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Infantry Fighting Vehicle-VII Eclipse
Production information
Technical specifications

Ceramic armour supported by kinetic energy absorbing laminates and heat absorbing defensive layers

  • 30mm autocannon
  • 15mm hull mounted cannon
  • 6 hull mounted LMG firing points
  • 150mm HEAT Missile
  • 1 driver
  • 1 gunner
  • 12

Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Infantry Fighting Vehicle-VII Eclipse is a Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the Vorenus Imperium.


The vehicle is surprisingly similar in design to Type-49 Anima Infantry Fighting Vehicle and the M03 Kangaroo Infantry Fighting Vehicle, being a medium weight armoured personel carrier with a 30mm turret. Where it differs is a hull mounted 15mm autocannon for close, forwards defence and six hull mounted LMGs to replicate hull firing ports. It features a hydraulic back door and a anti tank launcher that fires a 150mm RADAR guided HEAT missile.

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