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Cquote1 We thought we knew our ennemy, we were wrong. We are outnumbered by the Necros force and we've all lost so very much. We are the best and the last of our kind, we are the defender of humanity. We will fight for the very survival of mankind because we are more than bones and flesh we are Spartan and Spartan never die Cquote2

- Maxime A-067

Spartan Never DieEdit

Arcturus, August 22 2601

Maxime woke up in a unknow ship with two oni agent loking at him "You're a lucky big guy." said one of the guy. "You will become the fist of the humanity." said the other. The Oni prowler approched the planet Arcturus. It would be the tranning base of the New Spartan force of the Humanity. A few minute after touching down Maxime was send with the other children in a big hall were around 2400 were listenning to a guy who were talking about the act of the Spartan from the human Covenant war. Maxime was about to realize that he would become one of the Spartans of the UNSC.