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Terminal This article, Jacki Stort, was written by Spartan 501. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Jacki Stort
Jacki Stort
Biographical information
Physical description





M33 Revolver, Sniper Rifle System 99G-S3 Anti-Material


RapierM Interceptor

Hair color


Eye color

Light Green

Chronological and political information

Necros War



Notable Facts

112th Pilot


UNSC, 112th


Jacki Stort is the daughter of the 112ths original leader, Major William Stort. Jacki is good friends with Sarah Cramer, and is a very calm person. She works to bring out the less hostile side in Sarah, and is often very supportive to members of the squad with problems. Like Sarah she is more comfortable on the ground than in the air, though she is a decent pilot. However, she shines on the ground like Sarah, being an excellent sniper (better than Sarah and the best sniper in the merc squad). But unlike Sarah, she is not a good enough fighter pilot to hold her own with the others of the merc 112th, and she is sometimes a liability in the air.

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