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Pit Stop

A loud shockwave shook the ship, seventeen of the eighteen Spartans were knocked to the ground, Master Chief was the one to remain standing. He didn't want to have to go through this with weary soldiers who had all just woke from a cryonic-sleep, but he had to, to get back home to UNSC controlled space. This wasn't his idea though, if it was up to him, he would have slept through the ride home, the thousand year ride home. He was following the instructions of a "superior alien" named G'rŭnǣn who had given him a chance to get home quicker. He wasn't sure how quick though, because he wasn't briefed on the entire mission. His job was just to survive every trial that G'rŭnǣn put him through, which would somehow lead him back to human civilization, somewhere on the opposite side of the galaxy. He refused to think of it like this, but G'rŭnǣn was a blessing in disguise. If it wasn't for him, he would still be in a cryonic-sleep, being piloted home by a rampant "Smart" A.I.. That would have been a recipe for disaster.

Master Chief turned to G'rŭnǣn as the Spartans behind him began crawling back to their feet, "Ok is that it?" G'rŭnǣn just smiled. The ship began to lurch forward again, and soon enough, the Forward unto Dawn seemed to be falling once more. It took Master Chief about a minute of doing unexpected cartwheels around the room before he realized that they must be rolling down a mountainside, or based on the looks of the planet, even worse, a volcano! Thanks to the teams heavy Spartan armor, when the flipping stopped, and the marines checked to see if G'rŭnǣn was injured, they were surprised to see that he was unbruised and watching Cortana climb back to her feet.

CREEEEEEK! The wall in front of everyone fell to the ground. G'rŭnǣn seemed unsurprised, and at this point, neither was John-117. Master Chief walked over to G'rŭnǣn, "Where is the ship we are looking for?" It is approximately..." G'rŭnǣn paused to think before pointing his finger to the right and continuing, "half of a mile northeast from our current position. We will bump into a few... problems along the way though." Master Chief wondered how G'rŭnǣn could be so sure of this. "As long as it is something that we can handle, lets move." For the first time today, G'rŭnǣn wasn't smiling.

None of the Spartans noticed the rising temperatures on their hike down the steep mountainside, due to their heavily-armored suits. But when Master Chief almost stepped into a stream of boiling lava, it was undeniable, they were on an active volcano. Master Chief turned to the team of Spartans trailing behind him, "Watch out guys, lava." "Wha!?" one of them said surprised. The ground shook, and in a few seconds, Master Chief was slowly floating away on a small chunk of magma. He quickly caught himself after falling off balance from the separation. "G'rŭnǣn!!" Master Chief yelled, "Don't worry, you'll be alright!" responded G'rŭnǣn worriedly. "Oh good, I thought he was a goner..." a Spartan said in relief. "Well he'll only be alright if you save him!!!" G'rŭnǣn exclaimed, obviously annoyed by the team of idiotic Spartans. The team ran along the bank of what was now a river of lava. Master Chief had to admit, they were fast. If only they were as fast as the current, pulling him towards a really rough looking lava-fall. The Spartan closest to Master Chief performed a running dive across the river, attempting to grab John-117 and land safely on the other side. He missed, however he landed safely. The Spartan quickly climbed back to his feet and continued running.

"Don't worry, I've got you." It wasn't until he heard the Spartan's voice that he realized the "he" was a woman. She was running right beside him now. It was too late to be caught, he realized, and in an instant, he jumped towards the female Spartan running beside him. In an instant, he slammed into her and they rolled down a steep-slope on the rocks, they passed the lava-fall... he observed while flipping out of control, but it looped around and they were about to roll right into it. He maneuvered his body to where he was sliding on his back with his hand reached out towards the Spartan rolling down with him. He slid to his feet and grabbed her arm just in time. They watched as a landslip of pebbles slid into the lava and were instantly melted. That could of been them, he realized in an instant! Just then, the other Spartans and G'rŭnǣn appeared at the top of the slope. "Well I guess the adrenaline from all of that woke me up! By the way, I am Selina-247." She told Master Chief before walking back towards the foot of the slope and turning to the others watching them from above, "Slide down the slope, Spartans! G'rŭnǣn... just teleport down or something..." she mused. He did exactly what she suggested. Master Chief was staring toward the other side of the river. There sat what they were all looking for.