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Archangel Interdictor
Production information



capital ship interceptor

Technical specifications
Engine unit(s)

Plasma Fusion Core


equivalent to UNSC Grade 2

  • 4 Heavy Particle Cannons
  • 2 heavy plasma cannons
  • 9 Weapon Pods
  • Pilot
  • Co-Pilot
  • 1 Gunners
Minimum crew



Capital Ship Interceptor


Necros War




The I-113 Archangel is a USR interdictor craft.


The Archangel is the USR's first true Interdictor craft, and the successor to the rarely successful Phantom Interdictor. The Archangel is used on many USR Carriers to conduct long range strikes against capital ships, who can rarely defend against something so fast and agile.

The Archangel first entered development in the late 50s after the USR witnessed the destructive prowess of the UNSC's Interdictor-class craft at the battle of Rhaktmun Shipyards. The Covenant Remnant had a number of warships under repair after a unsuccessful battle with the Swords of Sanghelios, and were under observation by a Sword Stealth Corvette, in preparation for a strike, however the UNSC had been planning a strike for sometime, and chose that moment to strike. Several dozen I-550 Broadswords, escorted by several F/I-905 Claymore heavy fighters jumped in from out of system and commenced a short range assault on the Remnant force, almost completely annihilating the defenders through the user of nuclear charges and anti-capital ship missiles, in particular taking down a fully shielded capital ship with several strafing runs, and taking few casualties in return.. All the information on this daring raid was collated and observed with great interest by the Justiciars. While close allies, and much technology was shared, many other pieces were not, as the UNSC and USR still preferred to have their own advantages, having been close enemies a few decades earlier. The Justiciars decided that the fire power of this class was so great, that they must reproduce it, if not better it.

The Archangel was fitting Sangheili in design, elegant smooth lines, organic shape, and completely deadly. While the UNSC focused on straight line speed and defence, the USR focused on high speed, agility and shielding, though at the cost of armour. The Archangel had substantial control surfaces with embedded micro thruster, giving great agility, allowing it to dance through enemy fire, and a large arsenal. It's main arsenal is four heavy particle cannons, a heavy and rapid fire beam that can punch holes through starship armour for high-speed stafing runs. In addition, it carries nine weapon pods, capable of firing off a exceedingly deadly salvo of plasma torpedoes, or other weapons, should the mission dictate it. It carries two plasma turrets, on the upper and lower surface, capable of fending off most threats. It is also fitted with a slipspace drive, allowing it to attack from out of the system.

The Archangel, with its high payload, powerful shields and great speed and agility, make it perfect for attack capital ships at short range, and making the newest addition to the USR fleet, the most welcome one.

UNSC Remarks

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  • Archangel Squadron

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