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This is a timeline of all events in the Infinity Timeline. Canon events will be added later on.

Forerunner Era

Pre-UNSC Era

Interplanetary War-Colonization Era

First Human Civil War Era

Human-Covenant War Era

Reconstruction Era



  • May
    • 15th-30th: Operation: BARBADOS: ONI destroys UEG conference building; top seven (all of which were corrupt to different degrees since January) and dozens others are killed allowing UNSC to assume power over unstable Earth. UFC is framed and temporary military dictatorship continues.
  • July


  • Unknown date
    • Separatist Unggoy fail in retaking Balaho.


  • February
    • Unspecified date: Sangheili Civil War ends; Sangheili Empire assumes control of the Sangheili species.
  • November
    • UNSC begins Operation: SIERRA, the codename for the recolonization and/or restoration of 463 former/battered colonies. Another 25 within Human space yet habitable are also planned to be colonized. However, no actions are taken for two years.




  • March
    • 5th: UNSC Marshal law revoked on twenty-one colonies; military dictatorship ceases and is replaced by a Federal Parliamentary Rebpublic in which voters elect planetary government whom in turn appoint interplanetary government members. The first Supreme Minister elected is Terrence Hood.


Unspecified date:

  • Unggoy Federation's military grows to sufficient size while introducing the revolutionary Unggoy Assault Ship.


  • Unspecified date: Sangheili Imperial government is fully established. Thel 'Vadamu becomes official Emperor and Rtas 'Vadum the Commander of Imperial Forces.



  • March
    • Unspecified date: Humans remember, honor, and celebrate the ten year anniversary of the Human-Covenant War's ending.



  • Unknown date
    • After capturing some thirty colonies, the Sangheili end their invasion.


  • Project: EUPHRATES, a rearnament for the UNSC, initiates. Its goal is to roll out an entirely new navy and replace most infantry weapons and vehicles. Some technologies such as the Marathon-class Cruiser, BR55 series, Warthog, and Scorpion tank survive the project.








Second Human Civil War Era

Second Great War Era

Inter-War Era

Galactic War Era

Aftermath Era