This page is official Halo Fanon Wiki policy.

  1. It is strongly suggested that you ask the artist's permission to using their image prior to importing it. A screenshot record of the given permission should be placed on the imported image's talk page by the uploader.
  2. If the creator of an artwork states that their image is not to be distributed for any form of use, it is off-limits, period.
  3. An imported image must contain a source link. Art and author names are optional, but recommended.
  4. Do not remove copyright labels or watermarks on an art that you wish to use. If you want to remove the artist's signature from the image, you must ask the artist first.
  5. Do not place templates endorsing the re-distribution of any other artist's work, even if they have given you permission to use it. The copyright status of an image is for them to decide alone.
  6. Should the creator at any time ask for you to delete the image, it must be done immediately and without objection.
  7. If an image is clearly imported and is not linked to a source image, it will require a link within a week or will be deleted.
  8. Derivative artwork (altered artwork that is still recognizable as the original) of work by users of deviantArt, CGHub, ConceptShips, ConceptRobots, etc will be immediately removed, unless permission is granted by the original artist.
  9. Artwork, concept works, screen shots and CGI screen shots from video games, movie screen shots, TV screen shots and other images in the public domain do not require above proposals, but sourcing these images nonetheless would be much appreciated to ensure they are exempt.
  10. Any existing imported images that are stumbled upon at any time should be edited into accordance with the above rules, if the source image can be located; if not, the image is best to be deleted.

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