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Shortly after first contact with the Machina in 2581, Human scientist began looking into whether a "frame" could be constructed to provide a body for humans who had been crippled by disease or accident. Thr UNSC got involved in the program, realizing the potential armed frames, and the ability to vastly increase the number of individuals who would be capable of fulfilling a combat role. With the help of Machina frame-makers, the UNSC managed to cyberneticize the two crippled SPARTAN IIs, Kirk and Rene, who had been cryogenically frozen since 2553 and eagerly volunteered for a chance to gain a new body, in 2587. Mainly due to the help of the Machina frame-makers, no one was killed in the Human Cyberneticization Project. The project was later abandoned due to the cost, time, the amount of funds needed to fully develop it and the lengthy rehabilitation invovled.

Famous Cyberneticized Humans