This page is official Halo Fanon Wiki policy.

When providing critique for an article, it is required that the guidelines underneath are followed. In the event that they are disregarded or broken, the criticism in question will be dismissed, and the tag template on the article removed.

  • All users are required to, following the "tagging" of an article with a "tag template" (e.g. NCF), explain the reasoning for the tagging, what it means for the author and his or her work, and how it is constructive criticism.
  • Each point of criticism must be courteous, appropriate, and concise. Rudeness, "trolling," and derailing of topic will result in removal of comment and tag template. Depending on the severity of the infraction, civility warnings may be issued.
  • In accordance with civility policy, "flaming" or otherwise engaging in unbecoming argumentation is forbidden and punishable. Civility issues should be handled, and arguments mediated, solely by administrators. If a user has lost his/her temper, it is strongly suggested that he/she refrain from commenting further.
  • All points of criticism must be followed by viable advice and one or more solution(s).
  • Criticism should be purely supportive and constructive. Encouraging authors to stop writing, delete their work, and/or leave the site is not acceptable, except when it is done so with good intention and in polite speech. In this case, it should be suggested as an absolute last resort.