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HERALD team logo
Herald Team
Asymmetrical Warfare Cell "HERALD"
Unit Background
  • Asymmetrical warfare
  • Unconventional warfare
Unit size
  • 12 operators
Current Commander
  • Commander MEDICI
Subordinate Units
  • Herald Team Alpha
  • Herald Team Bravo
  • Herald Team Charlie
  • Herald Team Delta
Current Status



Asymmetrical Warfare Cell "HERALD", or Herald Team, was a squad-sized element of the Beta-5 Asymmetrical Action Group composed of SPARTAN-III Commandos and elite operatives from other unconventional warfare units within the Beta-5 Division. The unit's purpose was to test new tactics, strategies and advanced equipment in combat against the Covenant in the hope of exploiting the alien juggernaut's weaknesses.

The unit was founded by Codename: DRACULA in 2541 as part of Project INDIGO-II, incorporating the most successful HEADHUNTER pair of the first wave, Team Delta-One, as well as two fireteams of Alpha Company washouts trained as Beta-5 special warfare operators. In 2547, the unit bolstered its numbers by adding another headhunter pair – Team Echo-Two – to the roster. The unit took losses in 2550 and 2551, and was ultimately disbanded after the Fall of Reach.


Asymmetrical Warfare Cell "HERALD"
Rank Name Service Designation Status Role
CMDR "MEDICI" N/A Herald Actual Active (as of January 1st, 2553) Operational Commander
Team Alpha
UNSC-N Master Chief Petty Officer
MCPO Xun Huang A146 Herald Alpha One Active (as of January 1st, 2553) Team Commander/Close Quarters Specialist
UNSC-N Senior Chief Petty Officer
SCPO Bruce Miller A412 Herald Alpha Two Active (as of January 1st, 2553) Explosive Ordnance/Heavy Weapons Specialist
Team Bravo
UNSC-N Senior Chief Petty Officer
SCPO Jane Novikova B337 Herald Bravo One KIA (in 2551) Team Commander/Sabotage Specialist
UNSC-N Chief Petty Officer
CPO Nessa Banes B256 Herald Bravo Two KIA (in 2551) Marksman/Medic
Team Charlie
UNSC-N Chief Petty Officer
CPO Sigmund Ambarchik A103 Herald Charlie One KIA (in 2550) Team Commander/Communications Specialist
UNSC-N Petty Officer First Class
PO1 Genevieve Marquise A093 Herald Charlie Two KIA (in 2550) Demolitions Specialist
UNSC-N Petty Officer Second Class
PO2 Arik Engelbrecht A240 Herald Charlie Three KIA (in 2550) Rifleman
UNSC-N Petty Officer Second Class
PO2 Rede Malcolm A055 Herald Charlie Four KIA (in 2550) Pathfinder/Scout
Team Delta
UNSC-N Chief Petty Officer
CPO Serena Ranallo A222 Herald Delta One KIA (in 2551) Team Commander/Rifleman
UNSC-N Petty Officer First Class
PO1 Lance Getchell A399 Herald Delta Two KIA (in 2550) Air Assault Specialist
UNSC-N Petty Officer Second Class
PO2 Erik Enyeart A063 Herald Delta Three KIA (in 2551) Sapper
UNSC-N Petty Officer Second Class
PO2 Julianne Roten A149 Herald Delta Four KIA (in 2551) Rifleman
ONI Seal 1

Beta-5 Division, Asymmetrical Action Group, Team HERALD

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