes at the images.

"Sir we can't contain the creatures, we should just cleanse the planet." said the Jiralhanae

Cellus kicked the Jiralhanae to the ground and started raising his fist to punch him in the face was the last thing Noree saw, before he was taken into another long hallway. As the Jiralhanae took him to the holding cell he noticed a Unggoy in a cell hiding behind his arms cowaring from the Jiralhanae. The to beast threw him in one of the cells and turned on the Energy Field.

"Your not gonna live for long you weakling!" said one Jiralhanae.

"I'll get out eventually just you wait." said Noree

The Jiralhanae laughed and walked out of the brig and the Unggoy looked at Noree studying him, looking at the wounds and his armor.

"Your hurt four Needler shots and an Energy Cutlass, you should be dead but whoever gave you that medical attention knew what he was doing." said the Unggoy

Noree nodded and looked at the Unggoy.

"Have you seen those images of those creatures that Cellus has contained?" Noree asked the Unggoy.

"You mean you don't know about the Great War?" the Unggoy asked

Noree nodded no.

"Well during the Great War the Old Covenant believed in the Great Journey which was based worship of the ancient race of beings known as the Forerunners. According to Covenant Religion, the Forerunners, being nearly omniscient and all-powerful beings, discovered a way to transcend the physical world and become divine beings, by building and activating seven huge ring-shaped devices called Halos, also referred to by the Covenant as "Sacred Rings". When this happened, the Halos uplifted the Forerunners into trans-sentience, but left all lesser, unworthy races behind. The Forerunner fired the rings and killed all life to save it from 'the parasite'. When the Covenant found Installation 04 they found 'the parasite' and it killed everything in sight and took over the everything." the Unggoy explained.

"So why is Cellus here?" asked Noree.

"To take control of the parasite and unleash it on us." said the Unggoy.

"How do you know all of this? How do I know its true? asked Noree

"Ask the High Council when you get back." said the Unggoy as he curled up in a ball

Noree pondered what he said for a couple of hours wondering if it was true. Then Noree fell asleep for a bit and woke up.

"What are the parasite called?" Noree asked.

The Unggoy muttered something that Noree couldn't hear what he said.

"What was it called!" Noree yelled.

The Unggoy jumped up and looked Noree dead in the eyes.

"Its called the Flood." said the Unggoy.

Chapter Three: Unleashed Onto Tropist

Yihdoree bashed in the skull of a Jackal with his Plasma Reapter, purple blood oozed out of the shattered head onto the forest floor. Yihdoree looked around and kept walking toward the smoke that happened hours ago.

"Must of been our allies starting the assualt on planet." Yihdoree thought walking toward the smoke.

After a couple hours of walking Yihdoree heard a squirming sound, Yihdoree drew his reapter and checked his surrondings looking for the source of the sound, he didn't see nothing or smell anything, but he felt as if he was being watched by something. He kept walking and saw a Jiralhanae shooting two Spikers into a Forerunner structure, the Jiralhanae was roaring at its target. Yihdoree moved in closer and saw what the beast was shooting at what look like more Jiralhanae but the figures retreated. Yihdoree needed to see what was really goning on so he was going to go in the structure. Yihdoree cloaked and started running toward the Jiralhanae at full speed, the Jiralhanae turned and started shooting in Yihdoree's direction. Yihdoree was reavealed so he pulled out Spirit Releaser and started shooting his reapter at the Jiralhanae, twelve shots hit it. Four in the torso and four in the abdomen, it fell to the ground its guts spilling out on the floor of the forest. The Jiralhanae looked dead so Yihdoree moved in on the corpse he kick the body ,then suddenly it punched him in the chest. He staggered and two of his ribs cracked, then threw his sword at the corpse making sure it died. It was dead and he started walking inside the building, he looked around every corner, with his Plasma Repeater drawn. He heard a howl but it wasn't a warcry from a Jiralhanae it was like a monster, it made Yihdoree very cautious so he also pulled out his sword. As he exited the last hall and entered a small room Yihdoree saw a Jiralhanae but it wasn't a Jiralhanae it looked mutated and deformed. It jumped a Yihdoree knocking his shields down Yihdoree was amazed at the speed and strength of the monstrosity, but it didn't stop him from striking back with his blade and cutting off its arm with appendages. but it didnt stop it so he then cut off its other arm and then the three tentacles moved and a ballon popped out of the Jiralhanae's chest, it attacked Yihdoree but just popped on his shield. Yihdoree was on edge so he moved toward a terminal and read the information the first sentence stuck in his head.

The Flood were an extremely adaptable, dangerous, and expendable parasitic life form.

Another howl came from deeper in the structure, but Yihdoree heard a another squirming sound so he sent the information to the flagship Rising Night. When the information was sent another howl came but it was closer, so Yihdoree ran outside and saw a pair of Banshees flying toward a mountain, Yihdoree climbed up a tree and saw a COF Assualt Carrier.

"Cellus' ship Noree must be on that ship, Cellus must of released the Flood." thought Yihdoree.

Suddenly a Shadow tank stopped at the structure with a Ghost two Jiralhanae got out and had hand fulls of Covenant Charges to seal off the exit. One fell onto the ground and they didn't notice it. So Yihdoree cloaked and climbed down the tree slowly, one Jiralhanae was setting the charges around the doorway, and the other was inside looking down the hallway. Yihdoree pickup the charge and put it inside the Shadow's cockpit and disengaged the Ghost. Yihdoree had a better idea he got in the cockpit and started driving it into the hallway. The Jiralhanae setting the charge turned around and saw the Shadow and ran into the structure, the other started firing at Flood Combat forms. Yihdoree jumped out of the Shadow and then threw a pair of Plasma Grenades, the explosion blew up all the charges, destroyed the Shadow, and cause the whole entrance to collapsed. The Jiralhanae roared as they fought off Flood, the roaring was finally halted signaling for Yihdoree's departure, Yihdoree jumped into the Ghost and started driving toward the starship.

"Cellus shall die by me." Yihdoree said to himself.

The Shadow moved with two big thuds then moved one more time finally it was push completely out of the way to unleash the Flood within.

Chapter Four: Jail Break

Noree thought about the images and the whole story the Unggoy told him, he knew if the Flood was on Tropist that would mean they would take it over and Noree didn't like that thought. So Noree was thinking of a way to get out of his cell.

"What's your name, and what part of the military are you?" Noree asked the Unggoy.

"My name is Swaza, I'm in the Special Operatoins branch." said Swaza.

"Mine is Noree and we are going to get out of here."


"While you were asleep I was studying the guards rotations, the easiet group is the third guard which comes at night so we wait till then to attack."

"How will you get out?"

"If you look a Jiralhanae in the eye they consider it a challenge, and when I do that I'll kill the beast and let all of the prisoners loose. Then we will head for the armory."

Sawza thought about it for a minute and then agreed to the plan. So they waited till the third guard rotation, a Jiralhanae and Skirmisher walking down the cells the Jiralhanae was passing his cell and Noree was looking directly into his eyes, the Jiralhanae reacted faster than Noree thought. The Jiralhanae turned off the Energy Field and grabbed Noree leg a threw him at Swaza's cell, Noree got up ran at the Jiralhanae which was expecting a kick to the face got a kick to the chest, making the beast stagger, and then Noree right hooking it in the face. The Jiralhanae punched Noree in his abdomen causing him to fall on his knee, then the beast kick him in the face, blood dripped from his manibles. Noree swept the Jiralhanae's feet and grabbed its Spiker and stabbed the two-pronged rifle right into the beast's throat blood squirted out as he pulled the gun out.

The Skirmisher started running out of the brig, Noree shot the Spiker at the ugly creature, two spikes hit the Skimisher in the back of the knees making it fall face first to the ground, Noree was over to the crippled alien within seconds it flipped on its back and started shooting its Plasma Pistol at Noree, every shot missed. Noree stood over the fodder knocked away all of its equipment,and picked it up by the throat with its left hand, he brought it to his face it snapped at him twice then Noree pulled back his right arm and punched the bottom jaw off the Skimisher it died instantly.

Noree ran to the terminal and realeased prisoners of thier cells, Sawza along with five other Unggoy, and another Sangheili. Noree rallied them together for a quick plan.

"Whats your name brother?" Noree asked the Sangheili

"Watwee sir." Watwee replied.

Noree patted Watwee on the shoulder

"We are going to sneak into the armory and take as many weapons we can, then we are gonna let the rest of the prisoners out and start taking over the ship." announced Noree.

They all understood the other Watwee took the Energy Gaunlet and Energy Cutlass, he gave the Plasma Pistol to Sawza. Sawza told three Unggoy to follow the other Watwee and told the the other to follow Noree and himself.

Suddenly three Kig-Yar walked in, one with a Needle Rifle and the other two with Needlers. Noree started shooting at the Kig-Yar lance, all the Unggoy ran inside the cells Watwee ran at the group with his gaunlet up, the Kig-Yar with the Needle Rifle aimed at the Watwee's feet causing him to dive right into the group, the four were fighting Watwee kicked one of the minor Kig-Yar in the face, and stabbed the lead Kig-Yar in the leg, the other minor Kig-Yar shot its Needler at Watwee, his shields flared as he was punching the minor in the chest. Swaza jumped on the Kig-Yar's back and knocked his weapon out of his hands, the other Unggoy started jumping on the Kig-Yar beating it to death. Watwee had killed the other two Kig-Yar, Noree gave his Spiker to Swaza and took the Plasma Pistol to another Unggoy. Noree took the Needle Rifle and Watwee took both Needlers and two Unggoy took the Plasma Pistols. Swaza told the other two Unggoy to take any grenades they find. Noree checked the first hall way nothing was there. He signaled them to start going the other way toward the armory.

Cellus sat at his throne watching two Jiralhanae holding down an infected Sangheili while there pack brother inplanted a control device. The monster stopped fighting for a couple moments then it broke out the two Jiralhanae's hold and killed the one that inplanted it. The other two shot it with thier Plasma Rifles,Cellus slammed his fist against his thrown. Cellus looked at Noree's blade on his throne and smiled.

"He's next."

Noree walked into the armory, weapons were everywhere Noree grabbed ammo for his rifle and then grabbed and two Plasma Repeaters, Swaza dropped the Spiker and grabbed a Needler, a Plasma Pistol, and some Covenant Charges. Watwee took off the gauntlet and holstered the cutlass, and grabbed a Carbine and Plasma Rifle. He also found a bag and started grabbing some weapons. Two Unggoy grabbed Fuel Rod Cannons and , while the others grabbed Needlers and Plasma Grenades.

"Ok Watwee take the rest of Unggoy and release the other prisoners, Swaza and I will go look for the Navagation Room." said Noree

Watwee nodded and the five Unggoy followed him, Noree and Swaza walked toward the Navagation Room.

They walked into a room that wasn't even close to a Navagation Room.

Chapter Five: Reunion

thumb|300px|left|Chapter Five Music

Yihdoree drove toward the ship's Gravity Lift which was ten kilometers away, Yihdoree was surprised at how little Jiralhanae security there was, suddenly two Choppers came into view they saw Yihdoree and started shooting at him. Yihdoree kept driving dodging as many trees, rocks, and cannon shells as possible, a Chopper pulled next to Yihdoree's Ghost and started ramming it toward the other trying to sandwhich Yihdoree. He pulled out his Energy Sword and started slashing at the Chopper's wheels, the wheels broke causing the vehicle to flip right into the ground killing the driver. The other Chopper shot the Ghost's reactor tank, the Ghost spun out of control and smashed into a huge boulder. Yihdoree saw the Chopper closing in on his position and charging at him, Yihdoree's foot was caught between two rocks.

"Damn looks like the begining of death." Yihdoree thought.

The Chopper charged right at Yihdoree and about to shred Yihdoree into pieces, Yihdoree's foot came out of the rocks and jumped out of the way of the Chopper. The Chopper blew up the Ghost and tried to pull out, but it was stuck on the wreckage. The Jiralhanae roared as he saw Yihdoree getting up and runnig toward the Chopper, Yihdoree pulled out Spirit Releaser and threw it at the Jirahanae, the red prongs stuck out of the Jiralhanae's back.

"Damn it's over already." the Jiralhanae gurgled as blood filled his lungs.

"Just another victim!" Yihdoree yelled pulling out the blade.

Yihdoree threw the body to the ground and searched the area for equipment, he found two Firebombs, and two Spike Grenades. YIhdoree was only one kilometer away and decided to walk, slowly as he walked into a clearing he saw the Gravity Lift he also heard the sounds of battle, the COF forces were fighting against Flood. Kig-Yar being smashed by Tank Forms, Jiralhanae being overrun by Combat Forms, Drinols crushing anything in there path, and Banshees, Ghosts, and Wraiths firing into hordes of never ending Flood. The sight terrified Yihdoree but he needed to get aboard the ship and save his cousin.

Cellus walked toward the hanger where hundreds of Phantoms were loading Jiralhanae, Kig-Yar, and Yanme'e, the Drinols were loaded into one per Spirit. Cellus roared loud enough to get the whole hangers attention.

"We are the Children of the Forerunner, the Human's UNSC is no match for us, neither is the New Covenant. The Flood is just another small faction in the way! Go and crush this parasite!" Cellus yelled to his men.

The hanger roared with moral, Cellus' men were marching to war. Hoping for salvation, but were marching to there apparent death.

Yihdoree held his finger against the trigger of his reapter running toward the lift, a Drinol and a Flood Thrasher form had a huge fist fight right in front of Yihdoree. Yihdoree grabbed a tentacle of the Thrasher Form and cut a huge hole in its back and dropped a Firebomb in its wound. The monster collasped and Yihdoree fell off the front of corpse, the Drinol lifted its arm to crush Yihdoree, rolled out of the way as it hit the ground.

"Die!" Yihdoree yelled at the beast.

It roared at Yihdoree and charged him, Yihdoree threw a Spike Grenade at its face, the beast roared with rage as it exploded, Yihdoree jumped out of the just before it tackled him into a Wraith. The tank flew into a huge firefight and blew up. Combat Forms jumped on the wreckage and continued assaulting the retreating C.O.F forces, the Drinol was about to charge again but was fell over as dozens of Infection Forms infected the corpse. Yihdoree ran toward the Gravity Lift, being chased by two Jiralhanae Combat Forms, Yihdoree cut the first one in half with his Energy Sword while the other shot its Mauler at him, Yihdoree's shield were half way drained then the monster hit him with its whip like arm knocking Yihdoree down on his back. Yihdoree shot off both arms and then tackled the armless monster and smashed its chest in.

"Die Parasite!!!" Yihdoree yelled in his mind.

Yihdoree walked in the light and flew up and watched as thosands of Flood swarmed from the tropical forst, and the dropships coming from the hanger with more soldiers. Yihdoree was blinded for a second, then his vison returned. He looked around and saw no movement so he continued to walk toward the bridge, as he got closer to the bridge he heard gun fire and a Sangheili yelling out orders down the next intersection.

"Throw your grenades!" yelled Watwee.

Three grenades flew down the hallway three Kig-Yar screeched and then a big explosion silenced them, Watwee looked down the intersection seeing Yihdoree.

"How did you get here!?" Watwee shouted as he walked toward Yihdoree.

"I snuck in I'm looking for Noree Ritoree, he's my cousin." Yihdoree said coldly.

"He's looking for the Navigation Room."

"Thank you brother."

Yihdoree ran down toward the Navigation Room.

Noree and Swaza ran down the hallway away from the labs where the Flood were and ran toward the Navigation Room, Combat Forms howled as they followed the two. Swaza fell to the ground, Noree turned and saw a dozen Combat Forms running down the hall toward them.

"Get down!" yelled a familiar voice.

Noree dropped to the ground and two Plasma Grenades landed right in front of the group of Flood. Two Combat Forms jumped right over the grenades and four monsters died. Noree bashed his Needle Rifle into a Combat Forms leg breaking it off. Then a gray Sangheili cut down the other Combat Form with a red sword it was his cousin.

"Give me cover!" Yihdoree yelled as he ran into the group.

Yihdoree stabbed his sword into the chest of a infected Sangheili and threw it into the crowd, Noree shot his dual repeaters into the crowd making sure he missed his cousin, Yihdoree cut down two more then a stream of plasma bolts killed the last four. Yihdoree turned around and smiled at his cousin.

"Your wounds have seemed to have healed." Yihdoree said happily.

"Yea but we need to get to the Navigation Room." Noree said.

"But there's gonna be more Flood down there!" Swaza yelled.

"Go to the bridge Swaza we will go to the Navigation Room." Noree said.

Swaza didn't hesitate he ran down the hall way toward the bridge, then Yihdoree and Noree walked down the other hallway, weapons up on edge and worn down.

"So how did you find out about the Flood cousin?" Yihdoree asked.

"Swaza told me, you?" asked Noree

"Found a Forerunner structure, went inside found a terminal, and read the informatoin about this planet and the Flood."

"What don't we know about Tropist?"

"It's what the Forerunner call a 'Shield World' and apparantly the Flood hid inside of it to been dormant since the time of the Forerunner."

Noree looked at Yihdoree releaved he didn't die, Yihdoree thought the same. They continued down a hall way and heard a dragging sound, coming from the intersection ahead, Yihdoree and Noree hid in the wall indention waiting for the creatures to pass, it was two infected Sangheili dragging Kig-Yar corpses one in each hand. Yihdoree looked down at the ground and saw the trails of purple blood, Yihdoree started following the Flood and Noree followed. The trail ended at the Navigation Room door, Yihdoree drew his Plasma Repeater, and Noree raised his Needle Rifle. But didn't exepect to see what they saw.

Chapter Six: The Mind

Yihdoree saw what looked to be a giant glob of Flood mass attached to the navigation terminal, it glowed and moved like it had a pulse through the whole body. The two infected Sangheili dropped the bodies and rushed the cousins, Yihdoree shot at the beast on the right and Noree shot the one on the left. The one the right fell to the ground like a brick, the other one had Energy Shields and hit Noree with its appendages, Noree's shield were down and recharging. Noree kicked the monster to the ground and shot ten rounds into the Flood, it exploded in a pink mist and chunks of skin hit the ceiling.

"We need to destroy this...this thing." Yihdoree thought.

"Noree do you have any explosives, or do tou know where the armory is?" Yihdoree asked

"No and the armory would be overrun with the Parasite." Noree said

"Damn," Yihdoree walked toward it and looked at the fleshy cords. "Well I guess I'm cutting it."

Yihdoree stabbed the glob with Spirit Releaser, it moved as Yihdoree twisted his blade and tore it out through its side. Green liquid poured out onto the floor, Noree walked toward the terminal and hacked it and downloaded all the information to main computer on the bridge's mainframe. Yihdoree looked at the Jackals and walked over and searched the bodys and found four grenades on each body.

"Look what we have here cousin." Yihdoree tossed two at a time to Noree.

"Im gonna set them to remote detenation so if the Parasite try to make another one of those brains things again." Noree said as he set them at the door.

Yihdoree walked out the door and started walking toward the bridge and Noree set the grenades, a howling came from down the hallway. Yihdoree turned around and saw a couple of shadows and Noree drew his repeaters and slowly backed up toward Yihdoree. Yihdoree started running toward the bridge Noree right behind him, they heard crashes and howling as they ran, then finally gun fire and Jiralhanae cursing at Flood.

Cellus smashed a Infection Form under his foot as he walked toward the bridge, he sniffed the air a Sangheili was near. He walked into the bridge and saw Watwee killing a infected Jiralhanae, the blade cut the beast in half. Five grunts were dead killed by Flood, Cellus looked at him and smiled.

"Are you ready to die?" Cellus asked.

"Only if you die first, you bastard." Watwee replied.

Watwee ran toward Cellus blade drawn, Cellus slammed the hammer down at Watwee, Watwee blocked it with his sword and pulled out his Curveblade and stabbed Cellus in the arm, Cellus pulled out his Jiralhanae Combat Knife and cut Watwee's right mandibles off. Watwee roared and kicked Cellus into a wall and started rushing toward Cellus, Watwee raised his Energy Sword for a death blow. Cellus stabbed Watwee in the stomach and punched the blade deeper into his stomach, Watwee fell over on his back coughing up blood, Cellus lifted his hammer and laughed.

"You could of never have killed me," Cellus said laughing."good try though."

Cellus slammed his hammer right into Watwee's face, Cellus lifted up his hammer to see the what was left, brain matter, skull fragment, and blood covered the floor. Yihdoree walked into bridge and saw Cellus standing over the corpse of Watwee.

"So you manage to kill a youngling?" Yihdoree asked.

"Maybe you could provide me with a challenge?" Cellus asked.

Yihdoree raised his blade and taunted him.

Chapter Seven: Titans

thumb|300px|left|Chapter Seven Music

Yihdoree and Cellus stood there locking eyes, they dropped thier weapons and readied for a fist fight, Cellus charged Yihdoree roaring at him, Cellus had both fist ready to smash Yihdoree into the ground. Yihdoree jumped sideways and kicked Cellus in the face, the beast's whole upper body went left and he laughed, then punched Yihdoree in abdomen. Yihdoree fell to one knee coughing up blood, Cellus grabbed Yihdoree's head and kneed him in the face, Yihdoree was on his back cough up more blood. Cellus picked up Yihdoree and threw him through a wall into the hallway, Yihdoree and Cellus roared at each other. Yihdoree tackled Cellus back into the bridge and started punching Cellus in the face, blood gushed from Cellus' mouth and face. Yihdoree threw Cellus against his thrown, Yihdoree heard bones crack, Cellus' facial fur was covered with blood.

"You will die as your father did," Cellus said weakly. "like a weak bug!"

"Jiralhanae have no sense of life or honor!" Yihdoree shouted as he punched Cellus in the face.

Cellus bled more, and Swaza walked into the bridge and looked at Yihdoree, Yihdoree drew his Plasma Repeater and turned to the door, Swaza yelped and ducked down.

"Sorry I thought you were the Parasite." said Yihdoree.

"Stupid monsters are all gone no more on the ship," Swaza said happly. "the ship is ours!"

"Good Noree should be here soon." Yihdoree explained.

Yihdoree grabbed Cellus by the head and started walking toward the hanger bay. The halls were empty a couple of Unggoy walked toward the bridge the air was clean since they killed all of the Flood. Yihdoree arrived at the hanger bay and turned off the Energy Shields, he took Cellus to the edge to throw him out.

"I stole your ship and cleansed it of the Parasite, I suceeded where you failed." Yihdoree hissed.

"I'm a god you can't kill me I'm invincible!" Cellus yelled.

"Lets test that shall we?" Yihdoree said throwing Cellus out of the hanger bay. Cellus roared all down until the hit it the surface of the planet, his corpse was engulfed by the battle below. Yihdoree walked back to the bridge, and saw Swaza moving the corpse of Watwee toward the pile of corpses, Yihdoree walked over toward Sawza and helped him move the body. "Did you know him?" Yihdoree asked.

"We were assigned to the same squad he led me and my to brothers into combat, but we got captured." Swaza explained.

"I'm sorry for the loss." Yihdoree said with sympathy.

"Thanks." Swaza said.

Yihdoree walked to the holopanels and turned on the ships COMs.

"Report to the bridge for new assignments." Yihdoree said.

Chapter Eight: Universal Spirit

All the prisoners reported to bridge as instructed, Noree was standing next to Yihdoree calming down the troops. Fifty soldiers stood at attenion.

"We are now leaving this blasted planet and we are in control of the enemy's ship!" Yihdoree annouced.

"The Children of the Forerunner will fall by us, the New Covenant!" Noree yelled.

Sawza cheered followed by the rest of the prisoners, Yihdoree calmed them down.

"Noree Turn off the gravity lift, Swaza send a message to Rising Night that we killed Cellus and captured his ship." Yihdoree ordered.

"Yes cousin." Noree said.

"Okey dokey." Swaza said.

"Ten Unggoy stay here and do a systems check. The remaining troops check the inventory of weapons, ships, and supplies." Yihdoree commanded.

"Yes sir." They all said.

Yihdoree saw the body of Watwee and walked over to the fallen warrior, Yihdoree pressed a button on his arm and a little chip popped out. It was his personal logs, from captivty. Yihodree saw the Curveblade and a Energy Sword. Yihdoree walked up to Noree and gave him the three items.

"I think he would of wanted you to have them cousin." Yihdoree said. "He seemed to like you."

Noree took the three items, and honored them. Swaza walked over and tapped Yihdoree on the leg, Yihdoree looked at him.

"Yes?" Yihdoree asked.

"Transmission from Rising Night sir." Swaza reported.

"Accept it." Yihdoree ordered.

A Sangheili Imperial Admiral showed up on a huge screen, his armor was black as night and had golden Forerunner glyphs. Yihdoree bowed to the Sangheili.

"This is Imperial Admiral Isla 'Nayulee commander of the Super Carrier Rising Night, and Commander of the Fleet of Holy Vengance. Give me a report of the planets surface." ordered Isla 'Nayulee.

"Sir the Planet is a Forerunner Shield World, the Flood were released by Cellus, he was trying to control them to use the Parasite against us. I killed him, and my cousin and the rest of the prisoners killed all of the Flood aboard." Yihdoree explained.

Isla 'Nayulee looked at Yihdoree and smiled.

"Good job brother. You are talented, I'm giving you the honor of naming that ship for your efforts. Isla 'Nayulee said highly. "So what shall it be called?"

"Sir this ship will now be known as the Universal Spirit." Yihdoree said making a fist over his chest.

"Very well, you may return to Infernous and share your discovery you have made." Isla 'Nayulee said.

"Yes sir!' Yihdoree said bowing.

The screen shut off.

"Start up the engines and get us out of here Noree." Yihdoree said.

"Yes cousin." said Noree.

Universal Spirit turned and flew toward the night sky, the COF fleet had been destroyed, debris floated through space some fell to the planet. The Fleet of Holy Vengance sent ships down to glass the planet. Yihdoree sat in the thrown and watched the Unggoy working, he was glad that he had survived that nightmare.

"Clear for slipspace sir." said a Unggoy.

"Lets go." Yihdoree said.

The ship entered the Void, the ship was in there for days until it arrived at the Infernous' location. Universal Spirit docked to the huge space station, Yihdoree and his crew walked toward the hanger and walked toward the chamber of the High Council of the New Covenant. When Yihdoree and Noree entered the chamber they looked at all of the Unggoy, Sangheili ,and Mgalekgolo in attendence. Two Sangheili Councilers walked out onto a platform. The armors were made from ancient Forerunner metal. One was in golden armor he was Thel 'Vadam, the other in white armor was Rtas 'Vadum.

"What are your names?" Thel 'Vadam asked to Yihdoree and Noree.

"Yihdoree Ritoree." Yihdoree responded.

"Noree Ritoree." Noree responded

"So you were the one that killed Cellus, and figured out what he was doing on Tropist." said the white Counciler.

"Yes sir he was trying to control the Flood and turn it against us, me and Noree took over the ship a cleasned it of Flood." Yihdoree explained.

"The Flood came from inside the planet and started infecting everything." Noree included.

The two Councilers talked amongst each other, the other species also started conversing.

"You two are to be promoted in rank." Thel 'Vadam said to the crowd. "Is this agreed?"

The other Councliers roared in agreement.

"Very well, Yihdoree Ritoree you are granted the rank of Zealot." said Rtas 'Vadum.

"Noree Ritoree since you came up with the plan to take over the ship you are granted the rank of Special Operations Commander." said Thel 'Vadam.

Yihdoree and Noree both dropped to one knee and bowed to the Councilers.

"We will serve the New Covenant proudly." Yihdoree promised.

"We will crush the Children of the Forerunners for the New Covenant." Noree said.

The Councilers sent them out of the chamber, Yihdoree looked at Noree and stopped him.

"Good luck cousin we are no longer in the same squad, watch your back." Yihdoree said gripping Noree's shoulder.

"We will win this war cousin. I know it." Noree said proudly.

"We will make our family proud." Yihdoree said.

Part II


Chapter Nine: WolfPack

"Incoming Fuel Rods!" yelled the pilot.

The Fuel Rods hit the Pelican's right vector pylons, the dropship spun out of control and crash-landed into a skyscrapper,it crashed onto the fourth floor ,the pilots died on impact.

"Wolf Pack, lets start move out!" Christapher yelled.

Austin (Beta) grabbed his SRS99 Sniper Rifle and his M392 Designated Marksman Rifle and walked toward the cockpit of the Pelican, Norah (Gamma) put her M41 SSR Rocket Launcher on her back and readied MA5C Rifle and aimed it at the hatch. Christapher (Alpha) put away his M45 Tactical Shotgun, and slammed a clip into his BR55HB SR Battle Rifle. The hatch opened and Beta took point and looked through the hole in the building, and saw the Anti-Air Wraith shooting down more dropships and ten Jackals started running toward the skyscrapper.

"Alpha looks like we caught the attention of the bitchy birds!" Beta chuckled.

"Start sniping out the bird brains Beta, Gamma lets get down to the first floor and take out that tank!" Alpha ordered.

"No problem!" Beta said.

"Hurry it up Alpha!" Gamma said running toward the stairwell.

Gamma jumped down each flight a stairs, with Alpha right behind her, Beta shot a Jackal in the head it exploded with violet blood. Two Jackal Snipers start shooting Beam Rifles at Beta, he rolled out of the way as the shots were being fired. The rest of the Jackals got safely inside, Beta sniped the two snipers and headed toward the stairwell, Alpha and Gamma made it down the stairwell they entered the main lobby they heard the Jackals tearing through stuff, two Jackals were guarding the front door and analyzed the area Alpha kneeled down and aimed at the Jackal's head with his rifle. Gamma moved up ahead a litte next to a black leather chair and readied her rifle. Alpha pulled the trigger and three bullets hit the target in the skull, Gamma shot ten bullets into the other Jackal's chest. The rest jumped and starting firing at the two Spartans, Alpha ran toward four Jackals taking cover behind an overturned tabled and pulled out his shotgun. They fired upon him with Needlers, he jumped in the air and shot his weapon at the Jackals, one was hit most of the shotgun blast, the others started running away as he landed on the corpse. He ran toward one and tackled it, he elbowed it in the neck then grabbed its lower jaw and ripped it off. Gamma covered Alpha by killing the other two Jackals, then she was tackled by the last two Jackals they had Energy Cutlasses, they raised them up about to stab her in the back, then two shots fired off. Gamma looked over toward the stairwell, Beta had his DMR drawn and he nudged his head toward the door. Gamma ran toward the glass doors she saw outside the sun showed air was filled with green vapor, she looked at the tank and readied her rocket launcher aimed its power core and fired a rocket, the Wraith exploded and killed the driver.

"Nice shot Gamma." Christapher said.

"Thanks." Norah replied.

"So what's next Alpha?" Autin asked.

"We have to secure the A.I. in the ONI building on the other side of the city then blow up the building." Christapher said.

"How are we gonna blow up the ONI building? We don't have that type of ordinace." Norah explained.

"The A.I. has a beacon that we have to get to the top of the building to activate it. Then the New Covenant ship Universal Spirit will orbital strike it." Christapher explained.

"Understood."Austin said.

"Gotcha." Norah said.

"Lets move out then." Christapher said.

Chapter Ten: Breaking Through and Breaking In

Alpha ran down two blocks followed by Beta and Gamma, they were twenty blocks away from the ONI building, and not much time to save the A.I. Two Banshee's flew over head of the Spartans, Alpha stopped and halted the pack.

"We need to get to the ONI building fast," Alpha said looking at the two Spartans. "any ideas?"

"These building are all connected together we could just go through them." Beta said.

"Or we could just take that Wraith that is aiming at us!" Gamma pointed at the end of the street.

The Wraith fired its mortar at the group of Spartans, they scattered and ran towards the tank, the Brute gunner fired at Gamma she weaved through the plasma bolts. Beta hid behind a over turned car and readied his SRS99, aimed at the gunner's head, he let off two rounds both hitting the Brute in the head. Alpha jumped on the tanks hatch and ripped it off, the Brute inside punched Alpha off the Wraith and jumped out. Alpha got up and right hooked the Brute in the face, it staggered and tackled Alpha into the side of a bank. Alpha's shields were down, the Brute pulled out its Brute Shot and lunged at Alpha, he shot his Rifle into the Brutes eyes, pulled out his combat knife and stabbed the Brute in the throat twice and pushed over the beast. Blood squirted all over Alpha's visor and armor, Beta and Gamma ran over toward Alpha.

"I couldn't get a clear shot, sorry." Beta apologized.

"I was out of range for my MA5C," Gamma looked at the pool of blood around the body. "nice kill though."

"I'm driving that tank and kicking some alien ass." Alpha said jumping in the Wraith.

Beta pushed Gamma and jumped into the gunner seat of the tank, Gamma jump on the back of it. They drove toward the cubed shaped building, the streets were empty no enemies in sight, they made it to the bridge to the ONI site. They started drivng over the bridge, two Banshees swooped down and started shooting at the Wraith, Beta fired the Plasma Turret at the Banshees as they fired Fuel Rods at them. The tank was close to being destroyed, the Banshees came in for another run and started shooting at Wolf Pack, Alpha fired a mortar at a Banshee the mortar blew up one of the wings and caused it to spin out of control, the other Banshee flew down closer toward the tank. Gamma grabbed the Banshees underside and opened the canopy, the Brute roared at her inside kicked Gamma in the face, she grabbed the Brute's leg and threw him out, it rag dolled all the way down to the bridge.

"Nice kill sis." Beta called over the COM.

"I'll cover you guys as you make your way up to the ONI building." Gamma responded.

"We'll be fast, most likely they will send in more Phantoms, so get in fast." Alpha said.

"Alright." Norah said.

Alpha and Beta jumped out of the tank and started walking toward the huge door, the door opened up and Brutes, Jackals, and Skirmishers were charging toward the main entrance of the building, the remaining militia soldiers must have been held up in the building. Beta aimed at a Brute Major leading a lance of Jackals, Beta shot the sniper and instantly the Brute's head exploded, the three Jackals jumped and screeched at the death of there fallen leader. The Jackal Major signaled four lances of Skirmishers to attack Alpha and Beta, Alpha shot the major in the neck with his battle rifle, it grabbed its throat and bloodgushed through his fingers. The Skirmishers and Jackals surronded Alpha and raised there weapons, Alpha had no way out. Suddenly Gamma's Banshee roared down shooting its Fuel Rod and Plasma Cannons at the lances. Alpha tackled two Skirmisher and broke thier jaws, as the rest of the birds were torn and blow apart from Banshee fire.

"Beta lets get up there now, Gamma take out as many ground forces as you can before entering the complex!" Alpha yelled into the COM as he and Beta ran up the hill.

Alpha shot his battle rifle at Jackals and Skirmishers killing as many as possible, Beta used his DMR to take down Brutes shields so Gamma could them down easier, Gamma blasted the enemies trailing the two Spartans using mostly Plasma Cannons. Alpha sprinted ahead of Beta and pulled out his shotgun and ran up the last couple of steps, shot a Brute square in the face, and tackled down three Jackals. Alpha held them up bundled in his two arms, Beta unloaded fifteen rounds with ease into the Jackals, one huge hole was made through the trio, they all died. Alpha and Beta ran down the last flight of stairs and readied for a wave of enemys. Dozens of Jackals and Skirmishers lined the steps with Energy Gaunlets deployed, Needlers and Plasma Pistols firing toward the Spartan pair, projectiles hit the Spartan's shields, Alpha threw a pair of frags at the horde of birds, Beta dropped his rifles and pulled out two combat knives and cut through the bird like aliens with ease. More heavily armored Jackals and Skirmishers ran down the steps, Alpha and Beta threw thier remaining grenades, ran inside the building and activated the blast doors.

"Gamma the main entrances are closed and with window shields, the COF forces will be in side soon, we need to get to the ----" Alpha said.

Plasma hit the side of Alpha, his shields flared and he turned toward the firing source, a marine look just as surprised as Alpha and Beta. His hair was blond but covered with soot and various colors of blood spotted it his eyes were hazel, his armor was dented and slightly melted, he'd seen some shit.

"Hey your not a fucking ape," the marine said with country accent. "your Spartans!"

"No shit Sherlock, what are you even doing here?" Beta asked.

"Me and my squad volunteered to guard here, then the COF forces started blowing up shit. So we evacuated the ONI workers, and here we are." said the marine.

"Where's your squad?" Alpha asked.

"Dead I'm all thats left. What are you doing here?" asked the marine.

"Nothing of your concern, we need to get to the lower levels." Alpha said.

The marine pointed toward a huge door. Alpha and Beta looked at each other and shrugged.

"Gamma here, I see Brutes the look different like upgraded armor, they are moving in with heavy weapons so I'm landing on the on the roof and get inside." Gamma said.

"I'll start extracting the A.I. from the mainframe, it take about ten minutes." Beta explained as he typed in some codes.

A thud hit the northern blast door then another, the doors wailed as more hits impacted on it, then it flew down the hallway and hit a terminal. Two huge Brutes fronts were covered in Forerunner metal and had huge shields on there arms, each held a Gravity Hammer. Alpha and Beta looked at each other and readied themselves. The marine shot himself in the head with the Plasma Pistol.

"This doesn't look good Alpha..." Beta aimed his DMR at one the huge monsters.

"No it looks like an even fight now."

Chapter Eleven: My Old Nemesis Becomes My Best Ally

The two Brutes charged Alpha and Beta, Alpha pulled out his shotgun and rushed the beast, Beta shot two shots at the other beast. Alpha blasted the Brute point blank with his shotgun, the beast shrugged off the attack and swung its hammer down at Alpha, he dogded the huge weapon but the gravity push from the weapon took down Alpha's shields, he was pushed two meters away.

"Damn I gotta get behind this bastard." thought Alpha shooting the Brute.

Beta kept shooting the ape in the head, the Brute slammed Beta into a wall with its huge arm shield, Beta's shields flashed and were slowly recharging, the Brute lifted his hammer to finish off Beta. The Spartan delivered a punch stait to the Brutes head, the beast staggered, then Beta roundhouse kicked the beast in the face, the Brute's helmet flew off and hit the ground. The Brute swung his hammer toward Beta, it missed and hit a computer terminal.

Alpha grabbed the Brute's hammer as it tried to crush him, they two struggled to take the hammer, Alpha let go and the Brute raised the hammer again to crush the Spartan, Alpha dove right between the Brute's huge legs and stabbed the Brutes spinal cord wiith his combat knife the Brute roared in pain and fell to one knee, Alpha shot his shotgun point blank into the back of the Brutes head. The helmet fell to the ground riddled with blood and skull fragments.

"Fuck you." Alpha whispered.

Beta fell to the ground and the Brute grabbed his throat and started squeezing, Beta couldn't breath he was blacking out he thought this was the end. Suddenly Gamma jumped from an unknown location, and landed on the Brutes back, it dropped Beta and Gamma held on to the beast back then Alpha ran over and bear hugged the Brutes arms and chest. Beta pulled his sniper out and shot a bullet right into the Brutes brain. Blood splattered all over the two Spartans, they through the body down the elevator shaft.

"Great timing." Alpha laughed.

"Couldn't wish for anything else." Beta said as he coughed.

"Anytime." Gamma said unpolarizing her visor. showing her green eyes and black hair and olive skin.

The computer binged complete and a chip popped out the console, Alpha grabbed it and put on his belt. Beta and Gamma looked at the hallway, more enemies were entering the building.

Beta called the elavator down, and Gamma fired her rocket launcher at the hallway, Jackals and Skirmisher died but more kept coming, Drones started cutting through the window, with laser cutters. The elevator came down behind the Spartans and the doors opened up, Wolf Pack ran into the elevator platform, Drones broke through the window shields and started firing at the Spartans. Alpha shot his three burst weapon repeatedly at the dozens of bugs, Gamma kept her finger on the trigger not letting up, Beta shot single rounds at the bugs. One Drone over charge it pistol and hit Gamma in the chest, she shot the creature and grabbed her chest and fell to her knees, then two needle rounds hit the back of her right leg. The Drones flew back down the elevator shaft running for thier lives. Gamma yelled as the needles detonated in her leg, Alpha and Beta ran over toward Gamma and picked her up, the elevator stopped and the team moved toward the landing pad. Alpha let go of Gamma and turn on his COM.

"Universal Spirit. We need an evac from the ONI building, got one wounded." Alpha called into the COM.Pick us up now!"

The huge ship floated strait over, the Energy Projector glowed white, it charged then turn a devil red. Then a Phantom came from behind the building, and its side opened and a golden Elite greeted them.

"Welcome aboard Spartans I'm Fleet Master Yihdoree Ritoree," Yihdoree said. "lets get out of here."

The Phantom closed its side and sped toward Universal Spirit. The ship fired the Energy Projector, the beam caused the whole building exploded killing everything inside the building.

Chapter Twelve: New Orders

Yihdoree and walked the Spartans to the bridge, the halls were lighted with a dark blue illumination.Yihdoree's bridge crew contained dozens Sangheili, Unggoy, and four Huragok, Yihdoree turned to the Spartans and smiled. Alpha bowed followed by Beta and Gamma.

"There is no need for that," Yihdoree said waving them up. "we are equals."

"I know but I was just showing you that we respect you." Alpha said. "I'm Christapher leader of Wolf Pack.'

Alpha pointed to Beta."Thats Austin he does all the reconnaissance, also one of the best snipers I've every seen."

Alpha then pointed to Gamma. "Norah here handles demolition, heavy weapons, and shes a damn good engineer."

Yihdoree smiled and walked over to his gravity throne and pressed a couple of buttons and then Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood popped on a huge screen. His eyes where as blue as the ocean, hair a whitetish silver, he was was very old and tired. The Spartans stood at attenion.

"At ease Spartans." Lord Hood said. "Good job destroying the ONI site, now those COF bastard have another thing to think about. Anyways did you retrieve the A.I.?"

Alpha flashed the A.I. chip to the Lord Hood, he smiled.

"Yihdoree have your Engineers look through the information and then send it to me, Wolf Pack you will stay with Yihdoree on this ship, the COF are going to try to activate Zeta Halo." Lord Hood explained. "We aren't going to let that happen, are we?"

"No sir!" the Spartans and Yihdoree yelled.

"Good Hood signing off." Lord Hood said and the screen blinked off.

Yihdoree turned to Alpha, Alpha gave him the chip and then an Engineers took the chip. It floated away toward a door, and the door flew open.

"Chris, may I call you Chris?" Yihdoree looked at Alpha, he nodded. "here is some new equipment for you in the armory, and by all means take and of our weapons as well. Usno 'Cabaree will lead you there."

A gray armored Elite walked over and started walking toward a hall way, the Spartans followed. They walked for about fifteen minutes and finally arrived at the armory, in the middle of the room stood three MJOLNIR Mark VII's. Each armor was marked for each Spartan, Christapher's armor was the Advance Assualt variant, Austin's was the Scout/Recon variant, and Norah's was the EVA variant. They all traded in there armor each filled their suit perfectly, also the armory contained some of Wolf Packs choice weapons. Chirstapher walked back to the bridge, and saw Yihdoree getting the Fleet of Infinite Rage organized.

"Yihdoree my team is ready for the Slipspace Jump." Christapher stated. "When do we leave?"

"Now." Yihdoree said activating the Slipspace Drive.

A portal to the Slipspace opened up and the Universal Spirit entered the portal, a hundred portals opened and the other ships followed.

Chapter Thirteen: Installation 01

"Sir no enemies detected yet, wait contact New Covenant Corvette, its the Invisible Wind." said a Sangheili.

"Contact the ship now!" Yihdoree yelled.

The main monitor flashed on and a red Sangheili was shown he wore Ultra Mk II Helmet and chest plating, and Combat shoulder guards.

"Identify yourself now!" Yihdoree hit his Gravity Throne.

The Sangheili's helmet opened up and revealed Noree Ritoree's face, the Spec Ops Commander of the New Covenant.

"Hello cousin long time no see." Noree laughed.

"Who gave you authorization to be in this sector cousin?" Yihdoree asked.

"Councilor Rtas 'Vadum, and Councilor Thel 'Vadam told me to give you two gifts a Zealot Mk II Helmet its for your rank is on its way via a Phantom, and my Spec Ops warriors we are under your command." Noree explained.

"Good start organizing the ships and start laying down Anti-Matter Charges." Yihdoree ordered. "I'll contact you in fifty minutes."

"Yes cousin." Noree said bowing his head.

Alpha sat watching a pair of Elites dueling with Energy Swords, they fought as if they were fighting Brutes, they used combinations of grapples and throws to cripple enemies to position them for death blows. A chirp came from his right Alpha swung around and saw Gamma fixing some weapons and equipment with an Engineer named Swift Fixer. The creature could of fixed all of it within minutes but let her repair the armor anyway. Beta was at the sniping range with Usno 'Cabaree, they both hit headshots of holograms of Brutes, Jackals, Skirmishers, and Drones. They were very precise with everyshot always hitting thier marks.

"Making new friends I see." Alpha thought. Alpha looked through the crates of UNSC equipment Yihdoree had for them; four crates full of MA5 series rifles, two crates full of BR55 series rifles and DMR's, one crate full of various shotguns, four SRS99 Sniper Rifles, three M41 SSR MAV/AW Rocket Launchers, three M319 Individual Grenade Launchers, one crate of M6 Pistols and M7 Sub-Machineguns, and one M6 Spartan Laser. The other crates were full of ammo, there was alot more ammo than guns which was good.

"We are gonna kick so mush ass." Alpha thought smiling.

Christapher walked out of the training area and out into the hallway, Yihdoree bumped into him on accident.

"Sorry Christapher I was just on my way to the hanger, care to join me?" Yihdoree asked.

"Sure I got nothing better to do." Alpha laughed.

They walked to the hanger and a Phantom sat in the middle of the hanger with a Spec Ops Elite holding out a golden helmet, the Elite bowed as Yihdoree walked over and took it, he took off his Zealot Mk I Helmet and mandible guards, his skin was a dark brown and and his eyes were black, he slid the Zealot Mk II Helmet on, and mandible mandible guards.

"You may leave now." Yihdoree said to the Elite.

"Yes brother." the Elite replied.

Yihdoree turned to Alpha.

"This is a lot heavier than the Mk I." Yihdoree laughed.

"Yea that helmet suits you well Yihdoree. It's kinda scary." Alpha laughed.

"Lets return to the bridge and see Noree's progress." Yihdoree said walking back to the bridge.

Bartrus walked with the Prophet of Rebirth toward his Phantom.

"Holy Hierarch the enemies are here and our ships are on the darkside of the moon, I can handle the New Covenat you must go." Bartrus said.

"You are my best warrior and thats why I'm giving you command of the Sentinel Factories, but you need to make sure the New Covenant don't conquer the Control Room, and the Library." Rebirth said. "Find the Cartographer!"

"It will be done." Bartrus said bowing to Rebirth.

Rebirth turned his Gravity Throne and boarded Phantom, it flew away toward the moon. Bartrus walk into the Control Room and ordered his fleet to attack.

"Enemy contacts, four dozen ships and four Sentinel Factories. Sounding the fleet alarm." said a Sangheili.

"Guess thats it, send all but ten ships contact Noree." Yihdoree ordered the Crew.

"Austin, Norah get up here now." Alpha called over his COM.

Noree's image popped up and Beta and Gamma ran into the bridge.

"Our fleet has engaged the enemy fleet, we will start conquering the ring. I will take a large ground force and attack the Control Room, Noree will go to will go to the Cartographer its lightly guarded and should be easy to conquer, finally Wolf Pack will take a couple of soldiers with them to retrieve the Index from the the Library." Yihdoree instructed. "Ok?"

"We might need an Engineer to come with us to repair our armor and weapons, plus it could help us open up some doors." Gamma said.

"Ok then lets move out," Yihdoree ordered. "Christapher come here."

Yihdoree handed him an Energy Sword.

"It was my first weapon it's named Cold Light. May it serve you well." Yihdoree said.

"Gotcha." Alpha said looking at the weapon. "Thanks."

Alpha walked to the training area and saw Gamma and Beta over the crates, grabbing what they wanted, Beta grabbed two M7 SMG's, a M6C/SOCOM pistol, and his SRS99. Gamma took the M6 Spartan Laser, a pair of M6G pistols, and a M41 SSR MAV/AW Rocket Launcher. Alpha grabbed a MA37 Assualt Rifle, attached a Underslung Shotgun to it, then grabbed a BR55HB SR.

"Lets go." Alpha said.

Chapter Fourteen: Death is Golden

The Universal Spirit was 2 kilometers away from the Control Room spire, its gravity lift activated, letting troops down. Yihdoree stood on top of a hill made of granite rock, he saw the enemy army they number six hundred strong. Kig-Yar, Skirmishers, and Jiralhanae on the ground. Yanme'e, Sentinels, and Enforcers were in the skys. Yihdoree laughed at the small army, it wasn't as powerful as his. He turned to his army, thousands of soldiers and vehicles were under the ship. Sangheili, Mgalekgolo, and Unggoy looked at Yihdoree, Wraiths, Anti-Air Wraiths, Ghosts, Spectres, Revenants, Locusts, and even a Scarab were ready to battle.

"My brothers and sisters! The Children of the Forerunners want to acsend to heaven, but they are going to fall to hell! We are shall cut through them, rip them in half, and crush thier skulls!" Yihdoree yelled. "We will kill every last one of them! Attack!" Most of the army charged toward the Control Room, the enemy charged too, Mgalekgolo crushed Kig-Yar with huge shields, Yanme'e lifted Unggoy into the air, and Sangheili and Jiralhanae fought each other with hate. Suddenly from behind the Control Room Spire, a dozen Drinols charged. Yihdoree ran down the hill and got into his modified Ghost, instead of Plasma Cannons, it had Concussion Cannons and it shot more accurate.

"Realease the first wave of Stalkers now! Yihdoree yelled into his COM.

A two dozen hug cages came down the grav lift and opened up, twelve huge creatures came out of the cages, they walked on two legs looked like Albertosarurus and was the same sized, they had light brown skin, with a purple outer membrane on its back, it had four huge arms with blades at the end of each one. Yihdoree's Ghost was picked up by a Enforcer, its huge arms started crushing the Ghost, Yihdoree climbed up the arm and on top of the machine. The Ghost exploded and the Enforcer started firing missles at a Wraith, Yihdoree stabbed Spirit Releaser into the Enforcer, the machine deactivated and started falling into a the battle below. A Drinol looked at the falling Enforcer, it roared and grabbed the machine, it saw Yihdoree and its eye locked on to him, Yihdoree jumped on its face and cut open its eye, black blood spewed all over Yihdoree's armor and it fell on top of a Jiralhanae pack. Yihdoree landed on the ground and had the air knocked out of him, but he regained it when two Jiralhanae Captains charged him, Yihdoree jumped to his feet and stared firing his two Plasma Rifles at them, both of thier shields went down and they shot there Carbines at him. Yihdoree charged them as his shields flared, he bashed the closest beasts skull in with his right Plasma Rifle, then fired his other into the other monsters mouth, plasma melted through its face. Yihdoree looked at the battle, the Sentinels and Enforcers were the main problem, they were destroying all the Wraiths and Anti-Air Wraiths, and the Scarab hadn't been used yet, but that needed to be saved.

"Universal Spirit launch all Banshees, Seraphs, and Vampires and target all enemy air units." Yihdoree order.

The hangers opened and hundreds of ships flooded the sky and started attacking the machines, debris fell from the sky but more machines were made, Yihdoree needed to get the the Spire and he was only a hundred meters from the bottom of it.

He ran toward the ramps being blockaded by a dozen Kig-Yar and Skirmishers, they activated their Energy Gauntlets and fire at Yihdoree. They took down his shields and he was injuired in the leg, they all aimed there weapons at Yihdoree.

"Fuck you, you damn weaklings!" Yihdoree yelled.

Suddenly a Stalker came out of nowhere and ripped through the enemies, the birdlike aliens had no time to fire at the creature, they were smashed, slashed and eaten. It then turned to Yihdoree.

"You can't kill me." Yihdoree said activating Spirit Releaser.

It looked at him then crouched to let him mount it, Yihdoree was surprised at this action, Stalkers were hostile and never saved anybody unless they were a meal. Yihdoree climb on its back and it stabbed its claws into the metal and started climbing. It took two minutes to get to the top, Yihdoree jumped off and the beast jumped down the spire into the huge battle below. No enemies were up on the Spire. But the door was locked and had needed an access code. Yihdoree looked at Universal Spirit and smiled.

Bartrus looked at the battlefield hologram, the New Covenant were winning and nothing was stopping them. Then suddenly the Assualt Carrier fired twow Plasma Torpedoes and they were heading for the Control Room door. There was a huge explosion shook the whole Spire, and smoke blew inside the Control Room.

Yihdoree walked in to Control Room, the huge room had an image of the ring, it glowed various colors. Yihdoree then glared at Bartrus.

"So the New Covenant made it through to the Control Room?" Bartrus said amused.

"No just me, but this is the end of your legacy." Yihdoree said activating Spirit Releaser.

"Not today!" Bartrus yelled charging Yihdoree, with his Gravity Hammer ready.

Yihdoree threw two Plasma Grenades at Bartrus, they both bounce off Bartrus and landed right infront of him, he jumped over them as they exploded. He landed right infront of Yihdoree and swung his hammer right at the ground, the gravity pushed Yihdoree back four meters and cracked the glass path way that lead to the Core. Yihdoree charged toward Bartrus, and kicked him in the face twice, Bartrus staggered and roared, Yihdoree then grabbed the back of his head and threw him to the ground.

"Why do you and Rebirth fight this war? You know the truth of these rings, there is no such thing as the Great Journey," Yihdoree explained. "so if you want to die with dishonor get up with your weapon, if you want to die with honor get up without it."

"I have more honor than you, and the Journey is real!" Bartrus yelled with his weapon.

He then grabbed Yihdoree's head and slammed it into the ground repeatedly, and then kicked Yihdoree's stomach. Blood dripped down his face, and Bartrus took his sword flipped him over and pointed it at his neck.He smiled at Yihdoree Bartrus raised the blade ready to strike, Yihdoree swept his leg and tripped Bartrus causing him to drop both weapons, Yihdoree grabbed both weapons and kicked Bartrus off the pathway. Bartrus grabbed onto the edge before he fell, Yihdoree looked at him and laughed, he raised the hammer and slammed it into Bartrus' head. His skull exploded in a dark red cloud of blood, Yihdoree grabbed the body before it fell, and lifted it onto the pathway. He lifted over his shoulder and walked out onto the Spire, he yelled loud enough for the battle to come to a stop. Both forces looked at Yihdoree, he lifted the beheaded body with one arm. The COF forces dropped there weapons and were in shock. Yihdoree then threw the body into the swarm.

"I've killed your commander, you are fighting a senseless war! You will lose." Yihdoree shouted.

Suddenly a huge deep laugh came from nowhere and then a huge hole appeared two kilometers away from the huge crowd and then hundreds of figures cralwed out of the hole. The Flood had appeared to fight this battle. Then a ship appeared from space and dropped off huge machines.

"Forerunner." Yihdoree whispered.

Chapter Fifteen: A Living Star

"Sir we are nearing the Cartographer." said Swaza. "Its built into the mountain."

Noree looked at the screen and saw the structure, it was huge and it was perfectly intergrated into the mountain. It was surrounded by a mountain range, the entrance was at the bottom of the mountain hidden by hundreds of foothills.

"We need to find the door into the Cartographer, send a some Banshee's in the moutains to find any flanking paths, and ready the troops. Noree ordered We are going to have to defend the Cartographer from the Children of the Forerunner." Noree said to Swaza.

"Yes sir." Swaza said pressing some buttons.

Noree walked to the armory and got all the equipment he needed for this fight, he grabbed a Needle Rifle, Plasma Rifle, and a Plasma Pistol. He smiled and then walked over the Weapons Master.

"Have you finished with my new equipment?" Noree asked.

"Yes sir here is the new Gauntlet upgrade you ordered," the Weapons Master said replacing Noree's old arm Gaunlet with a new one, it covered his whole forearm and half of his bicep. "it is voice commanded and only responds to your voice so if you say 'extend' the Curveblade will extend out, and if you say 'retract' it will retract."

"Good job brother what about my new Energy Sword, Living Plague?" Noree asked.

"Here it is," the Weapons Master handed him the weapon. "green just as you ordered."

"Good job, now outfit all of the troops." Noree ordered.

Noree then grabbed a Thruster Pack, and walked to the hanger, watching his troops board Phantoms, and some Sangheili readied them selfs in Orbital Insertion Pods. They all looked at Noree, and they sped up thier progress. He walked over to a Orbital Insertion Pod.

"Lets go!" Noree yelled. "We shall defend the Cartographer with our lives!"

The troops roared in agreement, Noree entered his pod with his arms crossed, it slammed shut and launched out of the ship. Dozens of pods fell from the sky, everyone hit the ground within five minutes, Noree landed on top of a hill he popped open the pod and looked outside, the grass was a dark green and wet. More pods hit the ground and as the Sangheili busted out of the pods, the Phantoms were descending toward the Cartographer. They had been lucky, no enemies had yet arrived this gave Noree time to find the door inside the Cartographer.

"Swaza direct the Phantoms to land behind the Cartographer after unloading the troops." Noree said into his COM. "You can stay on the ship and give us intel from up there."


"Thats an order."

Noree walked toward the mountain he could see no obvious way in, as he touched the mountain he felt the instant warmth, but he noticed a small part was cold it had to be the door. Noree pushed the cold area and it moved inside the mountain, the room Noree entered was cold enough for him to see his breath.

"I need a lance at my position." Noree ordered in his COM.

A Sangheili and four Unggoy run over a hill, one of the Unggoy tripped and rolled all the way to Noree's position. The Sangheili shook his head in embaressment.

"Here we are sir what do you need?" the Sangheili asked.

"Find and secure the Map Room. Report back when your done." Noree said.

"Yes brother."

Noree walked back to where the main force was, they were digging trenches, setting up Shades and Plasma Cannons along the hill, and some fifty went to a close mountain for sniping positions. Two Banshees flew over a mountain peak, they flew over to Noree's location and circled before they landed.

"Sir their is an enemy camp on the Easternside of the mountain range the path that the snipers are located, it will take them a while since the paths are very narrow, also they don't have any vehicles." said one of the Spec Ops Officers. "But the enemy vastly out number us."

"They can only go one way around the mountains is the Northside, which it would take a couple of hours without vehicles." said the other officer.

"About how many enemies?" Noree asked looking at the army of eight hundred. "How many is there for us to smash our fist into, to kick our feet at, to eliminate?"

"About two thousand." said the first officer. Noree laughed and turned to the two Sangheili.

"You two leave the thinking to me, you two set some mines on the path, and defend the area." Noree said.

"Yes sir." both Sangheili said at the same time.

They both boarded thier Banshees and flew toward the mountain, with haste.

Swaza looked at the hologram of the enemy camp, they were organizing to attack, one thousand five hundred were marching around the mountain, while the other five hundred marched through the mountain path.

"Sir the enemy is moving, most of the army is going around the mountain range, but a force of five hundred is moving through the moutain path." Swaza reported.

"Ok keep me posted." Noree said.

It was night the enemy army just rounded the mountain, Noree's army readied themselves for the enemy, Noree walked out onto the battlefield with his Thruster Pack on his back, and ten other Sangheili behind him, each holding two Energy Swords.

"I will give you one chance to surrender, if you do I will let you leave this ring alive!" Noree shouted with Living Plague activated.

The enemy army laughed and then charged full on assualt, Noree and and the other Sangheili charged the overwhelming forces, they fired a huge barage of mixed projectiles, Noree activated his Thruster Pack and flew strait at the hoard, Noree had Living Plague held infront of his face so none of the projectiles hit his body. Noree turned off his Thruster Pack and he slammed right into two Jiralhanae, Noree heard bones breaking as he landed on the two bodies. The monsters died and Noree cut through two Kig-Yar with his green blade as he got up, the enemy was scared they didn't even move. Noree was covered in the blood of his enemies. Two Skirmishers attacked Noree, the had Energy Cutlasses and sheilds ready, One lunged at Noree and cut his leg and the other tried to stab his neck but Noree reacted with stabbing the bird in the gut. Noree then threw the body at the other Skirmisher. Most of the army went around them to the trenches.

"Fire at will." Noree said into COM stabbing the staggered Skirmisher.

Suddenly Beam Rilfes, and Focus Rifles fired from the mountain, and then the main force started firing the heavy weapons, purple and blue plasma hit the front lines of the enemy, it was pure chaos. Noree and the other brave Sangheili that charged, were fighting valiantly, no mistakes, no remarks, just blood and bodies falling. Noree flew up in the air with his thruster pack and shot down onto the battle field with his Needle Rifle, bullets flew in the air trying to hit Noree, he flew high enough that they couldn't hit him. Noree noticed the Snipers stopped firing, and as he turned his head the Plasma mines detonated, the noise was loud enough to wake a Yanme'e hive.

"Ene- -- are --- through--- moun--tain pass." a trasmission came in from a dying Sangheili.

Noree flew back to the foothills and landed next to a Shade turret, the gunner was an Unggoy shooting wildly. Hitting most of the enemies as they ran up the hills, Noree saw four Unggoy hiding behind the hill, weapons were fully charged and none where damaged.

"You four come round up as many extra warriors and pull back into the Cartographer." Noree said injecting his leg with green liquid.

"Ok boss." said one of the Unggoy.

"Swaza come in are you there?" Noree called in the COM.

"Yes Noree what do you need?" Swaza asked worriedly.

"Get the data aboard Invisible Wind, and figure a way to get us out of here." Noree ordered.

All the troops ran toward the Cartographer, they had put a big dent into the enemy army, now they just needed to download the whole archive and destroy the Cartographer. Noree stood by the door and waved troops in, one Sangheili got shot by a Beam Rifle in the side of the thigh. Two Jiralhane Demolishers stomped over the hill and saw Noree, he grabbed the wounded warrior, lifted him over his shoulder, and he ran into the Cartographer, the down slammed shut and was locked by a couple of Unggoy. Noree set down the Sangheili and look at what was left of his army, fifty men remained mostly forty Unggoy and ten Sangheili. The Demolishers slammed thier hammers against the door, the hits echoed through the Cartographer.

"Noree there is an elevator on the fifth floor, you could fit four Unggoy, and a Sangheili on it at a time. It leads to the top of the mountain, there's a platform and on it will be four Anti-Matter Charges, that should be more than enough to destroy the Cartographer." Swaza said. "I'm sending Phantoms now."

"Ok Swaza I'll see you soon." Noree replied and looked at warriors. "Get to the fifth floor, we're leaving."

"Commander Ritoree." said the wounded Sangheili. "I got and idea."

"What?" Noree asked.

"Does, the Invisible Wind have a Plasma Torpedo?"

The army stood watching as the two Demolisher slammed against it, suddenly the door opened and out walked the wounded Sangheili, he looked at the army and rushed past the Demolisher. He pressed a button on his arm and looked at the Invisible Wind. A Plasma Torpedo launched strait down unto the Sangheili and the army killing hundreds.

Noree look upon the battlefield, the remaining forces from the mountain path entered the Cartographer, Noree pushed the last Anti-Matter Charge down the vast chamber. Noree ran toward the Phantom and boarded it. The Phantom flew toward the Corvette, a red light flashed on Noree's HUD. It was a transmission from Yihdoree.

"Cousin we just blew up the Cartographer." Noree said proudly.

"That doesn't matter anymore, the Flood has been unleashed on the ring," Yihdoree explained, "but there is something worst now."

"What could be worst than the Flood?!" Noree yelled.

"The Forerunner."

Chapter Sixteen: We're Just Looking For The Index

Alpha and Gamma sat on a tree branch watching a Brute camp, they were preparing to feast on some Marines, and Grunts. Brutes, Jackals, Skirmishers, and Drones gathered around the table. Alpha hated the smell it made him on edge, and made him want to puke.

"Beta are you and Usno 'Cabaree in position?" Alpha asked into his COM looking at a nearby hill.

"Yea we killed a couple Jackal patrols, so begin the attack." Beta replied.

"Gamma fired your Rocket dead center of the table." Alpha ordered.

The Rocket flew a good ten seconds, then hell broke loose, Alpha ran into the camp shooting two Drones out of the sky with his Assualt Rifle, suddenly a Brute Captain slammed Alpha into the ground. It pulled out a Brute Shot and attempted to stab Alpha. He grabbed the blade it barely touched his visor, a gunshot went off and the Brutes jaw flew to the ground and dark red blood hit Alpha's visor.

"Headshot!" Beta yelled.

Gamma unloaded pistol rounds at Jackals and Skirmishers, blood sprayed all over the ground, corpes, and Gamma's armor. Beta and Usno shot Drones down from the sky making sure none had escaped, it was working very well. The enemy camp was destroyed nothing moved except Beta, Usno, and Swift Fixer making thier way down down a hill, Alpha looked at the Library and its Sentinel Wall the was massive and it was active. A COF Heavy Carrier was floating above the Library.

"Ok well this wall is connected with the Library, we need to find the Index Chamber and take it." Alpha said.

They all headed toward a panel in the wall, Swift Fixer opened the holopanel and press some symbols, then an elevator came out of the wall and it was big enough to transport cargo. They all got onto the elevator and then it went up for about ten minutes before it stopped. The hallway was filled with green mist, dead Combat Forms, Pure Forms, and destroyed Sentinels, the firefight was recent.

Alpha turned on his flashlight and the rest of Wolf Pack did the same, the two aliens followed close behind the three Spartans, they walked in the scorched halls for hours until a howling sound halted Wolf Pack in there tracks, a Brute pack was fighting a horde of Flood taht were was loosing. Alpha looked around the corner to see the fight, the Brutes eliminated the Combat Forms with ease. And all ten beast continued down the hall way, Alpha signaled for Beta to follow him, they silently snuck up behind the Brutes and then started blasting them. Alpha shot a Brute Minor in the chest with his Assualt Rifle, unload four shots and tackled a Brute with a Concussion Rifle, Alpha headbutted the beast as other Brutes were taking cover behind some crates, Alpha stabbed the Brute in the neck blood sprayed out. Beta tossed a pair of grenades disabling the enemies shields, Gamma shot a rocket at a crate causing it to explode into shrapnel. Five Brutes left, Usno charged them with his Energy Blade activated and shooting his Plasma Reapeater. He cut of limbs and melteed bodies, he was wild in a hand to hand fight.

Beta laughed. "Glad your on our side."

"Take everything, were gonna run out of ammo eventually" Alpha said taking two Spike Grenades and two Plasma Grenades off the dead Brute.

They retrieved a Concussion Rifle, a Brute Shot, four Spikers, two Needle Rifles, and two Plasma Repeaters. Swift Fixer carried a bag filled with the guns. Alpha heard the gravity lift just up ahead a violet colored light reflected off the walls.

A Drinol guarded the lift, it was armored with light blue armor with spiked gauntlets. A Brute Demolisher pair with Assualt Beams and a lance of Skirmishers. Plasma charges surrounded most of the lift.

"Gamma how many rockets you have left?" Alpha said raising his scavanged Concussion Rifle.

"One left." She replied.

"Ok, Beta on my mark fired at the charges, then Gamma fire that rocket at the Drinol after I get it's attention." Alpha ordered as he started moving up.

"Sir." They replied.

"Spartan the Huragok and I will go around after you get there attention." Usno said cloaking himself. Then Swift Fixer floated up to the top of the ceiling.

Alpha ran toward the Drinol and shot its knees, it fell on its forearms and looked dead at Alpha. "Mark!"

Beta shot the Plasma charges, half on the Skirmishers turned to chunks, the Brute Demolishers just brushed it off and started rushing Alpha. Alpha was being followed by Gamma's rocket, he then rolled to the right and the rocket hit the Drinol's face. The armor turned black and some cut into skin, the Drinol was alive but still it was paralyzed. Usno and Swift Fixer started floating up the lift.

"Fuck make a run for the Lift!" Alpha said dodging Assault Beams and the Drinol's huge fists. They all ran for the lift the Drinol strait behind them, suddenly the ceiling started collapsing. A Forerunner Factory dropped two machines. They were the size of the Drinol, one fired its Beam Cannon at the Brutes and they dissapeared.

"Oblivion online." The machines said.

The Drinol attempted to punch a Oblivion, but it grabbed the Drinol's arm and ripped it off. The other shot a Pulse Beam Emitter through the Drinol's body. The body fell apart, then the machine looked at the Spartans, but they were already in the Lift.

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma knew the ship was practically empty because it was just suppose to get the Index and run but the Fleet of Infinite Rage was in the way. They moved to the bridge, outside of the bridge Usno was snapping the neck of a Skirmisher.

"Hey I left the Shipmaster for you." Usno said.

They walked in and the Jackal was ready to fight. He had two drawn Energy Cutlasses and the Index on his leg.

"Die!" The shipmaster yelled charging at the three Spartans. Gamma grabbed its right arm and Beta grabbed the left arm. Alpha cut his throat with his knife, blood sprayed everywhere.

"I'm done fucking around lets get out." He laughed and grabbed the Index.

"Usno set this ships engines to selfdestruct, and Gamma get a Dropship ready for dush off." he ordered.


Yihdorre sat in medical bay, his leg was filled with Medical Gel. He had to retreat his fleet, he had to to help defend the Inner Rim from the Children of the Children of the Forerunner, the Flood, and the Forerunner. The New Covenant and the UNSC were losing. Noree walked into the medical bay.

"Isla 'Nayulee said he is making his fleet defend Sanghelios, Balaho, and Te." he explained. "the other fleets are to engage the Forerunner fleet."

"What about the Infernous?" Yihdoree asked.

"It's moving to Earth.." Noree said.

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma walked in, Alpha handed Yihdoree the Index.

"Objective Complete." Alpa reported.

"Excellent work Wolf Pack! Anything else to report?" Yihdoree asked.

"The Forerunners have new machines called Oblivions they are a huge threat." Alpha said."We didn't engage."

The intercom shrieked on and a reptilian voice blared over. "THE VOZIN ARE THE TRUE RULERS OF THE UNIVERSE WE ARE THE MASTER'S OF THE FLOOD! YOU WILL DIE!"


Halo:Infinite:Book Two

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