Halo: Covenant Broken
Co-Written by Spartan G-23 and Lordofmonsterisland





The Supreme Commander walked down the carved out passageway alongside his most trusted Zealots. He was to make sure that they were the first to fully see the holy artifact before handing it over to the San 'Shyuum. Greedily, the Supreme Commander activated the holographic control panel; blue lights sped around the room as the main projector came online. Finally, we may have found a way to start the Great Journey. He thought, but as the Forerunner glyphs swirled across the screen, he began to read. Then a single word escaped from his breath, “Impossible…”

Nakai ‘Volaree and his second-in-command, Eno ‘Vokanee, both clad in the red armour of a Major Domo Sangheili walked through the streets of High Charity. “And if we were to fail in our mission?” Asked ‘Vokanee. “That is why we are to save one plasma grenade no matter what. If we were to fail the only honourable thing left to do is to commit suicide.” Replied ‘Volaree. “I still do not like the look of this, accessing the Forerunner Ship is beyond our abilities. They will surely kill us if they discover our mission.”
“Which is why we cannot afford to fail in our mission. The truth must be spread out to the rest of the covenant. If we fail to do so, we will all be killed.”
The two Sangheili walked to the entrance to the forerunner ship. Two of the Sangheili Honour Guards, soldiers sworn to protect the prophets at birth stood guard outside the entrance. “Halt, you do not have the proper identification to enter in such a holy and sacred place.” Said the first honour guard. As the two Sangheili walked up to each of the honour guards, ‘Volaree told them, “We only wish to protect the covenant. If we fail to do so at least you can die with honour.” The two Sangheili activated their energy swords and stabbed the two guards. As the Sangheili fell, the majors walked through the doorway. “Vokanee, search the left side. I will search the right. We must find the Intelligence inside this ship.” He ‘Volaree told the other Sangheili. As he took the corridor he sensed something was wrong. He put back his energy sword and took out his plasma rifle. “’Vokanee, I sense something not right about this place.” He said over the comm, but all he got was static. Something defiantly was wrong. ‘Volaree felt another being in the room. As he turned around, it charged.

The Prophet of Trust looked on as his assistants continued to toil on the machinery. They had tried for several months now to reverse-engineer the Forerunner technology, carefully and reverently taking it apart. Now, they had finally managed to finish disassembling it and had begun to research its' possibilities. They already much of it, such as its' purpose, but still could have figure out how it worked.
"When will you be finished?", asked Trust
"This may take anywhere from several hours to several weeks", the San'Shyuum replied
"You had best make certain that it is done in less than two days", said Trust
"But, that may not be possible"
"Then you shall pay dearly for such incompetence as promising what cannot be done", said Trust. With that, he turned and left the room. I'm sure he'll be motivated to finish now, he thought.

Chapter 1

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