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Halo: Lone Wolf




An open landscape, underneath the shadow cast by the behemoth anti-aircraft battery

Equipment on map
  • Health Pack
Preferred Gametypes



Tyranny is a medium-scale Firefight map available in Halo: Lone Wolf. It takes place in Voi, underneath a massive Covenant anti-aircraft battery.


Tyranny features an open, non-symmetrical average-scale environment perfect for Firefight. Although actively repeating the phases that it had in a section of the Halo 3 level, The Storm, the anti-air artillery is an indestructible mechanism in this map. Two small outposts in the far corners of the map provide temporary shelter, and a perfect location for snipers. Tyranny may be considered the Firefight counterpart of Industrial, a multiplayer map.

This level utilizes only Phantoms as dropships, and Spirits are never seen in any round.


The following are locations on the map that are so named on the player's heads-up display during gameplay:

  • The Shadow
  • Northern Pinnacle
  • Eastern Base
  • Eastern Field
  • Western Base
  • Western Slopes
  • Southern Ridge

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