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Halo Wars: Road to Reach is a highly customizable RTS and piloting game in the Halo video game series. It begins during Cole's offensive and ends at the Battle of Reach.


HW: Road to Reach features a new type of RTS in which the armies controlled by the player are extremely customizable. This can and will affect any game. During campaign, new powers, equipment, and other abilities are unlocked by accomplishment at times, but normally by purchasing it with Battle Points.

The essential storyline of RtR follows a number of main characters at different times. These range from a Sergeant in the Marines to a Commander that would eventually be promoted to Rear Admiral. The many battles of the game take place in three different yet linked battlefields: space, air, and land. The land battles are the only true RTS style of play since the air and space battles allow you to directly control a single craft at a time though the others can be controlled by an interactive menu.