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File-Level - Lonewolf
Lone Wolf

Halo: Lone Wolf




Open, glassed region with occasional ravaged shelter

Weapons on Map

Halo: Reach-era

  • Mounted Machine Turret
Equipment on map
  • Health Pack
Preferred Gametypes



Lone Wolf is a medium/small-scale Firefight map available in Halo: Lone Wolf, and the most recognized in the game. It takes place in the same location as the final level of Halo: Reach, and shares the same title.


Being a relatively small environment, the player most constantly keep on the move in order to survive. It is the only Firefight map to come built-in to the game and utilize both Spirit and Phantom dropships (while the later occur less often).

By completing a full Firefight set on Legendary difficulty without dying once on this map, one may unlock the There'll be Another Time... Achievement, worth 50 gamerscore.


The following are locations on the map that are so named on the player's heads-up display during gameplay:

  • Scorching Dirt
  • High Grounds
  • Primary Shelter
  • Secondary Shelter
  • Ravaged Shelter
  • Eastern Drop Field
  • Western Drop Field

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