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Hunter-class Light Cruiser
Production information

light cruiser

Technical specifications

800 meters

Engine unit(s)

plasma core

  • 8 plasma cannons
  • 10 pulse laser
  • multiple point defence cannons
Year introduced

Remnants War

  • Patrol
  • Rapid Response

Necros War




The Hunter-class is a USR light cruiser.


The Hunter-class light cruiser is the successor to the Great War era CRS-class light cruiser. The project to replace and improve the age old CRC-class began simply enough as a project to update the technology used, but as development continued, the ship grew in size as its expanded reactor, electronic systems, additional weapon systems and larger complement. This allowed the Hunter to preform a wider range of roles, without compromising its capability to respond quickly to a variety of situations.

The Hunter's primary role is that of rapid reaction. Being the fastest combat ship in the fleet, the Hunter is usually the first to respond to trouble, and is used to respond to distress calls, enemy raiders and disasters, often used by Special Forces for the same purpose. The Hunter is also used for blockade running, flanking, secure transport and for chasing down fleeing ships.

The Hunter-class is often deployed in independent squadrons, commanded directly by the admiral in charge of the fleet. Often, they are commanded to where the line is breaking, or a gap in the enemy forces that can be exploited.

The Hunter-class carriers four turrets carrying two plasma cannons. They are arranged at on the upper port side, lower port side, upper starboard and lower starboard, and these have a wide firing arc, allowing them to cover a wide area of attack. In addition, both upper and lower surfaces have clusters of point defence plasma cannons and pulse LASERS, for close range fire against starships and fighters. The ship has room for 7 Seraph-class fighters, allowing it to expand its range of operations, and four Phantoms capable of transporting soldiers to the surface for engagements. The Hunter has various new generation electronic systems, upgraded engines and reactors to make it the fastest combat ship in the fleet, and numerous electronic warfare systems. However, the Hunter still has traditionally large Sangheili crew compliments, with many non-automated systems, but allows for a large boarding compliment whenever the Hunter chases down its prey.

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