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Hunter-class Light Cruiser
Production information

light cruiser

Technical specifications
Engine unit(s)

plasma core

  • 8 plasma cannons
  • 10 pulse laser
  • multiple point defence cannons
Year introduced

Remnants War

  • Patrol
  • Rapid Response

Necros War




The Hunter-class Light Cruiser is a USR light cruiser.


The Hunter-class light cruiser is the successor to the Great War era CRS-class light cruiser. The project to refit and improve the age-old CRS-class began simply enough as a project to update the technology used, but as development continued, the project grew in size as its expanded reactor, electronic systems, and new weapon systems. This allowed the Hunter to perform a wider range of roles, without compromising its capability to respond quickly to a variety of situations.

The Hunter's primary role is that of escort, protecting larger warships in fleet actions, using their precise weapons to cut down enemy fighter constellations or bombard enemy capital ships that get too close. It also performs vital security roles, escorting transports, guarding space lanes, intercepting smugglers, and supporting suppression operations on the ground. Such vessels have little to give in terms of glory, but the role they play in safeguard Republic space is invaluable.

Ships of the Line

  • USR Hunter