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James Corbett
Biographical Information

Taradia (Indus Corus system, First Rim colonies, Human Sphere)


December 22, 2538 (Atolius, North Capital, Taradia)


August 30, 2634 (South Abbey, District 551, Sharpton)

Physical Description





77.2 inches (196.1 centimeters)


Messy brown


Dark hazel

Chronological and Political Information

NorthLOC North Capital LOCOM
UNSCflag UNSC Defense Force
Haverson3-1 Haverson S&D Logistics

"Lock and load, 'cause I guarantee you'll love our new guns."
―Then-Captain James Corbett, just before his unit's first use of M-201B rifles.

James Corbett (also known by various call signs such as John Charlie, Space Ninja, and/or Warlord) was a native of the Federated Commonwealth of Taradia, specifically the North Capital province within the New Bandar Coastal Trade Region.

James established a career as an elite military operator employed first by the United Nations Space Command Defense Force and later for Haverson Defense as a strategic adviser and instructor.

Additionally, one of his more renowned ventures was his role as the first commanding officer of the ultra-clandestine combat cell Ozone Six. He would retain this assignment for more than a quarter of a decade.


Early LifeEdit

Service YearsEdit

Preceding his tenure with the UNSC Defense Force, James first served for two years with the North Capital Land Operations Command beginning in 2548, which at the time became more or less a direct support unit to conventional forces. Following a brief hiatus, James submitted an application for entry into the Orbital-Drop Shock Trooper Corps, into which he was accepted following a supplemental basic training regimen.

Before long, he graduated from both ODST and sniper training. He would serve for more than forty years as both a designated marksman and sniper; in 2572, Corbett would be selected to lead the newly formed Combat reconnaissance element Ozone Six, a member-unit of the Black Operations. After serving twenty-five years with CRE Ozone Six, James would be assigned to a desk job with the UNSC Special Warfare Directorate command regiment for nine years before a complete retirement.


Following this retirement, James was hired by the increasingly powerful Haverson Defense, a private military contractor that satisfied his near-instantaneous longing to return to active duty. His extraordinary capabilities as a tactician provided bountiful aid to the company, with which he worked with for nineteen years before retreating to a small Second Rim colony, Sharpton, where he lived with a distant cousin until his death years afterward.

Career Service VitaeEdit

( as of 0400 hours, March 8th, 2584 )


James Corbett


SERVICE #: 117

Unit: Black Operations, CRE Ozone Six
Rating: Cabal
(P)MOS: User
Enlistment Date: 1/1/11
Location: Earth

Gender: Male
Blood Type: X
Birthplace: Earth
Birth Date: 7/7/77
Citizen: Taradian


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Behind the ScenesEdit

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