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Interplanetary War


Interplanetary Conflict


2164 - 2170


Sol System


UN Decisive Victory

  • Formation of the UEG.
  • Dissolution of the Frieden Movement.
  • Dissolution of the Koslovics.

United Nations Space Command


Koslovic People's Republic




Frieden Streitkräfte

Koslovic Armed Forces

Interplanetary Conflict
Major Participants
United Nations · Koslovic People's Republic · Friedensbewegung
Koslovic Doctrine · Secessionist Movement
Major Events
Jovian Moons Campaign · Great Naval Reserve Raid · Commerce War · Asteroid Skirmishes · Rain Forest Wars · System War · Interplanetary War · Callisto Treaty
2160 · 2161 · 2162 · 2163 · 2164 · 2165
2166 · 2167 · 2168 · 2169 · 2170

The Interplanetary War was the continuation of the wars of 2160 - 2163, with the United Nations Space Command squaring off against both the Frieden Movement and the Koslovic People's Republic. Lasting six years, the Interplanetary War was initiated by a formal declaration of war by the assembled members of the United Nations, to be carried out by the newly created United Nations Space Command Defense Force. The UNSCDF absorbed the elements of the former United Nations Defense Forces, as well as the International Fleet and all remaining aspects of national forces. It also drew upon all the resources of Earth, including a massive pool of manpower, creating a force effectively unstoppable; within a year, all opposing forces had been driven from the inner planets. Within two years, remnants of the Koslovic and Frieden navies were limited to defensive options only, having been utterly exhausted by UNSC offensives. With a public enthusiasm for "seeing the war to the very end", something unimaginable just years earlier, the UNSC continued its unrelenting campaigns well into 2170: only the unconditional surrender of all Koslovic and Frieden forces in August of that year prevented their total annihilation.


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Inner system operations

Earth campaign

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Mars campaign

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Battle of the Belt

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Outer system operations

Jupiter Campaign

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