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Into The Unknown is an expanded universe founded by Echowaffle8 and Distant Tide. In response to the stonewall situation created by the Created Crisis by Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2, Into The Unknown seeks to circumvent the story problem with distance and the intervention of strange Forerunner technology. Most of the events take place in 2558 onward and seek to involve as many Halo Fanon users as possible.

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In 2530, the United Nations Space Command has taken over all facets of the human government, the Unified Earth Government. Following the Battle of Groombridge-1830, Admiral Preston Cole wrote Emergency Priority Order 098831A-1, better known as the Cole Protocol to protect the locations of many Human colony worlds still unknown to the invading Covenant Empire. It was from the establishment of this order that elements of civilian and military departments of the human government began to explore concepts for a number of contingency plans in the event that Humanity lost the war with the aliens.

From this concept, the UNSC Infinity was born and another option, Project Janszoon was established. Janszoon is a charter by the Unified Earth Government and the Office of Naval Intelligence to establish colonies outside the Orion Arm as a retreat in case Earth was ever discovered by the Covenant and glassed. These worlds would serve as a bastion where Mankind could start anew when the war was going as badly as it was. The colonists of Project Janszoon's first world call it Jade Rock.

While the war would end with Humanity victorious alongside their Sangheili allies, it was a pyrrhic victory. A death toll counting into the tens of billions. Hundreds of planets glassed to dust. Humanity struggled to reclaim their former strength, as of 2558, the recovery efforts are still ongoing. In the meantime, two ideological camps rose among the survivors of the Human-Covenant War. Those that wanted to reclaim colonies from the glassy surface, and those that sought out deep space in search of new planets to call home. Those that chose to travel further outside the Orion Arm would follow in the path of Operation: Janszoon and establish colonies of their own. This region of space, established between the Orion Arm and the Perseus Arm, is known as the Colonial Frontier, a place of uncertainty and much potential.

And while the rest of colonized space is being hammered by Cortana's Created in 2558, the Colonial Frontier is too sparse and underdeveloped to be a threat and thus have been left untouched for now. However, among the poor and wretched frames of a society-in-the-making, there are threats and whispers of a Cold War beginning to wind up.

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(4) All events in this EU take place outside or on the edge of the Orion Arm, meaning it distances itself from the Created Crisis by light years. While the events of Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 will have a direct effect on the plot, the actual Created Occupation does not occur on the worlds and territories where Into The Unknown takes place.
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Key Locations

  • Conquer - An abandoned colony world established during the UEG's expansion into the stars, Conquer's population left by the millions following vast desertification driven by planetary climate change. Due to its vast distance from Earth and much of Human-Covenant War, the world has gone mostly untouched and is now inhabited by nonaligned peoples, usually drifters and stubborn colonists with very little to their names. Conquer is often considered the "Gateway to the Colonial Frontier" due to its status as a waystation at the edge of the Orion Spur.
  • Valhalla - A refugee colony constructed by the survivors of glassed Sansar, Ludvika, and Drammen. A significant military and economic power on the Colonial Frontier, the planet is home to a healthy population in the several million. The Created Crisis has yet to reach the world's shores.
  • Jade Rock - Established by the UEG Operation: Janszoon, Jade Rock is a prosperous UEG colony world established on the Colonial Frontier in the 2530s. With a population in the several million, it is on its way to becoming prosperous and self-sufficient, distant from the rest of the Human Sphere. Due to the vast distance between Jade Rock and the rest of the UEG, Jade Rock's supply chain suffers greatly from increased piracy and economic difficulty attributed to increased cost and bureaucratic complications.
  • Wealth - Rebelling against the UEG at the beginning of the Human-Covenant War, Wealth is an insurrectionist utopia which serves as the seat of power for the Wealthian Coalition. While one of the most highly-populated colony on the frontier, the planet boasts an incredibly diversified industrial base which has arisen from the thousands of governments and faction which call Wealth home. As an advocate for colonial independence, Wealth is happy to supply rebel fighters with everything from consumables such as food and ammunition all the way up to completed starships.
  • Jaeter - An backwater world located in the Joint-Occupation Zone between UEG and Sanghelios Space, Jaeter is a diverse colony world with a small population made of both humans and former Covenant species. While a protectorate and recognized as a part of the Unified Earth Government's domain, they are not recognized as a proper colony and operates mostly independent of Earth's influence. The UNSC once maintained an active presence on Jaeter, using the planet as a way station for its fleets patrolling the J-OZ. Following the shut down of the Earth-led government, Jaeter is now a puppet for the Created Regime that has taken over colonized space.

Key Factions

  • Baal Defense Solutions - A private security company that saw a major economic boom following the end of the Human-Covenant War due to security contracts involving many different factions. The organization's expansion into a number of new markets has been notably unsettling to some military and market analysts. BDS's Frontier Division is a powerhouse on the Colonial Frontier.
  • Campbell's Marauders - Piracy organization operating along the lesser-patrolled space lanes outside the protection of the UNSC or the Swords of Sanghelios. Led by Commodore Jerrold Campbell, the organization has been plundering starships and unguarded colonies in the post-Great War era, building riches for himself and his followers.
  • Waquish - Non-aligned species who colonized the unexplored reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy, Covenant Fringe artifacts speak little and vaguely of encounters with this advanced insectoid civilization. Behaving similarly to most insect life, the Waquish are isolationist and territorial, preferring to be left alone. Their colonies stretch over unknown distances and may threaten the fragile peace built in the time following the Human-Covenant War.
  • Ember Coalition - In the wake of the Human-Covenant War, the Human-supremacy movement saw a bolster in support, giving rise to Sapien Sunrise and the Ember Coalition. Backed by some of the most prolific private corporations in Human space, Ember seeks to maintain Mankind's superiority over other civilizations among the stars. Not much is known about the organization behind the scenes.
  • Task Force Foxhound - A UNSC Joint Task Force made up of veteran combat units from the Human-Covenant War. They were deployed by the UNSC on a long-term reconnaissance mission on the edge of the Human Sphere, however, sudden events have drawn Foxhound further from Earth than expected. Cut off from the rest of the UNSC fleet, they seek to defend the interests of the UEG far from home.
  • Glass Raiders - Lead by the former ONI intelligence officer, now Captain Jeffery Korn, Glass Raiders is a gang of pirates employed by the Cortez Cartel. Following the recruitment of a high-value fugitive from the UNSC Spartan Branch, the organization has been keeping low, hiding on the edge of known space. Desperately in need of employment, the Glass Raiders turn to regional contractors for assignments.
  • Wealthian Coalition - A breakaway colony world from the Unified Earth Government, the Wealthians have been promoting insurrection against the UNSC for generations. Following the Human-Covenant War, concerns were raised about survival if another genocidal conflict were to occur. An expedition was deployed to the Colonial Frontier for a new world to be established by the Wealthian population. Now integrated, they aggressively patrol the edges of Human space applying their iron will on the defenseless.
  • Valhallan Commonwealth - A refugee colony once established by fleeing survivors of glassed Human colonies, the Federal Commonwealth of Valhalla has become a sovereign military power on the Colonial Frontier. Democratic and liberal, the state is an anomaly among its conservative and xenophobic neighbors. While no friend of the UEG, the two have common enemies, including human-supremacist groups such as Sapien Sunrise. The Valhallans also play a major role in countering piracy along the frontier.
  • Incognito Company - A program split off from the initial SPARTAN-III Program, Incognito Company was constructed from washouts and leftover recruits from SPARTAN-III Alpha Company. Like other SPARTAN-III Companies, the majority of its Spartan operators were killed engaging the Covenant. The remaining survivors have been funneled into the Spartan Branch or now serve as Ferret Teams under the command of ONI intelligence officers. Their presence on the Colonial Frontier is tied to several deep-cover operations that have since been postponed due to the arrival of the Created.
  • Delta Company - An illegal fourth-generation and the only known successor to the SPARTAN-III Program, Delta Company is made up of what leftover recruits were being funneled into a planned fourth generation of SPARTAN-IIIs before the Human-Covenant abruptly came to an end. The program was eventually shut down and Delta was absorbed into the UNSC Spartan Branch. A large portion of Delta Company have abandoned the UNSC due to wavering loyalty, these rogues are now subject to one of the largest manhunt's in Human history.


  • Date Unknown: Lance Floyd, a former PFC in the UNSC Defense Forces, is confronted by a squadron of piracy vessels in deep space. In the drawn-out ship battle, Floyd's vessel is damaged severely to the point of being adrift. He puts down a Slipspace Beacon and goes into cryogenic stasis until he came be rescued.


  • Date Unknown: The first three Piedmont-class heavy carriers enter service. While the type was suitable for conflicts with Insurrectionists, they were found to be particularly helpless against Covenant ships and were therefore used in Project Janszoon in large quantities.


  • December 25th: UNSC military commanders and analysts interview Subject 386, also known as the Groombridge Subject. The Sangheili does not reveal much to his captors, however, he explained that the Covenant Empire was dedicated to the genocide of the entire Human species. In response, Admiral Preston Cole of the UNSC Navy outlined the Cole Protocol, a military regulation order requiring the utmost secrecy on the location of all colonized Human star systems to prevent future attacks by Covenant forces.


  • February 23rd: The UNSC Spirit of Fire encounters Etran Harborage, a Forerunner shield world at the edge or near the Perseus Arm. Following the battle that ensued and the destruction of the Forerunner installation, the Spirit of Fire drifted beyond the Perseus Arm into uncharted space away from the galactic center. The ship would be one of a few early Human ships to go beyond the edge of charted space in some decades.


  • March 3rd: The Human-Covenant War draws to a close. Mankind declares a Pyrrhic victory of outlasting its enemies. The Covenant Empire collapses into itself with the death of their last religious figurehead. The Sangheili and Humans sign a peace treaty that officially ends the conflict.


  • Date Unknown: Lance Floyd is recovered by a passing Kig-Yar smuggling vessel; he is pulled out of cryo-stasis only to be woken up a century later surrounded by aliens. The events that followed his wake into a new century do not go well.

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