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Jackson Dawes
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Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps SGTMMCNecros





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  • Human Covenant War
  • Necros War

United Earth Government (UEG)


Jackson Dawes is the current Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps and a career marine, former ODST and a SPARTAN 1.1. A professional marine, having survived some of the fiercest battles of the Human-Covenant war, he remained during the clean up and peace keeping eras and even got promoted to Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps in the eighties. However, the peacefulness of the job didn't sit well with him while there was still wars to fight, so he voluntarily retired his commission, going back to the rank of Sergeant Major, and serving in the ODSTs once again, before being reassigned to the 117th Regiment, where he has happily remained. Dawes is a thorough, dedicated marine, who rarely gives in, relents or admits defeat. However, he's highly efficient as a marine, knowing when to use stealth or diplomacy over fire power. Despite the years of blood shed he has seen, is is still honest, somewhat kind hearted and dedicated to his comrades and the UNSC, but remains a man of few words, preferring to let his actions speak louder than his words.

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