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One of the bloodiest, most outnumbered, horrifying battle on any planet, the covenant are attacking a noble human planet Jimiro, and are desprete to get thier hands on a forerunner artifact. Although niether side didn't know it, the artifact was useless, but it did unleash another threat that has waited a very very long time to do his plan.


Minor characters



  • M419 Rocket Launcher
  • SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle
  • Weapon/Anti-Vehicle Model 6 Grindell/Galileian Nonlinear Rifle
  • Missile Pod
  • MA5C Assault Rifle
  • BR55HB SR Battle Rifle
  • AIE-486H Heavy Machinegun
  • Type-25 Carbine(Spiker)
  • Brute Shot
  • Gravity Hammer
  • Energy Sword
  • Type-28 Sniper (Brute Sniper)

Chapter 1:the Silence

(These youtube vids are music matching the situation, To smoothen the mood)

All I remember about the day Jimiro fell was how hopelessly outnumbered we were, thousands and thousands of Covenant threw thier might on us, but im amazed we made it out, at the cost of millions. Spartan-069, a member of the Spartan II program, was on my way to Jimiro. Before he got there, a covenant scout cruiser came into orbit and quickly counted the odds and took off, we all new at that instant one thing........ Invasion. One thing I notice about before battles, how quiet everyone is. They all knew the odds were impossible, there is no hope. They were correct. Danson was encouraging everyone but he too had dampened hopes. We all knew the end is near. "We are all gong to die!" A marine shouted. "Calm yourself Private!" the sergent said. "Stay calm? STAY CALM!? WE ARE COMPLETLY OUTNUMBERED!! WERE SCREWED!" "If we die we die for Earth." "Im not ready to die sergent!" A tear came down his face, the marines were panicked. They grasped thier guns thinking about the odds. Spartan-069 came to the Sergent, "Any news?" he asked. "Yes, we estimated when the covenant are coming in about an hour." Even the longest hour is enough to shatter our hope.
Pelican thingy

Into position.

"Half an hour past and all the marines got into position, jumped into thier veihcles, got into gun turrets, and whimpered more than ever. The spartan got his gun and hopped into a pelican. Then Edward looked up and saw a large flash, and dozens of cruisers came into orbit. The battle began.

As he flew by in the pelican, he saw marines fight for thier lives, Only to loose it. Sparrowhawks flew after seraphs only to get destroyed by other seraphs, when the men landed they looked up to see MAC guns explode.

"Sir we got problems." Edward got out and listened.

"The city centeral is under fire could you help them out?"


Spartan-069 got in a warthog and marines hopped in too. They drove to the city center to see brutes destroying marines. In that moment The chaingun of the Warthog fired, the brutes roared, explosians filled the air, and a seraph came into view. It hovered over and a bomb fell to them, the SPARTAN leaped out of the warthog as it blew up.

Then a brute captain charged to him and bashed my stomach with it's brute shot. Edward got up, grabed the beast by the throat, shoved a plasma grenade down his mouth. He exploded and all that was left was fuzz and a crater. He thought the city center was safe. Until he saw two phantoms drop off more. "Retreat!" The sergent called. And he knew at that instant... we are loosing.

SPARTAN-076, ran into a group of jackles, and threw a fragment grenade to have all them flying, with SPARTAN-017 alongside. As the smoke floated aside, two gigantic beasts like two giant brown grunts with no methane tanks. "DRINOL! RETREAT!" The sergent screamed. But the spartans had other plans. While the Drinols savagley destroyed the defences, Jovani-017 grabbed the new advanced UNSC weapon,The Missle Pod In two flashes, one of the brutal monsters could'nt stand another hit and died, the other who grew outraged, charged into the spartan. But he let out his also new advanced Shield Grenade. The beast was confused, it bumped into the grenade and fell, Frank-072 grabbed his MA5C assualt rifle and fired into the monsterous drinol.

Chapter 2:Awakening

Beneath the floors of Volpand city a forerunner artifact that lied desolate for years has awakened. This facility was an abandoned study for the flood before the forerunners invented halo, the flood have been imprisoned for some time until now. "Long have I waited for one to free me, that day will never come and light I will never again see, i grow tired of rotting and depressed, why must I wait longer and obsessed, with my plan for the day I awaken and conquer, I am growing tired, but I know my next move, I am close, I must not linger, close to my plan, but when will the foolish humans make thiers".

"Ok now we must send the scarab to fire a tunnel, Truth wants to know more about the forerunner artifact, it could have a weapon worthy for the covenant." Tarmfurm told his brutes.

"What makes this artifact different from the rest chieftan?"

"It's size."

"Tarmfurm, Scarab deployed."

"Exellent, send my lieutenant and two platoons to site, and check the artifact."

Back at a UNSC outpost, Captain Regan sent Spartan team Bravo to the city center, thier has been some activity thier. The spartans kreeped across the terrain. And knocked out a few guards. They kreeped around the corner to see a scarab firing into the terrain, and come to a stop. Curious. the spartans thought. SPARTAN-092 kreeped toward two bickering brute minors. "So whot are we supposed to do about the artafact." One said. "We are to check it out, and see what we can find." "Haw do we now that the humuns are not gane? Thay coald bae spiying on us and attack us neuw, and basidas, Im not going down thare." "Get over it, they're humans, what can they possibly do??" As he spoke the Spartans knocked them out. "Thier going in!" Frank-072 warned. Just as he said it, Shadows hovered inside with thier leaders. "Should we report this?" Jovani-017 said. "We should check it out first." Eddie-069 said. Though if they knew what horrors lay ahead, they would retreat.

Chapter 3:The Mistake

Racktaroo, Tarmfurm, and Kargtramos entered the facility. "Were in, Ungoy hurry up the equipment." Barked Tarmfurm "huurggg big heavy sir!" "Let's split up."

The spartans called for reinforcements. Seven Warthogs (to slide down the long tunnel), and 21 marines.

"Hold on to yer helmet!" Jovani said.

As soon as he finished the sentance, the warthogs flew into the tunnel sliding down the extremely long ledge. Longer than 600ft down. But unexpectedly, the covenant left mines so no human can follow.

"Watch out!!" Darian-092 hollered.

The three warthogs in front exploded and tumbled the ones in the back causing them to roll and fall.

Crippled, smashed, and injured. The Spartans had just fell 600ft down, almost to the core (Hey it's not earth). A few marines even died, others were wounded.

"Ok now we got to find the covenant" Frank said.

They passed blank hallways , and awkward dead ends galore.

"Hey Frank"

"Yes Darian"

"All of a sudden I feel like this mission will change my life forever."

"What makes you say that"

"I just hear ecoes in my head, someone telling me riddles"


"A demented voice saying something about his plan or something"

"Cut it out your scaring me"

"Shhhhh I found something." Called Edward.

Ooo shiny!

don't touch

Eddie approached a strange glowing object, simular to the Silent Cartographer John-117 discovered on a top secret mission. And without a thought he activated it.

"What happened?" Darian said

"Don't know" Replied Edward.

Though they will find out soon enough.

"Nothing of interest here!" Racktaroo called.

"Hold on hear that?"

The pack paused to hear squirming.

"I've got a bad feeling about this!" A brute called.

"You've always got a bad feeling!"

At that moment, the flood were preparing for thier attack.

"Ok we will split up, you marines with Darian and Frank, me and Jovani will go on, if you see the enemy, don't engage until you contact us"

The squad split up and went into the odd dismal hallways.

"Stop" Ordered Edward,

"AhhhHahhhah!!!" Screamed a marine,

Jovani and Edward looked to see a marine attacked by a flood infection form!


In a moment, infection forms were abound the group! And transformed the marines into hidious flood combat forms!!



They fled and ran into Frank-076.

"Weres Darian?"

"He fell behind"

"Should we help him??"

"Hes' dead!"

"Come on let's go!"

They abandoned Darian and fled to the surface with a stolen shadow.

"Where am I??" Darian said,

"You're not dead" A shallow voice said,

"Were are the others?"

"They fled"

"Who are you"

"I? Your master".

Chapter 4: Half Dead

"What do you want with me?"

"Your mind"

"I don't know anything!"

"No, you know all there is to know about the world beyond, enough to make my planessss, and now, think"

In a second, a tentacle of the beast flew into Darian-092's brain and there was silence. Then he saw thunder and clouds, shoadows of his past and beyond, he saw his old neighborhood, the procedure, strange men asking questions, he remembered all of it, like a lifetime relived, he was back.

The spartans reached the surface, after the attack of the flood. "What the hell was that??" Yelled Edward "Beats me," "We need to go back!" Frank said "No those things will kill us!" "Darians down there!" "HE'S DEAD!! FACE IT!!" "He could be alive and interrogated!" They looked down the tunnel to see dozens of flood crawling like roaches up the tunnel, and without a word, started blasting them. "TOO MANY!" Jovani called They wern't enough, the flood started fleeing out of the hole and into the planet skittering throuout the city, impossible to count, impossible to stop. Marines ran only to join their fleshy fate as combat forms. "WEVE GOT TO CALL THE TITANIUM NOW!!"

"Thank you human, you have given me all I desire, though I may still need you"

"For what?"


In the UNSC Titanium things were getting raspy.

"SPARTAN-069 whatt is the situation?" Captain Regan said


"I see, our sensors are tracking lots of movment down there"

"Sir no time to talk, I need to repel these things now"

"We will send backup and equipment to your location ASAP"

"Any luck?" Frank asked

"Yeah a Albatross will drop some backup and ammo"

"Speaking of ammo, my gun is jammed"

"Ok I think the Albatross is coming,"

The Albatross came close and dropped some troops but in a moment, several infections came into the albatross and chased chaos. The pilots got infected, and the albatross got filled with infection forms. it reached the surface and toward the Titanium.

"Captain unidentified object coming in range"

"What is it?"

"appears to be an Albatross"

"Well give them a message"

"Bravo-575 you are approaching the hangar too fast, evade"

The Albatross didn't slow down, it came into the hangar and crashed. And infection forms spread out across the ship.

"Captain! These things are coming out of the Albatross!"

Though nobody knew it, an infection forms were crawling up the air vent into the bridge.

The spartans went into a warthog and drove to a nearby longsword fighter.

"Where are we goin" Jovani asked

"the Titanium, theyre probably in deep trouble"

The fighter flew above the atmosphere, toward the titanium.

"Captain do you read me, captain what's the situation?"

"Not good"


"No it's Je'al the onboard A.I, the Captain is becoming infected by some strange parasite. We need your help, if these things escape Jimiro, it could mean the universe"


The Longsword entered the hangar and immediatly was attacked by the flood.

"Ill get Je'al,"


"He could come up a plan"

"Ok we'll guard the fighter"

Frank ran throughout halls and past horrifing flood, till he reached the bridge.



"Your coming with us"

"But first I must Activate the self destruct, then set course to the city, that will cause a nuclear explosion, and repel those creatures from reaching the surface."

"Ok, will that take long"

"Just a minute,"

"We don't have that kinda time now!"

"Oh dear!"

Chapter 5:Unexpected help

Konai peeked around the corner. Nobody was there. He signaled his lance to follow. He signaled them to wait and that he would scout out the area. He waled down the hall of the CCS-class battlecruiser that was acting as a second-in-command for the Loyalist fleet. He continued walking when he bumped into some jackals. "Well look what we have here boys. A stupid ultra methane sucker." Said the jackal major that led the rest of the jackals. A jackal minor pulled out a knife and started to move towards Konai. Konai, knowing that they would either would kill him and say that he was a separatist, or they already knew that and would kill him as orders. Konai pulled out his needler and fire three needles into the jackals chest, they exploded killing it. he then threw a plasma grenade onto one of the jackals head. It exploded killing all but the major. Angry the major pointed his plasma rifle at Konai but Konai fired the rest of his needlers into the major's body. He looked outside and saw the Loyalists fighting the humans. "Well I may as well help the humans because they are fighting the Loyalists too." He said. His first job should be to eliminate all of the brutes in the bridge of the ship. He signaled his lance to follow. Konai walked through the doors into the bridge. "Lowly serf! What are you doing in this place! it is off limits to all who are unworthy!" Said the ship master. Konai, ignoring him, pulled out his needler and fired a full clip. The rounds penetrated the brute's skull and exploded showering the surrounding area with blood and gore. Plasma greandes and fuel rod blasts spread through the bridge easily killing the other brutes. Konai opened up a map of the ship. The starboard hangar was two hundred metres away. Konai signaled his lance to follow him as they prepared to fight their way through the ship.

"Now that we have our body, our soul, our mind, we can now invade the worlds beyond, my minions, my source, thousands of lives that are now mine, millions more to devour, and blood will stain the universe when this world this Jimira is our tool of my plans,"

Cc brig1


Frank-076 is trapped, trapped by the covenant in the space shark known as the Fist of Justice, a large cruiser among the most feared cruisers in the covenant. I can't imagine what thier doing to Je'al! He thought. He turned his head to see a brute captain walk by and sneer. Where are the Elites?, Then he saw another prisoner near a small grunt, he looked scared, like he was going to be tortured later, then he noticed two brutes bringing an elite prisoner to the captain.

"You may have snuck past our guards, now you will pass our guards once more in chains!"

The brute punched the elite across the face, and the other brutes laughed.

"Truth has betrayed us! Halo is a lie, let me be!"

"Weres the fun in that?"

The brute bashed the elites stomach and brought him into a nearby room, Frank couldn't see them but he heared begging and pain. Then he heared needle shots and roars and plasma explosions, then small footsteps coming toward the prison chamber.

Konai held in his hand a particle beam rifle. A very unusual weapon for a grunt to have. He aimed at the back of the brute captain's head and fired. The beam penetrated the back of his head killing him instantly. Two brute minors turned around and charged at Konai, their brute plasma rifle blazing. Konai sidestepped the blast and fired two more shots into both of the brutes' heads. He then freed the other separatist prisoners and walked up to Frank. "Well human it seems that we must be allies if we are to defeat the brutes and the prophets. Are you going to help me or not?" Konai asked, "I must be going crazy," Frank mumbled "Ill see what I can do," "Frank," A cybernetic voice said. "Je'al? is that you?" "Yes, ive escaped the study and ill guide you two to an exit," "Thanks Je'al," "I see you've met Konai, I was going to suggest an alliance," "Course you were, "Wait! Weres Edward and Jovani!"

"Man, he's taking forever!" Jovani said,

"Should we go and see,"

"Ill stay here you go see,"

Edward ran to the bridge, nothing, he attempted to restart the countdown until he heard a voice.

"Stop now, and don't move again."

He stepped forth into the familiar voice, it was Darian-092.

"What happened to you?"

"Those things, are unstoppable, there is no chance of defeating them, I saw thier leader, and he sent me to give you a warning, he needs the ship to take the universe and if your here he will do what he did to me, never return,"

"I can't let him do that."

"You must leave or I will be forced to kill you,"

"Darian...what's wrong with you?"

"He's controlling me, I can't stop it, kill me Joe,"



Jovani held his shotgun and aimed at his friend and fired.

"Tarmfurm, the intruders are escaping!"

Though before he could say more, The grunts and thier new friends escaped in a phantom, and left the fist of Justice heading for the Titanium, for Je'al had a plan.

Chapter 6:1 SPARTAN, 1 Grunt, 1 supercarrier

"Ok Konai, Frank, and the remaining grunts and ODSTs will board the supercarrier Wings of Rukt, Jovani and Edward will go back to the city to kill it, Ill go aboard the Titanium and land it in the quartine and set it for self destruct, that should prevent the beasts from coming forth,"

Konai and Frank moved into the armoury and got several weapons. Konai took a carbine. They moved on when Konai saw several jackals guarding what looked like the engines. Konai threw a plasma grenade ono the jackal majors head, killing him and several other. He finished what was left with his carbine and moved on with his lance. Nakaw took out a fuel rod and killed everything else outside before passing into the next hallway.

Konai and Frank moved all the troops they could down bright hallways and killed a few brutes, then the came to the deck where they saw Kargtramos giving orders.


Konai shot many brutes with his carbine (how strange) while Frank killed Kargtramos, the bridge is clear, "Now we have to set the self destruct and get the hell outta here!"


The doors opened to reveal an enourmous brute chieftan, a worthy opponent for a grunt and a spartan.

While the previous events happened, Edward and Jovani entered the hole where they released the beasts.

"Ive got a very bad feeling,"

"Me too,"

They stepped inside and found tentacles dangling from everywhere, that belonged to it. They strode forth into oblivion, the air felt thinner the closer they got, until they reached an extremely large room.

"You've traveled far, to find me, I sense you wish to destroy me, and prevent the flood from having a mind, they shall have a mind and nothing will stand in my way!"

The monster wrapped a tentacle around Jovani, and launched Edward to the corners.


"I cannot die, now I will take my leave,"

Deathmind then snapped Edward out, and left to the surface to the streets of Jimiro.

"It's him!" A Sergent called.

"BLAST HIM!" Another said.

The turrets fired but it wasn't enough to penatrate the Deathmind's skin, he easilly chocked Jovani to death and slaughtered the marines.

Chapter 7: The End

Konai has stood victorios over the dead chieftan, at the cost of SPARTAN-076 and the remaining troops.

"Konai can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear,"

"It has escaped and boarded the UNSC Bermuda, and heading for earth!"

"Meet you at Titanum,"


In an instant, Konai heard a voice.


"What that??"

"Greetings, I am the monitor of K454Z Study, I am 5764801 Miserible Hatred, the flood has escaped, and thier mind has left to an unknown atmosphere, you may need my help to destroy it."


Deathmind reached earth and landed in europe and is spreading across earth, Konai, SPARTAN-069 ,and 5764801 Miserible Hatred head for Earth in what's left of the UNSC Titanium.

To be continued in Halo: To the Death......

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