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Third Annual Halo Fanon Wikia Awards (2010)
December 3rd, 2010 — January 1st, 2011
The Winners

Most Unique Concept of the Year: Human Nature by Jawsredfield

Best SPARTAN of the Year: Felix-116 by Sonasaurus
Best UNSC Personnel of the Year: Leonardo Simmons by Leo Fox
Best Covenant Character of the Year: Stel 'Vadam by Stel' Vadam
Best AI Character of the Year: Diana by Actene
Best Unaffiliated Character of the Year: John Bradley by Athena32
Best Starship of the Year: Celestia-class assault ship by Athena32
Best Planetary Vehicle of the Year: M6A1 Raider Main Battle Tank by Athena32
Best Weapon of the Year: BR60 by Athena32 and Maslab
Best Technology of the Year: GEN Energy Harnesser System by Another Poetic Spartan
Best Event of the Year: Swarm War by Athena32
Best Location of the Year: Taradia by Rozh
Best Organization of the Year: Fleet Logistics Support Group by Leo Fox
Best Species of the Year: Evaniptus by Sonasaurus and Maslab
Best Roleplay of the Year: RP:Against All Odds by Sonasaurus
Best Novels of the Year: Flight of the Phoenix: Book 2 by Maslab and Halo: Heroes All by Leo Fox and Athena32
Best Writers of the Year: Grizzlei and Maslab

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