UNSC Emblem (post-2554)


Imperial Admiral 'Dorimee,

I regret to inform you that one of our vessels has crashed landed beyond incorporated Human or Alliance spacial territory. As the Commanding Officer of the Prowler Tydirium (SSN-820), I accept full responsibility over the cause of this incident. A detailed report of the incident is attached below.

  • 02:36 | 5.25.2561 — The Tydirium arrived in-orbit above Malathion to relieve the Bloodhound (SR-4) in Alliance peacekeeping efforts to the war-torn Jiralhanae colony. Our mandate stated the escort of UNSC Marine and other peacekeeping forces from ship to surface, aiding in patrolling the local spacelanes, and in-system reconnaissance for hostile threats.
  • 12:00 | 5.25.2561 — During a routine mission escorting the Sangheili frigate Chavamee to receive supplies from Anchor Twelve in the outer rim of the system, a distress call was picked up by our COMM officer LT Kuribayashi while scanning for contacts. Suggesting that we suspend our current activities, I denied his request and instead sent a quick flash message back to sector command on Doisac.
  • 13:50 | 5.25.2561 — Thirty minutes after arriving at Anchor Twelve, we had received no response from Doisac despite the short distance. Fearing claims that communication buoys had been sabotaged along the route to command, I had the station's commander send out a section of interceptors to check on the systems. Fighters from the Malathion forces aided in the effort, though after a bit, the fighters had radioed back stating nothing was wrong. I had Kuribayashi go unto the station to relay the message directly from Anchor Twelve's advanced communication systems back to Doisac.
  • 14:55 | 5.25.2561 — Claiming that their systems were down, Doisac sector command approved the rescue mission to help the stranded ship. Commander of Anchor Twelve, Vice Admiral Norrington, sent along two squadrons of interceptors to escort Tydirium during the rescue, insisting that it could be a Remnant ambush. All equipped with slipspace drives, we quickly set sailed for the distress beacon.
Unknown time and date discrepancy occurs, radio and visual contact with Anchor Twleve and her interceptors are lost.
  • 24:61 | 5.25.321061 — After 6 minutes of drifting through unknown space, the Tydirium regained contact with her escorts, save a couple that were assumed lost in the transit. After a system-wide reboot of our computer and artificial intelligence systems, our shipboard A.I. "Starkiller" had stated that her star charts put her way outside of the Malathion system and even far beyond the galactic rim. Even worse, we had somehow skipped back 320,000 years in the past.
  • 00:00 | 5.26.321061 — Knowing that rescue would be impossible with the state of Alliance technology at the time, I ordered all ships to the surface of the world we were orbiting. This world was filled with lush forests and dry deserts. Geological scans indicated a spot located in the northern part of the central hemisphere could easily sustain Human life.

Unfortunately I send you this communique knowing full well that our lives will end on this world in the near future. Over the past week, our crews have worked hard to strip out a long-range interceptor to carry extra fuel to make a "train" out to the outer rim of this galaxy. This train will release from the starfighter when it has reached zero fuel (predicted to be at least 50 lightyears from the destination point). Consisting of our remaining drones, each of them contains this letter and other data stored by our crew filled with personal information and even a few small trinkets. After each drone runs empty on fuel, the next one will drift forwards for a while then ignite it's main power.

Our best estimate put their arrival date in the category of "by the time you receive this, we'll more than likely be dead or as some alien legend".

Commander Weston Antilles
Outer Colonies Forces Command

ONI Seal 1

00:00 on 26 June 2564
UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence (Official Classified Document — do not disclose)

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