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Hippocamp-class Assault Craft
Production information
Technical specifications

Necros War


Plainsfier Tribes


The Hippocamp-class Assault Craft is a Plainsfierian water craft, capable of operating both above and below water.


The Hippocamp is a combination of submersible, patrol boat and landing craft, used for all the purposes of those vehicle types. The craft is capable of carrying two dozen infantry, or a single tank, and is armed with a retracting heavy particle cannon for defense.

Vehicles of the Plainsfier Tribes during the Necros War
Ground Vehicles

Siren-class Rapid Mobility Vehicle | Centaur-class Light Transport Vehicle | Chimera-class Armoured Infantry Combat Vehicle | Basilisk-class Heavy Assault Vehicle | Hippocamp-class Assault Craft

Air Vehicles

Phoenix-class Gunship | Pegasus-class Dropship

Space Vehicles

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