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Secessionist League vessels as of February 29, 2160, ordered by affiliation.

League Command

  • Vortex, large destroyer - Captain Joachim Zimmerman
  • Liberty Hammer, large freighter - Captain Yvonne Anders, Flag Officer Ferdinand Ritter
  • Laertes, small freighter - Commander Julian Erickson


  • Crusader, small freighter - Commodore Thomas Richards-Perez
  • Sentinel, small freighter - Commander Frank Wei
  • Zephyr, small freighter - Commander Helena Watts


  • Star Defender, destroyer - Commodore David Roberts-Kuznetsov
  • Emancipator, large freighter - Captain Yusuf Mohammad
  • Liberator, large freighter - Captain Julia Henderson
  • Ares, medium freighter - Captain Johnnie Martin
  • Radiant Liberty, medium freighter - Captain Humphrey Kim
  • Hugo, small freighter - Commander Antonio Barrett
  • Reliance, small freighter - Commander Maria Clarkson


  • Swordsman, large destroyer - Commodore Lilly de Graaf
  • Warlord, large destroyer - Commodore Philip Rodriguez
  • Battleaxe, destroyer - Captain Joe Quentin
  • Broadsword, destroyer - Captain David Lennox-Steel
  • Cutlass, destroyer - Captain Kathy Darling
  • Javelin, destroyer - Captain Noel Snyder
  • Pike, destroyer - Captain Louise Greenfield
  • Scimitar, destroyer - Captain Trevor Day
  • Tomahawk, destroyer - Captain Frank Thomlinson
  • Gauntlet, large freighter - Captain Timothy Boyd, Flag Officer Dietrich Eisenmenger
  • Dagger's Edge, medium freighter - Captain Ryan Ortiz
  • Royal Thunder, medium freighter - Captain Maurice White
  • Starwind, medium freighter - Captain Anita Barton-Shaw
  • Western Star, medium freighter - Captain Michael Chan-Ward
  • Deliverance, small freighter - Commander Maya Campbell
  • Fury, small freighter - Commander Jennifer Kant
  • Lucky Star, small freighter - Commander Randy Schiffer
  • Revenge, small freighter - Commander Orlando Frazier
  • Solar Skimmer, small freighter - Commander Kyle Newman


  • Champion, large destroyer - Commodore Martin Laudermill
  • Homeland, large destroyer - Commodore Richenza Resnik, Flag Officer Benjamin Lutz
  • Crimson Storm, destroyer - Captain Wallace Fox
  • Firestorm, destroyer - Captain Andrew Kowalski
  • Freedom's Vanguard, destroyer - Captain Laverne Lopez
  • Red Lightning, destroyer - Captain Estelle Dunn
  • Scarlet Lance, destroyer - Captain Christopher Hayes
  • Big Aeolus, large freighter - Captain Jude Weber
  • Chieftain of the Skies, large freighter - Captain Horace Hammond
  • Independence, large freighter - Captain Anton Zaytsev
  • Star Lady, large freighter - Captain Desiree Clarke
  • Ascension, medium freighter - Captain Mark Batoosingh
  • Reckoning, medium freighter - Commander Alex Black
  • Eagle II, small freighter - Commander Jonathan Meyer
  • Otto's Revenge, small freighter - Commander Randall Kim
  • Red Tempest, small freighter - Commander Cassidy Niedermeyer
  • Reprisal, small freighter - Commander Sheila Flanders
  • Shield of Liberty, small freighter - Commander Wendell Garret
  • Starblazer, small freighter - Commander Evan Anderson
  • Viper, small freighter - Commander Johannes Engelbrecht


  • Recalcitrant, large destroyer - Commodore Omar Niazi
  • Iron Justice, destroyer - Captain Edmund Thornton
  • Song of War, destroyer - Captain April Ellis-Zaragoza
  • Stellar Serpent, large freighter - Captain John Pierce
  • Defiance, medium freighter - Captain Tina Wheeler
  • Herald, medium freighter - Captain Nathan Chan
  • Fang, small freighter - Commander Saul Figueroa
  • Mystic, small freighter - Commander Kelly Cannon
  • Opportunity, small freighter - Commander Kyle Dean-Walsh
  • Star Flower, small freighter - Commander Lori Paige
  • Twilight Runner, small freighter - Commander Raphael King


  • Maelstrom, destroyer - Commodore Norton Vos
  • Redeemer, medium freighter - Captain James Schrader
  • Cobra, small freighter - Commander Anthony Voigt
  • Fearless, small freighter - Commander Matthew Ortega-Simpson
  • Starhawk, small freighter - Commander Samantha Trammel
  • Tireless, small freighter - Commander Steven Park


  • Azure Guardian, destroyer - Commodore Richard Chen
  • Apache, medium freighter - Captain Elroy Anders
  • Minerva, medium freighter - Captain Tom Jones
  • Dire Tidings, small freighter - Commander Donovan Foster
  • Jubilee, small freighter - Commander Alexander Holland
  • Star Dragon, small freighter - Commander Melanie Cordonnier


  • Sterling, medium freighter - Captain Ishmael Zhang
  • Sword of Justice, small freighter - Commander Lawrence Caldwell
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