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Heavy Battle Multiped-III Conqueror
Production information


Technical specifications

Heavy Ceramic armour supported by kinetic energy absorbing laminates and heat absorbing defensive layers

  • 70mm gun
  • 2 .50 vulcans
  • 1 Operator

Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Heavy Battle Multiped-III Conqueror is a Heavy Battle Multiped of the Vorenus Imperium.


The Conqueror is a Heavy Multiped, a developed idea of the Rascal, replacing speed with heavy armour. Capable of traversing rough terrain at a rather ponderous speed, its heavy armour and potent defence systems ensure it is a winner against any anti tank missiles, though heavy cannons will defeat it. It is scorpion like in design with a pair of .50 cal vulcans on two armatures, four well defended and stable legs and a 70mm auto loading cannon on a tail like armature. It has all round aiming and has both a extremely high and low traverse point. It be used in both a tank hunting and infantry hunting roles in urban enviroments, with its speed increased on raods by ball wheel mounts on its legs, though the speed is insubstantial compared to the Rascal. It tracks targets by the use of a motion tracker, mid range millimeter wave RADAR and a large number of infrared, night vision and optical trackers set across its body, some on ball joints.

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