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"Just to clarify," Kurt whispered, and then he paused to clear his throat. "There were no survivors of Operation PROMETHEUS?"

"It is regrettable," the Vice Admiral said with the slightest softness now in her voice. "But we would do it again if presented with a similar opportunity, Lieutenant. Such a facility, within two weeks' journey of the outer colonies... your SPARTANs prevented the building of a Covenant armada that would have resulted in nothing less than the massacre of billions. They are heroes."

Ashes. That's all Kurt felt. -Halo: Ghosts of Onyx


Alpha Company's battle to eliminate the Covenant refineries on the asteroid K7-49 is over, their objective completed. But the entire company has been all but wiped out. Now the handful of young survivors must pick their way through the rubble as they battle Covenant patrols and attempt to find the exfiltration vehicles that can get them home. They are scattered, demoralized, and outnumbered behind enemy lines with no hope of aid from friendly forces. It would be an impossible situation for any adult human to face, let alone children. But these are more than humans. They are SPARTANs.

But sometimes, despite all of the UNSC's claims to the contrary, there are things even SPARTANs can't handle...

Dramatis Personae

  • SPARTAN-A294 - Shephard attempts to portray himself as an uncomplicated soldier, but there are demons lurking behind his austere face. With his team dead and no comrades to rely on, he must trust in his own skill and luck if he wishes to survive.
  • SPARTAN-A134 - Andrea is a fiery sniper who wishes to make the Covenant pay for the death of her family. Since Operation PROMETHEUS began, she has led her teammates into skirmish after skirmish against the enemy, treating all other objectives as secondary. Now that there are no more objectives or orders to constrain her, she is delighted to take the chance to continue her war of vengeance.
  • SPARTAN-A212 - Fiercely loyal to his team leader Andrea, James follows her lead without any thought to the dangers her aggressive tactics pose to his or his friends' chances of survival.
  • SPARTAN-A016 - Ramal is an uncertain young man who has always been worried about his future in the galaxy. He is staunchly loyal to his teammates, Andrea and James, but at times is the only one to be able to view the situation with a clear head.
  • Venda Harrendee - Doomed to a low-level post by his family's low standing within the Covenant, this Sanghelli officer has been tasked with salvaging what is left of the refineries on K7-49. With his patrols harried by SPARTAN-III survivors and what remains of his career on the line, he will do anything to ensure that his assignment ends favorably.