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Hastatus-class Battle Frigate
Production information
Technical specifications
  • 1x heavy railgun
  • 3x plasma lances
  • 1x nuclear missile launcher
  • 50x anti-capital ship missile pods
  • 25x point defense laser
  • 10x point defense missile launcher
Cargo capacity

h larger.


Necros War




The Hastatus-class Battle Frigate is a Vorenus ship class.


The Hastatus is a modified Frigate, with a main hull almost twice the normal length, a extra pair of engines and a much larger engine. Its main drive is much larger and its rail gun is almost twice the length. To this extent it is much more heavily armed and marginly faster than the Legionaire-class Frigate.

UNSC Remarks

Starships of the Vorenus Imperium during the Necros War
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