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Halo: Journey of a Sangheili

"This is my fight. I will see it finished."
Date Released
13th of July, 2010.

Halo: JOS is a story written by Stel' Vadam. It follows the events of a Sangheili named Stel 'Vadam as starts his journey through the Human-Covenant war, explaining most of career. It leads up to Halo: Honor and Reconciliation.


Canon Characters

  • Thel 'Vadam
  • Rtas 'Vadum

Fanon Characters

Stel-verse Stories
Main Storyline

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Other Stories

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Before Reading

I must note that Halo: JOS will be unique in the way it is going to be written in both third-person and first-person. A shift to italics will tell you when it's changing to the a first-person view.


January, 2536. Planet of Harvest, 9th Age of Reclamation. Stel's journal entry.

I will soon join my brothers in the fight against the humans. They have disgraced the Forerunners, and are known to be the decendants of them. They must have their planets destroyed, starting with Harvest, the coldest planet I've ever been on. I hate the cold. I hate this planet. End of log.

"Ach...." Stel said as his hand pressed against his face. He was freezing, tired, and sleep-deprived. After running from the humans after his convoy was destroyed, all execpt Stel, his brother Rola, and one of his friends, Ryil 'Drean, and his commanding officer, Kahra 'Xerom. "We need to find a place to regroup with our allies. We can not stay in the winter for long." Kahra said. He stood up and reached over to grab his Plasma Repeater. He gripped the trigger with a satisfying grin on his face, ready for a fight. Ryil, Rola and Stel stood up, weapons in hand. "Get in the Wraith. Let us move." Kahra ordered. Stel jumped into the driver's compartment, while Rola took the turret. Kahra moved inside the compartment, and Ryil remained near the turret with Rola, watching Rola's back incase anybody attempted to take them from behind. The Wraith roared into life, floating off the ground and moved into the coming blizzard....