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Hayes (Vector)

Hayes in light tactical gear.

"We’ve been authorized to sanction a hinge point individual."

Hayes was an officer of the UNSC Defense Force and the UNSC Special Operations Command.

He was highly ambitious, and was a coveted junior officer by ONI senior commanders — he earned the respect and trust at the highest echelons of ONI, who would highly commend him, putting Hayes on the fast track for promotion, and sending him to deal with the most sensitive of operations. By 2570, he had attained rank of Commander (O-5) and would serve as an operations officer and senior unit commander in Counterterrorism Activity Warfare Section, acting as the off-site controller for Operation: ICEBREAKER. In 2571, he would be promoted to the rank of Captain (O-6) and would serve as the Chief of Staff for the reactivated UNSC Department of Strategic Intelligence.

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