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Ultranationalists on patrol

Two members of the Stoics on patrol.

Halo: Common Denominator is an umbrella for several related multimedia fan projects set within the Halo universe.

It was originally conceived in February 2008 as a novel, Halo: Memory, principally written by RelentlessRecusant.

Shortly afterwards in 2008, a simplified version of the novel's plot was adopted as a machinima (Halo: Common Denominator) using the Halo 3 engine; this was directed by RelentlessRecusant, Dragonclaws, and Rotaretilbo and casted a handful of members from the HFFW community as voice and video actors. Several scenes were filmed and synchronized with music and voice tracks, but none of these were publicly released until 2014 when Dragonclaws decided enough was enough. The project encountered various problems such as scheduling difficulties and writing conflicts, and the first episode was never completed. The machinima was also given its separate novelization by RelentlessRecusant.

In 2010, a comic spin-off was started by Dragonclaws, two years after the the machinima was put on hold. It entered an indefinite hiatus when Dragonclaws' Xbox died in 2011.


Original Machinima Footage