Halo: Restitution

Terminal This article, Halo: Restitution, was written by Spartan-091. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.


Table of Contents

Prologue: Zero-Sum (COMPLETED MARCH 31, 2010)
Movement I: Outsider (IN PROGRESS)
Movement II: Reptile
Movement III: Closure
Epilogue: Respite

Dramatis Personae

SPARTAN-091, (Office of Naval Intelligence, Theta-2 Division, Operator)
Juliet (AI), (Office of Naval Intelligence, Theta-2 Division, Smart Artificial Intelligence)
Aaron G. Gibson, (Office of Naval Intelligence, Theta-2 Division, Commanding Officer)
Lauryn Carson, (Office of Naval Intelligence, Consultant)
Margaret O. Parangosky, (Office of Naval Intelligence, Director)
Marcus Verkarian, (United Nations Space Command Navy, Captain, UNSC Long and Dark December)

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