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August 23rd, 2552
In accordance with Article 12 of the Manassas Civilian Protection Acts, all local citizens are to report to their selected evacuation points. A limit of one bag per person has been issued in order to allow for efficient transportation. A list of evacuation points has been provided on the list below:
Sector 1: Cathedral of Christ Our Savior, 1442 Espoz Way - OVERRUN

Sector 2: Moskva City Center, 2333 Anastza Avenue - OVERRUN

Sector 3: Vyrant Arena, 42 Desmond Drive- 200% Capacity

Sector 4: Manassas Spaceport - Not responding

Sector 5: Mitchell Air Force Base - OVERRUN

"Well this is gonna be a hell of a day."
Mark O'Neil

Chapter 1

Coming in Hot

18:00, August 25th, 2552

Manassas, Reach