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Jaeter and it's three Moons is the setting of Jaeter's Protectors RP.


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J-O Zone


Outer Worlds


Omega Horseshoe



  • Harvest
  • Akara
  • Scion



7000 mi



  • Summers - 80-100F
  • Winters - 0-25F
  • Fall and Spring - 25-80F


Primary terrain
  • Continental
  • Oceanic
  • Islands
Native species
  • Human
  • Sangheili
  • Kig Yar
  • Jiralhanae
  • Yanme
  • Unggoy
Official language
  • English
  • Sangheili

900k (600k Officially counted by Jaeter Governemnt. 300k not recorded by Government. On the island chains of Mycra in a civil war.)

Major cities
  • Seyerton (Capital)
  • Vlosa
Major imports


Major exports



Independent in the J-O Zone



1st Colonization

Jaeter was Colonized at the start of the Human Covenant War. The first batch of Colonists arrived and set up their town, Seyerton. It was given enough supplies so the group can be self sustaining for years. When word spread around Human space, all colonization of Jaeter was halted. The planet was cut off and no message reached it. Majority of the colonists managed to survive without help from the UEG when they were cut off for the entire war.

Covenant Landing

The Covenant did not arrive to Jaeter until five years before the end of the Human Covenant War. A Forerunner map lead the Covenant to the planet. A small group of four ships were sent there by a Prophet. This group called them selves the Prophet's Will at the end of the War to continue what the Prophets wanted. Only continent on Jaeter to receive glassing was Kuthra. The Human colonists managed to evade the Covenant because their colony was small and the lack of structures that gave them away. There were small factions of the Covenant, around thirty or so of various species that landed on Jaeter that were considered Heretics. They were never found because of the Great Schism.

2nd Colonization

Post War is when the 2nd Colonization started and Jaeter became disputed territory between the Sangheilies and Humans. Humans, alien refugees on Earth and all over came to Jaeter. The core population from the 1st colonization greeted the new arrivals. A lot of the new arrivals did not like the former Covenant species now on the planet but the population had to get along to build up.

Disputed Territory

With the influx of all species, the Sangheili Alliance and UEG have called Jaeter their colony. Neither side risking to start a war for the colony. For the time, Jaeter is a disputed Colony on the edge of Human Sangheili Space, which ever way the Civies want to go, the governments might have to accept their choice.



The Capital and first city of Jaeter. It was named after the first leader, McKenzie Seyer. The city lacks a space elevator and it also goes against the city layout for a space elevator. So if the UEG would want a space elevator on Jaeter, they would need to build it somewhere else. The city has a mix of Covenant and Human architecture. About half the city is a mixed population and the other half has two sections separated for the former Covies and Humans that can not get along. Signs of tension are still there near the segregated areas.


The second city that is being built. Not that far from Seyerton. It keeps the mixed theme of Human and Covenant architecture.


Jaeter's government is a democracy where the leaders are voted in by the people. So far anyone is allowed into the leadership roles until the population of the planet grows a few generations so stricter rules can be applied. Human or not, if someone shows signs of being a good leader, they have a chance.


With the influx of people and the economy increasing a lot, the government is able to have federal companies. Some companies are bought out by the government while some are supplied by them and become part of the government. A few notable one are: Jaeter Defense Munitions, Tammy's Orbital Fabrication, Vlosa Motor Production, Grassner Tailoring. There have been talks of two more companies that ill be part of the civil and military production. One for water faring vessels and one for in atmosphere aircraft.


There are two Police departments and both are in their infancies. Seyerton Police Department (SPD) and the Vlosa Department (VPD). A civil Police was formed by Govenor Ryto'Tungam. One reason was so the Militia does nto have to work over time and the other is so people can feel at peace with people dedicated to the task of policing. The Militia has worked along side the police departments to increase their effectiveness.


On top of the strange factor of the planet, the Militia is a mix. Every species has been able to fight in the Militia to defend their new home. A lot of the members are former military from the Covenant and UNSC, but there has been fresh recruits with no prior fighting experience to take up arms and help protect their planet. The Militia has gone by names as in The Militia, and Jaeter Defense Force.



A dense jungle moon and the Humans named it after Harvest.


Named by former Covenant species, not much is known about this moon since it seems to be in a constant storm.


Named by both Humans and other Species, it is a red moon.


Jaeter had a pretty temperate climate, which it can hold forests, jungles, and plains. In the middle of Auvrix is an odd desert in the middle of the continent. The two poles are mostly Ice. People are able to live on the planet year round without any issue.


Not much is known about the Forerunner's involvement on the world. Some say it was a research facility but there lacks research facilities. With the amount of sites found on the planet, and the contents in them, some come to a conclusion it being a staging point or storage facility. A Forerunner ship hangar was found but it can hold one to two Cruisers depending on if it is a UNSC Cruiser or a Covenant Cruiser. With one of Jaeter's moons being a shield world and the amount of facilities there, a monitor was made for it. The militia has yet to find it. The monitor is named 907 Obfuscating Luminescence.

UNSC Involvement

A UNSC strike group arrived to Jaeter to asses the damages that have happened. With lost contact of a UNSC Frigate over the planet. A lot of personal thought it to be the work of Innies. The higher ups thought that the Militia was just a cover so that a group of Innies could take over the planet. Long talks between officials and a very determined Captain led to the officials coming up with a set of plans for the planet. The plans were settled when the Militia was no longer deemed a threat the the UNSC. Tensions are still there though. Very limited UNSC presence on the planet and access to research Forerunner sites with Militia over looking the progress. In return, Jaeter is part of the J-O Zone and is protected by both UNSC and Sangheilios.UNSC is helping the Militia build their own ships, vehicles and weapons. So the Militia fights and dies first while the UNSC sits back and watches.



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