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Invasion of Shade's Retribution

Great Schism




Shade's Retribution, Penitence System

  • Empire of Cerbus defeat
  • Covenant Believer victory
  • Eventual resurrection of the Covenant

Empire of Cerbus


Covenant Believers

  • Chieftain Commander Tramkaus
  • Lieutenant Jerome-092
  • Supreme Commander Zackalus

Third Imperial Fleet

  • 3 Assault Carriers
  • 12 Cruisers
  • 15 Destroyers
  • 15 Frigates
  • 25 Corvettes

7th SFOD

  • SPARTAN Alpha Team
  • SPARTAN Beta Team
  • HEADHUNTER Team Beth

Fleet of Sanctimonous Aspiration

  • 1 Supercarrier
  • 1 Assault Carrier
  • 3 Carriers
  • 15 Cruisers
  • 10 Destroyers
  • 10 Frigates
  • 20 Corvettes

66 ships

1 Spartan

23 ships


The Invasion of Shade's Retribution was a major galactic event during the Judgement Era, which is widely considered the catalyst for the resurrection of the Covenant and the Second Covenant War - ironically largely due to the UNSC's involvement, a point which became a source of tension between the Sangheili and the UNSC for some time, and a large public approval loss for the Spartans, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the UNSC as a whole for a long time to come.


The Battle



"How did it go so wrong? We suceeded, yet in doing so we only created a much greater foe than we could imagine at that time."

"You see the Spartans and think of them as those invincible heroes that fight armies head-on and keep you safe at night. That's only reinforced when the news then tell you that they've just halted an invasion that top UNSC strategists were certain would have caused a drastic change of the Covenant Civil War situation to allow a single faction to threaten humanity's existence once more. And then you realize that it's because of what they did there that an enemy that brought us to the brink of extinction was resurrected and then declared holy war against us again. That bit huge chunks off of the morale - and the people's worshipping of the Spartans. It's like Neville Chamberlain and "Peace in our time" all over again, it is."
―Anonymous Civilian worker

"Due to the humans' rash actions and inadequate intelligence gathering, we must go to war once more, against a foe we thought we had crushed. It is challenging not to feel resentful of the humans. Why they were named 'Reclaimers' by the Forerunners is beyond me."
―Anonymous Sangheili Shipmaster

"It will be the Human-Covenant war all over again....this time I am standing my ground. I will aid our allies, and I will make sure our alliance does not drift away. If it does....only the Forerunners could know what the fuck could go wrong next. This is a enemy I thought we destroyed. I do not blame the humans. I do not blame anyone. We need to put aside the mistakes, put aside our differences, put aside the rebels. the way it will end. This is our fight. And we will see it finished."
―Field Master Stel 'Vadam.