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Cquote1 Development for the MJOLNIR Mark V armour has been completed. And you'll be one of the first to try it out. Cquote2


Halo: First Strike







July 21, 2552




  • Complete armour calibration
  • Complete shield diagnostic
  • Complete weapons diagnostic
  • Complete obstacle course


Halo: First Strike is the first Halo game to have an in-game tutorial outside the campaign. It is available in several game modes, and can help new players get used to the game. It is available only for single-player mode. The tutorial takes place at Military Reservation 01478-B, and the Spartan taking the test is unnamed. His/her gender depends on the player's preference. This level is not required to complete the campaign, or begin the first level, Deployment.


You're back on Reach, after the harrowing battle at Sigma Octanus IV. You've been informed that the MJOLNIR Mark V has been completed and you've been asked to take the test. You will learn about how your new armour works, run it through shield and weapons diagnostics, and complete an obstacle course against Marines. Your weapons will have stun rounds. Theirs will not.



{Fade from black. The camera overlooks a military reservation surrounded by a vast plain of grasslands. It pans down before fading to black again.}

11:41 HOURS, JULY 21, 2552

{Fade from black. A Spartan, standing in a small room, is being fitted with MJOLNIR armour by several technicians. His/her face is not shown. A single technician watches the procedure from an observation chamber. The Spartan is almost completely covered in armour. His/her hand reaches for the helmet and puts it on[1]. Fade to black.}

{Fade from black. The player's view switches to first-person, and can look around the room.}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "I think that's all the pieces, Petty Officer. You like it?"

Unnamed Spartan: "Prettier than the original one."

UNSC Technician: (COM) "I'll bet. Sigma Octanus must have taken a few chunks out of your old armour. Okay, boys, take a step back and let the Spartan move around."

{The technicians in the room move away.}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Now, I'm guessing you know why you're here today."

Unnamed Spartan: "Testing the new armour. I thought Doctor Halsey already got SPARTAN-117 to do it."

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Yes, well...that test was more to see how well he gets along with Cortana. In any case, all the Spartans are going to do this. Doctor Halsey thought it would be more convenient if you guys got used to the changes before you have to go into battle with it. Okay, are you ready to start?"

Unnamed Spartan: "Sure am."

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Let's start off easy. I'll turn on your health indicator."

{A short red bar appears in the centre-top of the HUD.}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "This is your biometre. I'm sure you know how it works. It's semi-regenerative because you have self-activated biofoam packets in your armour, but biofoam doesn't solve all your problems in the field. And it will run out. So try to avoid taking hits, and remember, if your biometre goes low, get medical attention as soon as you can, because you may or may not bleed out."

{The bar becomes longer and slowly fades from red to white.}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Now, check your looking pitch. You're currently roughly synced with the armour to enhance your reaction time, but if you're uncomfortable with your looking speed, let me know."

{A graph appears on the right side of the HUD, indicating look direction and speed. The look sensitivity is currently at "3", and the looking pitch is "not inverted".}

[Press B to increase your look sensitivity
Press X to decrease your look sensitivity
Press Y to invert your looking pitch
Press A to continue]

{The graph disappears when the player presses A}

Unnamed Spartan: "I'm good."

UNSC Technician: "Okay, Spartan. Let's activate your shields. Step up to the energy shield test station and stand still."

{When the Spartan stands on the yellow square, the two bars on either side of the square light up and spin around him/her[2]. A blue bar appears above the health indicator and wraps itself over it.}

UNSC Technician: "As you've probably heard, your new armour has energy shields, which will protect you better in combat. You've seen plenty of these on Elites, so you'll know that they're rechargeable. Be careful though, when the shield goes down, the armour starts taking damage. And that won't fix itself."

{The bars stop moving and its lights dim[3].}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Alright. Walk around the room, and step outside when you're ready. We're going to move onto the next part of the diagnostic."

{When the player steps outside}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "We'll start weapons diagnostics now. You're pretty familiar with most of our ordnance, but we've got a few new things in our armoury. I'll run you through them."

{The player picks up an Assault Rifle. Ammo, magazine, and reticle indicators appear.}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "The MA5B Assault Rifle. You've used it for a while, so you probably know how it works. The 60-round magazine looks big, but it gets less accurate if you spray-fire. So try to use short bursts unless you're at point-blank range."

{Ten target dummies appear and begin moving.}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Take out all the targets as quickly as you can. I'll keep track of your accuracy and how much ammo you use."

[Pull RT to fire your weapon]

{After the targets are all shot}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Next area, go!"

{The player moves to the next area, where there are more targets. Some can move into cover.}

{After the targets are all shot, more appear inside nearby buildings.}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Grab those grenades and toss them in the windows!"

{After player picks up grenades from nearby table}

[Pull LT to throw grenades. Hold down LT to see your grenade's trajectory.]

{After all the targets are destroyed}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Area clear! Cut through the building and take out all the targets!"

{A NAV point appears over a nearby building, with several targets inside.}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Use your weapon to smash the targets!"

[Press B to mêlée a target.]

{After all targets in the building are neutralized, the player reaches a closed door.}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Take that pistol."

{After the player takes the pistol.}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "The M6C sidearm. It's equipped with a 1.5x scope, which can be accessed with your armour."

[Click Left Thumbstick to zoom your weapon.]

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Now listen carefully, Petty Officer. This is the hard part. See the gate, about two hundred metres distant? There is a Warthog parked on the far side, and your objective is to take it and bring it to the reserve's administration building. There's just one thing. There are seven squads of Marines who have been assigned to stop you. Both your weapons are filled with stun rounds, and your grenades have rubber ball-bearings. Non-lethal. However, the Marines are armed with live rounds and fragmentation grenades. Their goal is to stop you from completing your objective. You are authorized to neutralize any of them to complete your task, but you cannot pick up any of their weapons. Understood?

Unnamed Spartan: "Sounds good."

{The player's motion tracker flickers on. Several red dots appear.}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "This is your motion tracker. If you watch it, you'll be able to tell when there are others around. Yellow means friendly, red means hostile, and white means objective. Arrows show your elevation. For this exercise, all UNSC FOF tags have been changed to read hostile. Have fun."

{The door opens, and half a dozen Marines are standing outside. They open fire on the player.}[4]

{After the players makes it through several buildings and reaches the Warthog}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "The administration building is to your east. Your compass will point you roughly in the right direction. You'll have to find your own route."

{When the player is within 25 metres of the building, a NAV point appears over the building.}

UNSC Technician: (COM) "Stop the Warthog in front of the door, Spartan."

{Fade to black}


{Fade from black. The Spartan gets out of the Warthog. The door to the administration building opens, and Doctor Halsey steps out.}

Doctor Halsey: "Well done, Spartan."

Unnamed Spartan: "Doctor Halsey. I didn't expect you to be here."

UNSC Technician: (COM) "That will be all, doctor. The diagnostic is complete."

Doctor Halsey: "Indeed. (To the Spartan) I can tell you like the armour. Are you ready for our mission?"

Unnamed Spartan: "Yes ma'am."

Doctor Halsey: "Good. Captain Keyes plans to take the Spartans out-system in three days. He will see you on board the Pillar of Autumn at 0600 hours on the 24th of July."

{Doctor Halsey enters the administration building again}

Doctor Halsey: "Good luck, Spartan."

Unnamed Spartan: "You too, ma'am."

{Doctor Halsey closes the door of the administration building. The screen fades to black.}

  1. The armour looks exactly the way the player chose it to be.
  2. The player can no longer move.
  3. The player can move again.
  4. The player is unable to pick up any weapons from the neutralized Marines.