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He lives in the darkness, he fights in the darkness, and he kills in the darkness. Striking his prey with swift, ruthless efficiency, he is cold, savage, and utterly without mercy. He has proven himself more than capable of finding and killing some of the most powerful, most well protected individuals in the galaxy. All that is needed to set this comprehensive agent of death on the trail is the right price.

He is David Kahn, the deadliest gun for hire the galaxy has ever seen.

But this was not always so. Rising from a murky past, he once stood proudly amongst some of the finest soldiers humanity had to offer. And it would be the same things that made him the best, coupled with the machinations of fate and his own human foibles, that would drag him down the blood-soaked path to darkness.

Hated by all but desired by many, David Kahn lives the life of a lonely hunter. This is his story.