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40px-Terminal.png This article, Invasion of Sanghelios, was written by Spartan 501. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Great Schism





Invasion of Sangheilios

Great Schism


Nov. 5-Nov. 30th


Sangheilios System


Seperatist/UNSC Victory




UNSC/ONI Section 0


Minister of Elegance




100,000 Infantry, 21 Capital Ships

70,000 Infantry, 23 Capital Ships




65,000 Infantry, 22 Capital Ships



The Invasion of Sangheilios was a prominent battle in the Great Schism. It began when Loyalist forces, with a fleet of 23, attacked the Sangheili forces in the system and attempted to lay siege to the planet.


November 5th, 2552

0715 Hours

  • Loyalist armada enters the system
  • Loyalists immediatly dispatch dropships

0725 Hours

  • Seperatist fleet in mobilized and sent on an intercept course to the approaching Loyalists

0730 Hours

  • Seperatist ground forces mobilize.
  • All Seperatist units are brought to red alert

0745 Hours

  • Loyalist and Seperatist fleets engage each other
  • Seperatists launch Seraphs to intercept the dropships

0750 Hours

  • Loyalist fighter screen destroys Seperatist Seraphs
  • All transports survive

0855 Hours

  • Loyalist forces advance on Seperatist cities
  • Orbital Battle Continues

November 14th

1505 Hours

  • Captured Covenant frigate controlled by SPARTAN-144 enters the system
  • Battle continues to rage

1610 Hours

1625 Hours

  • SPARTAN-144's ship is disabled by Jiralhanae fire, and the ship crashes into the surface of the planet

1637 Hours

  • Loyalist and Seperatists begin a battle at the crashsite.
  • SPARTAN-144 overloads the reactor engines
  • SPARTAN-144 escapes

1642 Hours

  • Reactor explodes

2037 Hours

SPARTAN-144 hides in mountains above the planet, and fires sniper fire at both sides

November 15th

1200 Hours

November 16th

2349 Hours

  • Covenant Loyalist push Sangheili back to a single mountain, coincidently were SPARTAN-144 is hiding.

November 17th

1559 Hours

  • SPARTAN-114 is captured by Seperatist elites, who spare him due to the truce between the two races

2000 Hours

2015 Hours

  • Rapid Seperatist mechanized assault is lauched, dealing a decisive blow to the Loyalists

November 27th

1200 Hours

  • Loyalist fleet in orbit is destroyed

November 30th

0500 Hours

  • All remaining Loyalist forces are rounded up and killed

March 3rd

1100 Hours

  • SPARTAN-144 is given a modified Seraph with a slipspace drive, and he returns to UNSC space

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