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Halo: Together, a Second Great War Trilogy story.

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June 8th, 2528; the ravaging war has already taken the lives of millions. The Covenant, a mighty cultural hegemony of races, is on the search for salvation and will stop at nothing to get there. On a routine patrol, however, a vessel's Luminary discovered a Forerunner artifiact on the small arid planet known as ATV-8809, or Blue Wall as it was known to the lesser Humans, the inhabitants of the planet. The planet itself has a modest garrison and is not willing to let the Covenant have the planet for any reason.

Dramatis Personae

Covenant Empire

United Nations Space Command Defense Force

Halo: Together


UNSC Colony AAN-3056, 9th Age of Reclamation

The small planet of interest lie just below the vessel, the Tempted Transition. The vessel was a light cruiser, a smaller vessel of the armada. At a mere 106 tetons (equivelant to 340 meters), it was even smaller than the Human frigates, though was more dangerous because of its shielding and weaponry. After being crewed by Sangheili, tall reptilian-humanoid members of the Coveant, for only two thousand cycles before "donating" it to the supposedly inferior Jiralhanae, even taller sentients resembling a humanoid gorilla-rhinoceros hybrid. As the Sangheili distrusted the Jiralhanae to a great extent, they removed many amenities from the ship such as many weapons and internal and external gravity-lifts. However, the Jiralhanae took pride in this. As the great Maccaebus once did to his veseel, the Transition's Jiralhanae commanding officer removed any elevator and replaced them with crude latters. The climbing necessary for Sangheili inspectors gave the Sangheili more than enough trouble when ascending the ladders due to their abnormal knee configurations.