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An Endless Tide of Enemies, A Deep Revalation, Infinite Power.


The Story Begins with the New Covenant and the Children of the Forerunner battling over a planet beyond the outer rim of the galaxy. The planet is the first of many but it holds a dark secret thought to be lost forever.


The New Covenant is under seige by the Forerunners, the C.O.F, and the Vozin and their biological weapon the Flood. The New Covenant have to figure out how to win a war when the odds are stacked against them.


The New Covenant are contacted by a defector of the Forerunner forces known as Regent. Regent brings his fleet to core planets allowing for a stronger navy. Regent proposes that why the COF and Forerunner Loyalist are preoccupied with the Vozin, the New Covenant and the Forerunner separatists could begin expanding slowly.





If you want to Join I'm not too picky, you can write stories within this timeline or after it. I don't care just send me a message of the plot lay out and characters and I'll see if it fits.

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